Dragon Husband 940

Chapter 940

Wiliam’s body suddenly flew up.

Moved in the dense energy.

He just escaped the first wave of vigorous attacks.

Li Chengfeng frowned, his internal strength turned into Qi Jin as if he were desperate.

In his opinion, this is the safest approach.

Attack the shortcomings of others with your own strengths

As long as this kid is a little careless, he will always be hurt by Qi Jin.

Regardless of whether he is hit or hit, he is always invincible.

With this kind of psychology, he went crazy again.

In this way, the loss of internal force is very large.

But Li Chengfeng can’t take care of anything.

After a while, although Li Chengfeng was out of breath, the effect was already apparent.

With all arrows, Wiliam will always be beaten no matter how agile he is.

Now, Wiliam has a lot of blood stains on his body!

Even more and more blood stains in the back, directly staining his white clothes.

When everyone saw this, they couldn’t help applauding.

Applause for Li Chengfeng’s wit and calmness.

From everyone’s point of view, even Immortal Daluo could not save this kid.

Because he couldn’t get close to Li Chengfeng, he had to wait for his death.

With Li Chengfeng’s last wave of vigor, Wiliam obviously couldn’t avoid it this time.

“Boom boom!”

A burst of energy exploded on Wiliam’s body.

Like bombs, it exploded Wiliam even more embarrassed.

Li Chengfeng’s body also staggered slightly, and took two steps back before he could stand firmly.

Although his internal strength was almost exhausted, this kid was obviously seriously injured.

Thinking of this, Li Chengfeng couldn’t help laughing.

He planned to come forward personally and screw off this kid’s head.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly smiled again.

He looked at Li Chengfeng and suddenly said a word.

“Do you still have extra internal strength?”

Li Chengfeng stagnated, but immediately smiled and said, “Although I don’t have any extra internal strength, do you still have extra life?”

Wiliam suddenly tore it with one hand!

He actually tore his upper body clothes directly!

He is so shirtless, standing in place!

And seeing his body, the scene broke out an incredible exclamation again!

Everyone thought that after that round of vigorous bombardment, this kid’s body must be riddled with holes!

However, what they saw was completely different!

There is blood on Wiliam’s body!

However, that blood is a wound outside the skin!

There is no deep hole in Wiliam’s body!

This is completely beyond everyone’s expectations!

Li Chengfeng’s laughter also stopped abruptly, and could not help shouting: “Impossible! Impossible!”

Is it impossible?

Wiliam sneered.

Just now, he was indeed hurt many times by Li Chengfeng’s energy.

Even several times, it directly threatened the heart!

But don’t forget, what is in Wiliam’s body!

His greatest support, but Long live Honglian!

Long live Honglian can form a barrier in his hands, and naturally it can also form a barrier in his body!

Lu Yeyi’s long live Honglian forcibly resisted all those energies that were too late to get in.
Therefore, although Wiliam looks embarrassed, there are no real fatal injuries!

As for Li Chengfeng, because he didn’t know Wiliam’s situation, he thought that Wiliam was in danger, and he was even more mad at the back.

Now, Li Chengfeng has exhausted his internal strength.

And this is all within Wiliam’s calculations.

“The real competition begins now.”

Wiliam said, suddenly his body moved.

The people at the scene widened their eyes and watched Wiliam rush towards Li Chengfeng again!

Li Chengfeng didn’t understand why Wiliam’s body was so intact, and he was extremely unwilling!

He yelled, reluctantly emphasized the little internal force he had, and once again sent out vigor to Wiliam!

However, the situation is very different from before!

Due to Wiliam’s intentional consumption, Li Chengfeng’s current vigor power was not as good as before.

At this time, Wiliam finally started!

He has both hands!

Red lights came out of Wiliam’s hands again!

Qi Qi flew towards Li Chengfeng!


People at the scene, Qi Qi screamed incredible!

Before they saw the red light on Wiliam’s body, they already knew it was a silver needle.

However, they only felt that this silver needle was used by Wiliam to protect the body!

Unexpectedly, the silver needle can still be launched!

How many silver needles does he have for him to consume!

Moreover, everyone has a doubt in their hearts.

Since this silver needle can be launched, why didn’t Wiliam come out just now!

At this time, Mrs. He in the audience suddenly changed her face and couldn’t help but get up from her chair!

She finally understood!

This damn kid!

Li Chengfeng has completely fallen into this kid’s trap!

She immediately shouted towards Li Chengfeng: “Chengfeng! Be careful! This kid has exhausted all your internal energy just now, and then you have to worry, at least you have to exhaust his silver needles!”

The people at the scene were reminded of this, and they all understood.

They looked at Wiliam weirdly.

What a kid!

What a boldness!

In front of the Huajin masters, not only did he have a late move, but he also deliberately set up such a game for Li Chengfeng to drill!

But it is undeniable that this trick Li Chengfeng was completely calculated by Wiliam.

After Li Chengfeng gave his last breath, his footsteps became a little vain.

He suddenly became angry when he heard Mrs. He’s words!

Damn it, being played by a kid in front of so many people!

He wanted to avoid Wiliam’s Long Live Honglian.

However, he found weakly that the long live red lotus sent by Wiliam was like a celestial flower!

All the angles in front of him are sealed!

Li Chengfeng is also considered hard!

He doesn’t hesitate!

There are fewer silver needles at one angle, and the body moves forcibly!

“Boom boom!”

Seven or eight silver needles plunged into Li Chengfeng’s body fiercely!

Li Chengfeng deserves to be the body of a Huajin fighter, extremely tough!

Long live Honglian wanted to get into the body, but he was forced to fall to the ground.

But this is the case, Li Chengfeng’s body was also seriously injured by this blow!

Li Chengfeng couldn’t support himself, couldn’t help but knelt on one knee!

However, he looked at the long live Honglian all over the floor and suddenly let out a terrifying laugh!

“Hahaha, I didn’t think that you still have such a killer move! I really underestimated you!”

“But, you didn’t kill me after all! It’s just a little bit, I’m standing here to let you kill, can you kill me!”

“Do you have any silver needles! Haha, if you have any!”

“I’m here to take your life!”

As he spoke, he was about to struggle to stand up.

But at this time, the scene broke out the most sensational scream so far!

Because they saw it!

Wiliam, laughed again!

He has a trick!

The long live red lotus on the ground around Li Chengfeng suddenly flew together!

Just so strangely, hanging in front of Li Chengfeng!

Red light!




“Really? Then you will be disappointed, Lao Tzu’s silver needle…”



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