Dragon Husband 945

Chapter 945: Potential!

Granny He’s face changed in an instant!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in confusion, wondering what he was talking about.

“Come here! Kill this kid for me!” Old lady He shouted again, with unspeakable anxiety in her words.

However, everyone understood this time.

Although I don’t know what Wiliam is talking about, it seems that Mrs. He’s life is on the door!

Otherwise, how could the old lady be so annoyed and desperate to kill her?

Wiliam’s words just now involve the upper part.

Then it’s about everyone.

Seeing that the people from the Li family in the south were planning to die and break the net, those people seemed to be twisted into a rope, and they all guarded Wiliam in the middle.

Some people even shouted: “Before this kid can explain things clearly, I see who dares to kill him!”

Madam He stomped angrily when she saw this scene!

Damn it!

Damn it!

I don’t know what I did wrong!

No, it should be said to be seamless!

How does this kid’s head grow!

She stared at Wiliam closely, full of threats.

But how could Wiliam be afraid of Mrs. He?

He smiled lazily: “Everyone really thinks that today’s scene is a blessing from heaven. It’s just the southern ban on Li’s family. No, it should be said that it was a good show directed by the old woman.”

“What! Boy, make it clear! You mean, all the people in our city are kept in the dark by an old woman and treated as chess pieces by her!” Suddenly, countless people’s faces changed.

Even Wu Bili, who has been tacitly telling Old Lady He today, has a bad face.

“You fart! Don’t be scornful here! You are splashing the dirty water of our Nanjin Li family! I know, you must hate our Nanjin Li family’s revenge against you, so you plan to stigmatize us here Reputation.” Old lady He scolded anxiously.

However, no matter how you look at it, it seems that someone has jumped up.

“Well, if I guess wrong, all of this is a play directed and acted by the old woman. There are no orders from above at all, and there are no drops of blood.” Wiliam said slowly.

“From the very beginning, Mrs. He took advantage of your fear of the above to spread the message that Biluo’s heart and soul will return to the South Ban Li family through this game.”

“Because everyone is in awe, how could you think that this old woman would be so bold and forge the above orders directly! Everyone naturally believed in this matter after the two exchanges, and the situation today appeared.”

After listening to Wiliam’s explanation, everyone couldn’t believe how things would be like this!

They all looked at Granny He, the initiator!

Even many people who banned the Li family in the south looked at Granny He without knowing why!

However, Mrs. He was already awake at this time, she stared at Wiliam savagely, “This is just your side words! What evidence is there! How dare I do such a crazy thing! I’m not afraid of being blamed by the boss.” I want to die?”

A series of questions were thrown at Wiliam severely.

Everyone changed their minds, and that’s right, Mrs. He needed so much courage to do such a fake imperial edict.

However, Wiliam smiled and said, “Because it’s worth it.”

worth it?

“It’s actually just a gambling. It depends on which side has the highest probability. On the other side, the person above is watching the game secretly, and then it is discovered that someone has falsely spread the imperial edict and sanctions Granny He. This is a kind of Possibility. Another possibility is that the upper hand does not care about such small things at all. Therefore, Mrs. He pretends to be the head of the Li family in Nanban through this false decree. These two possibilities, everyone. Think about it, which one is bigger?” Wiliam slowly analyzed.

At this time, someone was stunned.

If Wiliam’s analysis is wrong, the probability of the second type is definitely much higher!

What a youth martial arts test meeting!

It’s not so small at all, and it has been tepid in recent years.

Everyone is also surprised, why suddenly people above this year noticed this meeting, noticed that the Li family was forbidden in the south, and even the Li family’s token appeared directly?

As a result, this incident is too unreasonable by coincidence!

Secondly, the people above, the hands are too deep, they are not like the past.

So after deliberation, Wiliam’s speculation is the most likely!

“Fart! Don’t be nonsense here! Evidence! Evidence!” He directly cursed.

Because many people from the Li family in the south have also begun to look at Granny He suspiciously.

This matter started with the Li family and was of great importance.

If what this kid said is true, then Mrs. He committed the crime alone and could drag the Nanjin Li family into the land of immortality!

And even if it was not discovered, the behavior of Mrs. He who deceived and concealed the sacred decree to ascend the position of Patriarch, Nan Jin Li’s family would not accept it at all.

“Evidence? Hoho, why do you need evidence? Mrs. He, other people don’t know why you came back to Nanjin Li’s house this time, I don’t know? Will Nanjin Li’s family not know? Su Yuchun is dead, angrily and in desperate need A mainstay will stabilize the Li family in Nanban, so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you!”

“It’s also at this time that Biluo’s heart and soul appeared. Is it too coincidental? When it comes to the Patriarch, the people above will send you the Patriarch from the Nanjin Li Family. Hoho, you are the one who listens to it, or is it Listen to you?”

When Wiliam said something, the people around him nodded again.

Everyone was already angry at this time, “Old lady! Damn you! For selfish desire, not only deceived the boss, but also treated everyone in the city as idiots! Today, we say nothing will let you go!”

The people who banned the Li family in the south were also skeptical.

But at this time, Li Chengfeng suddenly stood up and shouted: “Don’t believe this kid! He is a quack! His character can be seen! How can he believe what he said? You have noticed that there is no such thing, he simply relied on a mouth. I’m talking nonsense, and I can’t get any evidence! However, the Li family in Nanban said he was evil, but there is evidence!”

“My mother was killed by him! Now the bones are not cold, they are still in the ancestral shrine!”

When Li Chengfeng said this, his eyes suddenly turned red.

I wanted to avenge my mother today, but I forced my mother to die!

Now, I can’t beat an inner strength warrior, so how can my mother stare under Jiuquan!

He was a man of seven feet, and he burst into tears.

This scene has infected many people, and also shaken the persistence of many people just now.

But Wiliam shook his head, looked at Li Chengfeng in disappointment, and slowly said, “Stupid! I’ve been talking for so long, who do you think it was for?”

“Do you still hear it?”

“All contradictions and all opportunities started because of one thing, and that is your mother’s death.”

“She died, and she gave Mrs. He a chance to rise from the chaos. Then, you won’t think about it. Your mother’s death is also a bloody situation created by Mrs. He!”


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