Dragon Husband 942-943

Chapter 942 Wind Destroyed!

Wiliam naturally had the ability to crush the two masters of Huajin.

The previous victory over Guo Xiliang was that Guo Xiliang’s mad tiger aura was just defeated by Wiliam.

The victory over Li Chengfeng was because Li Chengfeng was clever but was mistaken by cleverness, and he used his vigor indiscriminately, so that he was almost out of strength.

Therefore, there were certain elements of luck and luck in Wiliam’s two battles.

But it was more of Wiliam’s resourcefulness and courage to change tricks when facing danger.

This kind of ability is where Wiliam completely crushes these two men.

Although it is said that they are the two masters of Huajin.

But how much physical strength Li Chengfeng has, as long as he is not close, his effect is equivalent to nothing.

As for Guo Xiliang, he didn’t have a green tiger, and he didn’t dare to use the breath of a mad tiger, his strength was also greatly reduced.

Wiliam suppressed the two of them for a while, completely within his own expectations.

But everyone didn’t think so.

They watched, the two Huajin martial artists who were both well-known in Lingcheng were beaten into a mess by a martial artist who was still in the mid-term.

The audience dodged like a dog in the family.

Everyone feels like they are crazy?

Is there a problem with the eyes?

It’s been ten years since Li Chengfeng entered Huajin?

When he was young, he was also a young leader.

Guo Xiliang is a young version of Li Chengfeng, but more fierce than Li Chengfeng.

He has a green tiger, and his methods are cruel, so he is called a scum.

Is it like these two Huajin fighters, now they can’t do one internal force fighter?

Is the threshold of inner strength so high now?

Many inner strength fighters on the scene began to wonder if they were fake inner strength fighters.

As for Guo Xiliang on the court, his lungs are going to explode!

He knew that this was not his full strength.

However, he has all his strength, but he can’t show it at all!

Qinghu cannot be used!

The mad tiger breath is useless again!

Two unique skills are just as dead in front of this kid!

A dignified tiger, has it become a dog in the eyes of everyone?

Damn it!

He wanted to get close, but the silver needle was like a ghost, chasing after him!

He glanced at Li Chengfeng in a hurry, and he was even more speechless.

Li Chengfeng already has some strength.

He can’t even hide.

The body was already dripping with blood, and it couldn’t be more miserable.

On the other hand, the kid seemed to know that they were going to be close to him.

He hid while manipulating the silver needle.

This scene caused the people present to lose their minds again.

Isn’t this how everyone thought Li Chengfeng should play Wiliam?

How did it become this kid’s style of play now?

And how do you look at this scene like a style of play in online games when I was young.

fly a kite!

Looking at it this way, wouldn’t Wiliam be invincible?

Mrs. He’s expression was very ugly, and she suddenly shouted: “You two, use up his physical and internal strength! You are masters of transformation, and the internal power cycle is faster than him! The body is tougher than him! Wait until he The internal strength is weak, it is his death date!”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Granny He.

Sure enough, ginger is still hot!
Wiliam’s shortcomings can be seen at a glance!

The biggest difference between the inner strength warrior and the Huajin warrior is that on the one hand, the energy is released outside.

On the other hand, the internal force within the body of the Huajin fighter circulates faster than the internal force fighter, and the body is strengthened after the chain is tempered.

Mrs. He wants to use drag-word tactics.

Just like Wiliam did to Li Chengfeng just now, he dragged down the opponent’s internal strength.

It’s just that, before this kid’s internal strength is exhausted, I wonder if these two people can hold it?

Especially Li Chengfeng, where there is half the appearance of a warrior, he is simply an old dog.

However, Mrs. He’s words seemed to give Li Chengfeng confidence, Li Chengfeng yelled, “I’m fighting with you! See how long you can hold on!”

Wiliam was in good time, and continued to run while dancing the silver needle.

This scene lasted a full five minutes.

In the end, even Guo Xiliang was hung up on his body, and he was still breathing heavily.

However, Guo Xiliang is obviously more confident.

Because he saw that Wiliam’s footsteps were not as light as before.

Even Wiliam was sweating like rain.

The silver needle he commanded was not as powerful as before.

There is only one reason.

This kid’s internal strength and physical strength will be exhausted.

Finally, Wiliam’s footsteps stopped slowly, and all those Long Live Red Lotuses flew back to his hands.

Li Chengfeng plopped and fell to the sky for the first time, panting heavily on the ground, not to mention how embarrassed.

And Guo Xiliang gasped, and smiled grimly: “Hahaha, you kid, finally can’t run! You can hold on for so long, and you have the ability! Now, it’s our turn! When we have a good rest, that’s it. Your death date is up!”

The people at the scene immediately understood Guo Xiliang’s thoughts.

Within the same period of time as Inner Power and Hua Jin, the recovery speed of Hua Jin Warrior must be faster than that of Inner Power Warrior.

At that time, Guo Xiliang and Li Chengfeng recovered, but Wiliam’s internal strength did not continue, and they were in danger.

Everyone couldn’t help shaking their heads.

In the end, this is the result after all.

However, that kid is good enough.

Can make the two masters so embarrassed, there is no problem with the sensation.

They are a pity.

