Dragon Husband 938

Chapter 938

Everyone’s eyes are falling off!

This is so amazing!

The tiger, who was still alive before, and the more fierce the battle, was about to eat this kid in one bite!

On the other hand, that kid, retreating steadily, has been huddled in the corner of the martial arts platform irreversibly!

The situation reversed in a flash!

The mighty blue tiger is now like a shivering little bug, lying on the ground with five bodies!

And Wiliam swept away the haze before, and stepped on the head of the green tiger with one foot!

The scene of him stepping on a tiger with one foot is like a sharp sword, instantly piercing everyone’s ridicule and banter!

At the scene, there was no sound!

No one knows what happened here!

Everyone vaguely remembered what Wiliam said just now.

“Let’s stop here, I won’t play with you.”

It was originally a ridiculous sentence, but now with this shocking and reversal picture, everyone only feels their heads in a trance.

It seems that this has come true.

The boy was in a panic after defeat, and the situation was reversed in an instant. It was like that boy stopped playing and used his real ability.

However, a warrior in the mid-stage of inner strength, even if he is really capable, what can he do!

How can you beat Guo Xiliang, let alone now that Guo Xiliang is one and the same, you can’t be brave!

Can’t even defeat this kid?

What is his backing?

Wiliam in front of everyone’s hearts was covered with a thick layer of mystery.

Guo Xiliang’s face has become extremely ugly from the arrogance before.

He watched the Qinghu who had accompanied him for more than ten years, lying in front of Wiliam, as meek as a puppy!

Even more harmless than when you are by your side!

He was at a loss, but he was also extremely unwilling.

He shouted loudly: “Green Tiger! Get up! What are you doing!”

However, the green tiger didn’t move at all, and even made a whining sound under Wiliam’s foot.

Guo Xiliang’s expression changed again, and he blew the usual whistle of beast tame!

However, it is still useless at all.

Guo Xiliang stared at Wiliam furiously, “What did you do to my Qinghu! Do you want to die?”

The people at the scene also followed Wiliam closely.

Wiliam looked at Guo Xiliang and said again, “I said, you lost.”

This is the second time that Wiliam said the three words “You lost”.

The first time, when Guo Xiliang flew out inexplicably.

Now, under the scene of the tiger turning into a warm dog.

Guo Xiliang only felt his head boom!

I don’t fully understand!

Unwilling to do everything in my heart!

However, there is also a sense of despair of being unable to recover!

His greatest support is his own green tiger.

Now, even Qinghu was useless to this kid, and he was subdued.

What about him?

Thinking of being blown out inexplicably before, Guo Xiliang felt a shadow in his heart.

In the end, how can I defeat this kid!

It’s obviously two realms!

Where is the problem!

Wiliam looked at everyone.

Everyone was still in shock and sluggishness.

He raised his foot, slowly returned to the stage, and looked at the referee.

The referee moved his throat, and finally said, “This time, Lu Yesheng!”

This voice awakened everyone.

Fist Guo Xiliang from the stage!

Then he took the initiative to step down to meet Guo Xiliang’s challenge!

Finally, in the midst of people slapped the door, domineeringly step on the tiger!

It can be said that this kid really won from the stage to the off stage, from Guo Xiliang to the green tiger!

Win clean!

Also win everyone doubts about life.

Guo Xiliang was still immersed in the blow of Wiliam stepping on his mount, completely losing his combat effectiveness.

After being let go by Wiliam, Qinghu also staggered back to Guo Xiliang’s side with a downcast look.

There are already no people at the scene, so I dare to treat this kid as a garbage in the mid-term.

Guo Xiliang’s defeat of the unity of people and tigers gave everyone a resounding slap.

And one question lingered in everyone’s hearts.

How can I defeat this kid who is called Nei Jin but his strength is a mystery?

Even Mrs. He didn’t have the mentality of being upright.

Wiliam’s battle can be said to have turned out!

Before his magical skills, he became famous overnight!

It is also known as a famous one.

But he was abruptly suppressed by Mrs. He.

Now, Wiliam once again swept away the previous haze with his inner strength, and reappeared in the eyes of everyone!

After today, how should Lingcheng people treat this kid?

A twenty-something-year-old martial artist who beats Guo Xiliang, who is a man and tiger?

This talent, this strength, is enough to surprise the entire martial arts world!

Who can have this kind of aptitude, can have this kind of ability to fight higher!

Who else would have Wiliam’s dignified temperament, who is in a low position, but looks down upon the crowd!

There is only Wiliam in this world!

And Wiliam looked at Granny He at this time.

There was a hint of arrogance in his eyes!

Mrs. He’s heart shuddered, a feeling of weakness slowly came to her heart!

Wiliam’s eyes seemed to be swearing an oath to Granny He, provoking!

It seems to be saying that you can suppress my reputation as a healer, so how do you suppress my reputation as a warrior this time!

Can you hold me down for one achievement?

Can you hold me down for one day, three years or two years?

Mrs. He presses Wiliam’s name, but Wiliam can reveal other more radiant fame!

This is Wiliam!

The mysterious young man who can never be guessed or held!

Mrs. He recalled all the things she had known Wiliam.

From the beginning of his treatment of Otsuki Ryuzo, who was incapable of people, he was the most unique among people.

Then, in a short period of time, he has never stepped into the realm of martial artist, until now, he has defeated the powerful martial artist!

The double peaks of medical and martial arts are insurmountable in the eyes of everyone.

But on this kid’s body, it is like a flat road, walking dusty!

What to do with this damn kid!

Today he is not dead, the entire family of martial arts in Lingcheng will be crazy for fighting for such a sharp kid!

By then, it will be even harder to kill him!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He’s eyes became fierce again, and she looked at Li Chengfeng on the side.

“Chengfeng, what are you still thinking about? Don’t be fooled by this kid’s appearance, you remember, Wuxue Dadao, the division of realm is an eternal rule, no matter how strong he is, he can break free from the shackles of rules. So, it’s time to avenge your mother! Think about how terrible your mother died!” He said in a deep voice.

Her last words seemed to plant the seeds of violence in Li Chengfeng’s heart!

Li Chengfeng’s eyes turned red instantly!

He leaped into the air and jumped directly onto the stage!

“Boy, today I want you to pay for the blood!” Li Chengfeng shouted sharply.


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