Dragon Husband 941

Chapter 941 The future is boundless!

Li Chengfeng watched the red needles on the ground fly up in an instant, hanging in front of him, and his whole person was dumbfounded!

These red needles, one after another, were shining red, like the eyes of a devil, staring at him closely!

Li Chengfeng almost collapsed in his heart.

He just braced himself for what!

It was because I believed Mrs. He’s words, thinking that this kid would definitely run out of silver needles.

What now!

The silver needle is used up.

So special!

Who can think of it!

You can recycle it when you use it up!

Are these silver needles the devil?

Why are you so obedient to this kid!

Even if Li Chengfeng is a chemical fighter, he can’t do this!

People at the scene saw that the silver needles were so weird, and then heard Wiliam say that “I can’t count the silver needles” and they were collectively petrified.

The secrets in this kid are endless, and countless!

It was unbelievable for him to carry Li Chengfeng’s energy and not hurt.

Now, it is even more Jedi counterattack, stunned masters like Li Chengfeng.


What kind of exercises did he cultivate, never seen before!

The eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam suddenly became extremely complicated.

Some doubts, a little shocked.

But more is envy, jealousy and hatred.

Many of the players who participated in the competition were internal warriors.

But the same is internal strength, why is the gap between people so big?

Why can someone relied on their inner strength to cultivate their strengths and suspend their strength!

This is totally unscientific. Is there any place to complain about this kid?

As for the elders of the martial arts family in the field, their eyes were red.

In their view, Wiliam is now a golden bodhisattva!

He is only in his twenties and he has a bright future!

If you train well, you will be a hero in more than ten or twenty years!

At that time, this kid was only in his forties, just when he was ambition to dominate his business!

The wealthy family he belongs to is bound to cause a sensation!

These elders, each carrying a ghost baby, are already thinking about how to dig this kid away.

Even if there is no introduction letter, this kid is also a big treasure in the city!

After seeing Wiliam’s hand, Mrs. He suddenly yelled out, “This is! This is to take care of the needle! You will take the needle!”

Mrs. He naturally knew this trick.

Wiliam learned this trick from He Tiantian.

And He Tiantian’s mother was an apprentice of He Lao many years ago.

It’s just that Mrs. He couldn’t think of why Wiliam would learn this!

You know, this stunt is as difficult for ordinary people to learn!

As she shouted, Wiliam’s hand made another soft move!

The long live red lotus hanging in the air once again shined brightly.

Wiliam looked at Li Chengfeng on the ground and asked indifferently: “You, can you give up?”

Li Chengfeng’s eyes suddenly became insidious, and he braced himself and shouted, “I recognize you are paralyzed!”

Although the words are harsh, but the next second will meet him!

It’s a hundred needles!

A hundred needles brought a puff of blood mist on Li Chengfeng’s body!
Li Chengfeng’s body was in pain, and he suddenly wailed.

Now he dare not use excess internal force at all.

These internal forces can only be kept in the body to resist the silver needle from entering the body.

Because he knows that if this kid can control the silver needle, the silver needle enters the body and waits for himself, it is a dead word!

Wiliam only used this trick, and Li Chengfeng was injured again.

The people at the scene already had enlightenment in their hearts.

I am afraid that today’s youth martial arts test contest, the ultimate winner will fall into the hands of a young man who turned out to be born.

But just when Li Chengfeng couldn’t resist it, a loud shout suddenly sounded off the court!

“Li Chengfeng, I’ll help you! Kill this girl!”

Everyone followed the prestige, and it was Guo Xiliang who had just failed to speak.

Guo Xiliang was completely immersed in the blow of the green tiger bowing his head.

When he woke up, he saw the brave brave and majestic.

Guo Xiliang could no longer hold back the killing intent in his heart and made a decisive move.

Killing this kid today, although he was charged with shamelessness, was only temporary.

Over time, who remembers who Wiliam is?

But if this kid is allowed to go out alive, the shame of being defeated by him will accompany him for life, and there will never be a day to raise his head!

As Guo Xiliang came on stage, the scene once again exclaimed!

Is this crazy today!

Have you completely ignored the rules of the game?

Moreover, the two dignified masters of Huajin, now they are going to shoot together and besiege an internal force warrior!

If this spreads out, the two families shouldn’t be too embarrassing!

The faces of Wu Bili and Mrs. He also became very difficult to look.

They glanced at each other, their eyes full of embarrassment.

But, like a tacit understanding, neither of them had the coax drama to stop the siege on the court.

Because they have reached a consensus in their hearts, today no matter how much the price is paid, they must kill this kid!

He is not full of wings, but he has already amazed the world!

If he succeeds in becoming famous in the next day, waiting for the Jackdaw Family and the Southern Forbidden Li Family, it is a real disaster!

Only the referee, because of his duty, shouted loudly on the stage: “You can’t do this! You broke the rules like this! Go down! Go down!”

However, Guo Xiliang’s eyes were fierce and he rushed over and threw the referee off the court.

Everyone can tell that Guo Xiliang is not playing at all.

But to kill this kid completely.

Guo Xiliang didn’t care about Guo Yulin’s advice not to kill Wiliam.

Fortunately, Guo Xiliang didn’t let Qinghu play again this time.

Because he already knew that Qinghu didn’t seem to have an effect on Wiliam, he made a mockery.

Seeing Guo Xiliang’s help, Li Chengfeng laughed, “The ones who win the way help more, those who lose the way are few! Your kid is unpopular, and today is your death date!”

With that, he and Guo Xiliang galloped towards Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t panic when he saw the two coming over.

While he was constantly moving, he opened the distance between the two.

On the other side, his hands were flying, and the silver needles all over the sky suddenly attacked the two great masters!

Suddenly, the two of them stagnated and couldn’t catch up with Wiliam.

Li Chengfeng had suffered from the loss of Long Live Red Lotus, so he didn’t dare to face each other and could only dodge constantly.

Guo Xiliang didn’t know the weirdness of Long live Honglian, and wanted to use his energy to break Long live Honglian.

However, the vitality is empty and the red needle is real!

Long live Honglian, ignoring Qi Jin’s obstacles, penetrated directly, and continued to attack Guo Xiliang!

Guo Xiliang’s complexion changed drastically at the moment, and his body fell back, avoiding the silver needle attack dangerously.

However, even though he had escaped this blow, he was already anxious!

What a special thing!

What a lingering silver needle!

I can’t beat my energy!

With Li Chengfeng’s lessons learned, Guo Xiliang didn’t dare to use more energy, for fear that he would end up in an embarrassing situation like Li Chengfeng’s loss of strength.

Therefore, the two of them could only move their positions constantly, and the distance between them and Wiliam was constantly widened.

The people on the scene saw this scene, like a headshot!


It seems that Wiliam is crushing two Huajin masters to fight?


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