Obviously he is a stunningly talented young man, but because of the jealous heart of the wealthy family, he is here.

This is the sorrow of the family, this is the sorrow of martial arts.

The world martial arts, can’t it tolerate excellent back waves?

No wonder the ancient martial arts, especially the weapon martial arts, as well as the martial arts and craftsmanship have declined in recent years.

It is too difficult for young people to grow up.

It can only be said that the wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it.

After Guo Xiliang laughed, he immediately sat down and began to meditate.

He also shouted to Li Chengfeng, who was panting on the side: “Hurry up and meditate and regain our internal strength! This is a golden opportunity for us!”

Hearing this, Li Chengfeng reluctantly sat up and began to meditate.

And Mrs. He suddenly looked down, and suddenly many people who had banned the Li family in the south stood guard at their gate.

This is going to shut the door and hit the dog, making it difficult for this kid to fly.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with sympathy, now he has no internal strength, even if he returns to the sky, he has no skills.

“Hey, don’t hesitate to meditate to regain your internal strength, it’s a little bit!” Someone couldn’t help shouting at Wiliam.

However, Wiliam smiled slightly, “Do you need to meditate?”

As soon as the voice fell, his body suddenly burst into anger!

Qingbi Qi!

This azure air completely enveloped Wiliam!

Then, under the lingering azure air, Wiliam’s originally pale face turned rosy at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Seeing this scene, a voice rang out in unison!


Wiliam quickly deduced that Qingbi Lin Qi had a healing effect.

As for the scarlet Lin Qi, Wiliam also faintly understood.

Grandpa told him before his death that the Lu family in North is famous for medical killing.

The healer can heal and kill.

Since Qing Bi Lin Qi is a healer, then Crimson Lin Qi is killing.

No wonder there will be a violent breath of killing.

These two auras didn’t seem to blend in his body.

At that time, Wiliam chose to cultivate Qingbi Lin Qi by his instinct, or by virtue of his benevolence as a doctor.

So today’s scene thoroughly verified Wiliam’s ideas.

Qingbi Lin Qi has a restoring effect, and even the effect is surprising.

However, Wiliam finally started to practice, this green bilin energy is not much, only a one-time recovery.

If you run out of internal energy again in a while, it will really be impossible to help.

However, with this verification, Wiliam’s eyes seemed to have been opened.

Bright future!

He imagined that if he cultivated to the back and his body was full of green bilin, wouldn’t he be able to reach the realm of endless life?

By then, who would dare to fight his physical and internal strength again?

Moreover, after this scene, Wiliam also thoroughly understood the path he had to take next.

Now Wiliam looked glamorous in everyone’s eyes, and he was full of treasures.

However, the whole body is treasure, in other words, it is also dangerous.

They are compatible with all kinds of treasures.

Now they all existed in Wiliam’s body. They were time bombs, and sooner or later they would blow Wiliam to the bone.

For example, his two incompatible auras.

There is also the Frost Bloodline and the Chiyan Bloodline drawn from Feliicity and Li Chunfeng.

But the bigger incompatibility was the dispute between Wiliam’s internal strength and Lin Qi.

The two biggest forces in Wiliam’s body are Lin Qi and Internal Force.

Lin Qi is domineering, and there is a faint sign that Wiliam’s internal forces are completely invaded.

So what Wiliam needs to do next is to find a way to convert these messy elements in his body into one, and turn them into a unique energy that belongs to him.

Wiliam thought about it, his internal strength had recovered by 50%.

He dissipated Qing Bilin’s anger, looked at the two Jinjin masters who had eaten shit in front of him, and asked faintly: “I’ll ask again, you guys, can you give up?”

As he spoke, a red light flashed on his body, and Long live Gulian reappeared.

Everyone was shocked.


Today in this case, the one I hear most is this kid’s phrase “Can you admit defeat?”

Say this to Guo Xiliang, say it twice.

Said the same to Li Chengfeng.

Now say the same to two people at the same time.

How irritable!

The world’s internal energy is like this, so don’t mix it up.

Li Chengfeng was about to collapse in his heart, and it was Granny He’s insistence that made him barely hold on to the present.

Now, Wiliam responded quickly, directly giving him the most fatal blow.

He completely broke down.

He looked at Wiliam as if he was looking at an unattainable mountain, unable to pass.

The weakness of internal strength also slowly emerged.

His body fell down again, lying on the ground, his eyes lost.

Everyone knows how tragically this girl has been hit today.

Li Chengfeng smiled tragically like a dog in the family.

He slowly said: “I admit…”

However, before the voice was over, I heard Old Lady He shouting sharply: “I can’t recognize it!”

Mrs. He, she has no elegance before!

Become angry!

She clattered and got up from her chair!

Give up!

I can’t recognize it if I die!

If you admit it, isn’t the final winner this kid!

In other words, Biluo’s heart and blood is about to fall into his hands!

What does Biluo’s heart and blood represent?

As the head of the Li Family in the South!

How can you stay away!

What’s more, it fell into his hands!

Never admit defeat!

For a moment, Mrs. He was completely crazy, dancing her hands wildly, completely shameless!

“Come on! Let’s go together! Kill me this arrogant kid!”


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