Dragon Husband 939

Chapter 939 Sword Qi!

Wiliam sighed as he watched Li Chengfeng almost lose his mind.

He knew that he would not believe what he said to Li Chengfeng now.

Then, let’s talk about Tao!

Wiliam’s eyebrows winked, and the aura on his body also raised.

However, in the eyes of everyone, Wiliam’s momentum is far behind Li Chengfeng after all.

Li Chengfeng’s realm is also in the early stage of energization.

However, he had already touched the ceiling of the mid-term Huajin.

Just so close.

In terms of strength, Li Chengfeng is still above Guo Xiliang.

After all, he has eaten more than Guo Xiliang for more than ten years.

Wiliam knew that this one was a real tough battle!

Unlike Guo Xiliang, Li Chengfeng happened to be killed by Lu Yeke. He didn’t even know how he lost in the end.

The violent Li Chengfeng suddenly grabbed a large gold wire knife and danced hummingly.

In his heart, killing that kid with a punch is already too cheap for him.

Li Chengfeng intends to use this knife to cut this kid a thousand times!

When everyone saw Li Chengfeng like this, they couldn’t help frowning.

After all, Wiliam didn’t have any weapons from beginning to end.

It’s just that everyone dare not speak out.

After all, this world martial arts, separate martial arts and weapons.

The weapon itself is a weapon.

Li Chengfeng is just playing tricks.

The referee didn’t say anything in the end, just shouted something to start.

As soon as the voice fell, Li Chengfeng’s big ring sword danced with a sharp sword air!

Strikes at Wiliam with lightning!

Wiliam lifted his spirits!

This Qi Jin release is a typical Hua Jin master.

Inner strength martial artist, in fact, the body already has inner strength, but the average person has not reached the level of letting the inner strength exuded.

The Huajin master is different. After a hurdle of internal strength, he has become very proficient in the use of internal strength.

Just like Li Chengfeng now, although he is not a weapon, he can still use a knife to attach his inner strength to the knife and use his sword energy.

Wiliam’s figure was as fast as lightning, and he rushed to the side.

When everyone saw Wiliam’s figure, their eyes widened!

I rely on!

When Wiliam competed with Guo Xiliang before, he had to fist and fist.

Either it’s steadily retreating under the circumstance of people beating the door.

There is no such thing as an excuse under everyone’s eyes.

But now, Wiliam tightly relies on a sideways, which makes people amazed.

This speed is not like an inner strength warrior at all!

This kid really has a little way.

Li Chengfeng was stunned for a moment when Wiliam avoided the sword air.

But the next second, there was another exclamation on the scene!

Wiliam even swept away his previous dodge attitude!

After avoiding the sword qi, his body rushed directly towards Li Chengfeng!


Crazy enough!

Actually want to switch from defense to offense!

Li Chengfeng sneered when Wiliam rushed over.

Do you really think you are a Huajin Warrior after avoiding a sword gas?

It just happened!

The two were fighting together in an instant!

“Boom boom!”

There was a loud bang on the stage.

In just a few seconds, the two people got a dozen moves right in succession!

Wiliam’s internal strength was obviously no match for Li Chengfeng.
However, his speed is fast enough!

Always be able to escape a fatal blow at dangerous and dangerous moments.

Li Chengfeng suddenly blasted his left fist!

Wiliam took a stiff body, trying to retreat to the side.

However, there was a trace of insidiousness in Li Chengfeng’s eyes!

The big ring knife in his right hand was already waiting for Wiliam to dodge!

If Wiliam hides like this, his body will definitely be cut off!

The hearts of everyone mentioned their throats!

I want to see how Wiliam cracked Li Chengfeng’s trick of waiting for the rabbit!

And the next second, they saw it!

They were also shocked!

Wiliam, still hiding in that direction!

However, he suddenly stretched out his hand!

I want to pick up the knife cut by Li Chengfeng!

No more hands on this one?


Before everyone could react, they heard a sound of metal and iron collision!

Then, a weird scene appeared in everyone’s eyes!

I saw Wiliam’s right hand that was going to grab Li Chengfeng’s broadsword, and it was instantly booming!

It actually caught Li Chengfeng’s big knife in an instant!

Hand broken!

When the two of them stood still, everyone could clearly see what was in Wiliam’s hand!

From this look, countless screams rang out!

In Wiliam’s hand, I don’t know when there was a gold iron glove!

No, that’s not a glove!

Wiliam’s right hand was wrapped with silver needles shining red!

The silver needle is tough, and it just blocked the sharpness of the machete!

When did he hold the silver needle?

Everyone didn’t even know!

And Wiliam grabbed the gold wire big ring knife and squeezed it with one hand!

The red light in his hand is once again prosperous!


The thick gold-threaded big ring knife, which seemed to be extremely thick, broke directly under Wiliam’s grasp!

The people at the scene were all dumbfounded!

Damn it!

What kind of evil is this kid!

It doesn’t matter if you grab the knife with one hand, and now you just grab the knife directly!

What are those silver needles, so sharp!

Before everyone was shocked, Wiliam had already folded again and punched the unarmed Li Chengfeng!

Li Chengfeng instinctively also blasted a punch!

However, in the next second, he suddenly screamed back!

I saw that his fist was already densely covered with blood!

Li Chengfeng stared at Wiliam’s fist with red eyes!

Just now, those silver needles, as if they had gained wisdom, suddenly took root!

He just penetrated his palm!

Fortunately, Li Chengfeng’s internal strength is strong enough!

Protected the palm in a moment!

Otherwise, this palm will be cut off!

When the two stood still again, everyone felt a trance!

What kind of situation is this!

This kid, defeated Guo Xiliang just now, is already enough to amaze the world.

But because he won it for unknown reasons, everyone was too shocked.

But now, he is fighting Li Chengfeng head-to-head!

Don’t let the wind fall!

Even Li Chengfeng was injured first!

Wiliam suppressed Li Chengfeng.

Thinking about this situation, everyone just found it hard to breathe.

Amazing kid!

“Ah!” Li Chengfeng suddenly looked up to the sky and roared!

The internal force on his body is instantly violent!

Although he doesn’t take weapons, he is even more powerful than before!

The unique advantage of the Huajin Warrior was completely released at this moment!

He turned out to be energized!

Suddenly, dense energies stab Wiliam fiercely!

In the eyes of everyone, it was like a thousand arrows were fired, trying to pierce Wiliam!

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help but applaud!

Li Chengfeng finally did not underestimate the enemy.

And very smart, using the advantage of Huajin!

Now, Li Chengfeng was standing in place, just attacking with vigor, Wiliam would be beyond the reach no matter how great he was!

Everyone is eager to watch a good show, wanting to see how this arrogant kid will be embarrassed next!

However, Wiliam’s mouth suddenly ticked at this moment.


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