Dragon Husband 946

Chapter 946 Live!

Weeping Li Chengfeng suddenly raised his head and stared at Wiliam closely!

And everyone has exactly the same expression as Li Chengfeng!

What did they hear!

I heard a terrifying evil!

“What did you say! You said, my mother died because of it!” Li Chengfeng sternly shouted at Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded and said, “Your mother’s death was led by Mrs. He. Only when your mother is dead can she stand out, and then quickly rectify you by the anger of Nanjin Li’s family. This is her strategy.”

Mrs. He’s face was white and white.

However, she always has a persistence in her heart!

That is, although all this is true, there is no evidence at all!

Li Chengfeng looked at Mrs. He and asked, “Aunt He! You said, is what Wiliam said is true!”

Mrs. He said angrily: “Why, do you even have to listen to his words? How could I do such a thing!”

For a while, Li Chengfeng no longer knew who to trust.

Now, everyone has two doubts in their hearts.

One is Su Yuchun’s death. Was it by Wiliam, or by Mrs. He?

The other is today’s game. Was it instructed to ban the Li family from the South, or was the Li family banned from the South to tease the martial arts family in the city?

However, although Wiliam said plausibly, it did make sense.

But there is no evidence to prove his words.

The scene suddenly stalemate there.

Li Chengfeng looked at Mrs. He deeply.

Being Wiliam was so little, he actually had a preliminary guess in his mind.

From the time when Mrs. He returned to the Li family in Nanban Li family inexplicably, the whole family in Li family in Nanban changed.

There must be some old lady in it.

What’s more, Li Chengfeng also knew that Mrs. He was definitely not a good person.

If Mrs. He did these two things that hurt the world, then Li Chengfeng would never let her go!

“Boy, I don’t know what your intentions are for you to plant me again and again today? But I only know, don’t want to mess up the situation more, talk and do things, but if you want evidence, you dare to do so. Say, can you show evidence? If you can’t show evidence, you are the culprit who fooled everyone today!” He said in a few words, all the spearheads were directed at Wiliam again.

Everyone looked at Wiliam.

“Hey, you have said so much, but you have come up with some evidence. If there is no evidence, it will be difficult for us to help you.”

Mrs. He was relieved to see everyone questioning Wiliam.


Jokes, what evidence is there?

She did these two things seamlessly.

No one was present in the killing of Su Yuchun, that is, no evidence.

Putting Biluo’s heart and blood bead on the high platform also took advantage of the crowded time, still leaving no clues.

This kid, can you still pick bones in the egg?

However, Wiliam smiled lightly, “Is there evidence? What I have is, I don’t know which evidence you want to know?”

Everyone’s spirits shook together, “Is there any evidence? Then take it out!”
Mrs. He also sneered directly, pretending, and continuing to pretend.

She knew that this kid would bluff sometimes, and then used this kind of momentum to let people show their feet.

Therefore, Mrs. He would never get caught up with this kid in the first step.

As long as he had no evidence, he would bite to death, leaving no gaps for this kid to drill.

“First show the evidence of my mother’s death! I want to know, in the end, who killed my mother!” Li Chengfeng suddenly shouted.

Wiliam nodded, “Okay, then as you wish, please invite your mother up first.”

Mrs. He’s face froze, but she didn’t say anything.

Li Chengfeng was taken aback, “My mother is dead, how can I invite it up?”

Lu Yehehe smiled, “Who told you that your mother is dead?”

As soon as this sentence came out, the audience was in an uproar!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Su Yuchun, dead?

how can that be!

Everyone just felt that the goose bumps all over.

And Li Chengfeng was even more scared, “You said, my mother is dead! How is this possible! I saw my mother’s body with my own eyes…”

“I’ll just ask you, do you dare to invite your mother’s body out?” Wiliam asked Li Chengfeng.

All Nanjin Li family members looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

If what this kid said is true, there must be a very terrifying conspiracy in it.

And if this kid is lying to everyone, and now he wants to invite the deceased out again, that would be disrespectful to the deceased.

They looked at Li Chengfeng one after another.

Mrs. He was shocked by Wiliam’s words.

She carefully recalled the scene of killing Su Yuchun before, and she was very sure that Su Yuchun was killed!

How could it be dead!

But if he really died, what kind of trick is this kid going to perform now?

Seeing Wiliam’s swearing appearance, Mrs. He also felt unsure for a while.

Finally, Li Chengfeng was heartbroken, “Come here, go and carry out my mother’s coffin!”

In his heart, he began to feel uneasy.

Is your mother really dead?

If it is not dead, then it is naturally the best.

At the same time he still has lingering fears!

Fortunately, there was no cremation of his mother’s body, otherwise he would be the real murderer of his mother!

The atmosphere at the scene almost solidified.

I thought it was just a formal battle, but now it will involve a big conspiracy!


After a while, a black wooden coffin was lifted out.

Put it in front of Wiliam.

Li Chengfeng stared at Wiliam closely, “If you dare to play tricks on my Southern Ban Li Family, I swear that even if the Southern Ban Li Family goes through fire and water, you will be broken into pieces!”

With that said, he personally opened the coffin and removed his mother’s body.

Seeing Su Yuchun’s body, everyone couldn’t help but stare.

I saw Su Yuchun’s face turned pale and stiff, obviously he couldn’t die anymore.

This kid, is there any way to bring the dead back to life?

Even Mrs. He stared at Wiliam closely now, wanting to see what he was going to do?

At this time, Wiliam looked at Mrs. He and jokingly smiled, “Lady He, Madam He, do you still remember the situation where Su Yuchun met you that night, what’s wrong?”

“Or to put it more simply, Su Yuchun, has she become smarter than before?”

Hearing what Wiliam said, Mrs. He buzzed her head!

The whole person is bad!

She had cold hands and feet instantly!

She remembered it!

Su Yuchun did show an uncharacteristically intelligent that night!

Even Su Yuchun himself said the plan to pour dirty water on Wiliam, and even the detailed process of the plan.


It completely exceeds the usual IQ of Su Yuchun!

Could it be!

It’s this kid!


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