Dragon Husband 944

Chapter 944

Everyone is stupid.

What did Mrs. He just say!

Is this completely not the face of a wealthy family?

Actually let the entire Nanban Li family kill this kid!

Don’t say that this is a game today, there are rules at all.

Even in ordinary times, the whole family bullies a martial artist, how can this kind of thing be done?

However, everyone obviously underestimated the importance of that Biluo’s heart and soul to Granny He.

People from the South Ban Li family swarmed out for a while, and surrounded all around.

This is to catch a turtle in the urn.

That kid, being able to defeat two masters in a row with one person is already incredible.

How much can he expect to achieve?

As a family, is this something a kid can resist?

There are also some people who are more righteous.

They really can’t understand the Li family bullying people over and over again.

From the beginning, Li Chengfeng’s age did not meet the rules of the game!

Although the strength of Wiliam’s inner martial artist did not conform to the established rules, Wiliam’s challenge was a leapfrog and he won glory.

Li Chengfeng is in his forties, so he still has the face to participate in claiming to be a youth?

The face is gone.

And is this a dimensionality reduction blow?

Then Li Chengfeng lost, and the two people fought against Wiliam, which was even more absurd.

It’s fine now, and the two of them have also lost, so the whole family is ready to go.

Why, today there are many people who ban the Li family from south, right?

There was a middle-aged man Xie who immediately shouted, “South forbidden Li’s family, you guys are too ugly to eat! To bully a child, what kind of martial arts family is this?”

If someone speaks for Wiliam, there are responders.

A lot of people are all here for Lu Yeming’s injustice.

“It can be regarded as a family with a face and a face in Lingcheng, just can’t afford to lose like this? The family’s heart is let the dog eat it?”

“I think I am obviously jealous of this kid, and I’m afraid that he will grow up to be disadvantageous to the Li family, so I tried to be strong first.”

“Ho ho, are there any rules? Are there any rules in today’s game? There is still no one to take care of it!”

More and more people were speaking for Wiliam. In the end, the voices merged together, and they all pointed to Li’s family in the south.

It is conceivable how disgusting the several things that Nanban Li’s family did today.

Even those who have no position can’t stand it.

Seeing that the Nanjin Li family was already angry, the old lady He, who was in the center of the whirlpool, suddenly laughed sorrowfully.

Everyone was terrified with laughter.

Is this old lady going crazy or pretending to be crazy?

The voice of the people’s crusade gradually became quieter.

Mrs. He suddenly looked at the people around her, her eyes showing domineering!

“Ho ho, what are the rules? Okay, my old lady will tell you about the rules today!”

Mrs. He said, pointing a finger at a high platform beside the martial arts platform!

There are two things hanging on it.

Lizong’s letter of introduction, and Biluo’s efforts.

“Everyone sees it! I must also know what the bead is.”

Mrs. He eloquently said: “That is a token that represents the identity of the head of our Nanjin Li family! And it suddenly appeared on this stage of our Nanjin Li family before! What does this mean?”
“Many of you know it too! This means that it is the people above who once again rewarded the treasures of our southern ban Li family, through this competition!”

“Who dares to say that I don’t know about this? If you don’t know, all of your families will either abstain directly or send cannon fodder to participate in the competition?”

Mrs. He became more and more excited as she spoke, and finally she screamed like thunder!

When everyone was said by Mrs. He, their heads dropped.

Because what Mrs. He said is true and correct.

Seeing everyone bow their heads, Mrs. He felt even more proud.

She continued: “So! What are the rules! The rules have been completely settled before the start of this game! That is, we banned the Li family from the south, we must be the winner of this game! This is the biggest rule! The competition is just a form!”

Mrs. He directly broke this layer of window paper. Although it was true, everyone felt uncomfortable.

There is no such thing as honoring shame.

It’s also a game anyway. If you have the inside story, you can know it yourself, and you can say it in front of everyone. Are you not ashamed?

But Mrs. He was obviously thick enough. She suddenly looked at Wiliam and said sharply, “In front of such the biggest rules, he is the first to break the rules! He wants to win the winner of the game. Fighting against the rules is also against the people above! It is also against the Nanjin Li family, who is blessed by the destiny! Therefore, it is natural and natural for us from the Nanjin Li family to kill him. What’s wrong with this? “

After she finished speaking in one breath, she stunned everyone.

Everyone faintly felt that this old lady was arguing, but her thinking had been misled by her for a while, so she could not point out what was wrong with her.

Fortunately, there are always a few more reasonable people.

Someone immediately discovered the key point inside.

“Mrs. He, don’t say so nice! Ho ho, we all recognize this best rule, you are right. But for this kid, I’m afraid it is not appropriate?”

“It was you who banned the Li family from the south. From the beginning, you said that you would kill this kid in today’s game.”

“Why, it means that if this kid wants to abide by today’s biggest rule, he has to stick his head out and let you guys from the Li family ban him in the south, right?”

“You are too overbearing, right? You want to die, you are not happy after people resist, I have never seen you so shameless.”

Those few people analyzed together, and immediately everyone looked at Nanjin Li’s house strangely.

The analysis is wrong, can’t you let Wiliam obediently let you guys from the Li family in the south come to kill, right?

And because your skills are not as good as others, you are embarrassed. If you lose, you say that this kid has no rules?

it is ridiculous.

For a time, public opinion reversed, and the members of the Li family were once again caught up in the arrogance of allegations.

And Mrs. He suddenly said: “That’s our Li family’s private grievance with this kid! Now I will ask you, the words above, you still can’t listen! We banned the Li family’s destiny blessing, you still recognize Don’t recognize it?”

When everyone saw that Mrs. He was determined to play a rogue, they stomped her feet in anger.

Can they not listen to the words above?

court death.

When everyone nodded, Wiliam on the stage suddenly smiled.

Mrs. He’s face sank, “The dying person, dare to be presumptuous! What are you laughing at!”

Wiliam smiled and looked at the high platform, the blue heart and blood shining brightly on it.

Wiliam stared at the bead and slowly said, “Blessed by the destiny? Everyone, do you really think, what did the bead do?”


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