Dragon Husband 947

Chapter 947

Old lady He suddenly trembled in her hands and feet.

She just wanted to slap herself severely!

Obviously that night, Mrs. He had already noticed that Su Yuchun was wrong.

At that time, she was still thinking about when Su Yuchun became so smart.

However, the plan proposed by Su Yuchun at that time really fits the mind of Mrs. He too.

At that time, Mrs. He only wanted to push the boat along the river and round out Su Yuchun’s plan!

There is no time to think about why Su Yuchun has become so smart.

Behind him, is there an expert pointing?

Thinking about it now, it’s terrible!

Could it be that Su Yuchun became smart because this kid was making suggestions behind him?


If this is the case, isn’t this kid pouring dirty water on himself!

What is he going to do!

Can be so desperate to die!

Mrs. He regretted it for a while!

Thousands are counted, but this kid is still counted ahead!

He was fully guarded, but fell into the glove that this kid had laid!

However, Mrs. He also had a deep despair in her heart!

Although she is on guard, is it useful?

She couldn’t tell when this kid started the layout!

Moreover, Su Yuchun has never dealt with this kid!

How could you have thought that this kid had placed the game on Su Yuchun!

It’s incredible!

“You, don’t slander you here! What we want is evidence!” Finally, Mrs. He pretended to be calm and shouted sharply.

However, the change in her face just now has been seen by many people.

“Is the evidence? Let Su Yuchun personally identify the murderer.” Wiliam smiled and walked towards Su Yuchun.

Li Chengfeng suddenly became excited.

He also thought that if there is something weird in it, it means that his mother and Wiliam have long been united.

The probability of the mother’s death is greatly reduced!

Sitting behind Su Yuchun, Wiliam lifted Su Yuchun to sit up.

Then, with a casual move, the red light in his hand reappeared.

Long live Honglian suddenly entered Su Yuchun’s body.

When everyone saw this scene, they slapped their tongues again!

What a Pokémon!

Being able to fight, the two masters of Huajin are like dogs.

It can also heal people.

However, this is the real magic needle.

Madam He saw that Wiliam used the silver needle again, and the haze in her eyes grew worse.

Her heart touched her throat!

I don’t know what this kid can make!

She even began to wonder if something was really missed by this kid.

After all, facts have now proven that he and Su Yuchun were united earlier!

She was extremely unwilling and forgot to beware of this.

When is it…

Su Yuchun had always hated Wiliam before, and the two had no time to meet.

But at this time, her head buzzed and suddenly thought of something.

That was Wiliam’s invitation to participate in this competition, which was given to him by Su Yuchun.

This is the opportunity to make it possible for the two of them to see each other separately!


This kid is too special to seize the opportunity!

Now Mrs. He can only pray secretly in her heart, this kid is bluffing, and Su Yuchun has died long ago and can’t die anymore.

However, in the next second, Mrs. He heard the screams of the audience!

Everyone only saw that Su Yuchun’s originally pale face suddenly gradually became rosy.

The body is also shaking slightly!

“Wow! What kind of fairy trick is this! Bring back to life! This is!”

“This kid is amazing! If he has this method to bring the dead back to life, then he is not a rumored quack at all! Who the hell is the whole city!”

“Don’t say that he is not a quack doctor with this method of resurrecting the dead. Even if Su Yuchun was not killed by him, it has proved that he is not a quack doctor.”

Mrs. He listened to the discussion from the people around her, and she squeezed her heart fiercely!


Again this kid’s way!

It was quite successful to frame him before, but now he was overturned by this kid, and the situation was instantly overturned by him!

Wu Bili’s face was very ugly as well.

Who bullshit the whole city?

The Jackdaw family was the first to shit.

Now she is scolded by everyone, don’t mention how frustrated she is.

At this time, Su Yuchun’s body suddenly shook!

Then, everyone saw it in amazement!

Su Yuchun opened her eyes suddenly!

Then, with one hand, he pointed at Granny He fiercely!

In this scene, let the scene directly fry the pot!

Dead man opened his eyes!

Point your finger!

Mrs. He was pointed at by Su Yuchun, her head banged, she had no idea what happened!

She couldn’t expect that Su Yuchun really came back alive after being killed!

That’s it!

In her heart, only these two words were left!

If Su Yuchun survives, all her strategies will be declared defeated!

Damn it!

Damn it!

How come alive!


It’s not a comeback!

How can there be any resurrection in the world!

Then there is only one possibility left!

suspended animation!

It’s suspended animation!

Since Su Yuchun had colluded with this kid a long time ago.

Then Wiliam instructed Su Yuchun to talk about the plan that night!

Then they will definitely prevent themselves from killing!

So the possibility of Su Yuchun’s death on holiday is the greatest!

Damn it!

For a moment, Mrs. He also fully understood why Su Yuchun would accept Wiliam’s plan!

Because the facts have explained everything!

With this strategy, he will be completely overwhelmed in Lingcheng!

Not to mention the position of the head of the Li family in Nanban!

As for Wiliam, it could be regarded as using Su Yuchun’s hand to eradicate himself!

Su Yuchun will agree to such a win-win strategy, no matter how stupid it is!

Thinking of this, Old Lady He’s head was completely dizzy, and a sense of despair of failure slowly rose to her heart.

Li Chengfeng’s eyes are cracked!

He looked at Mrs. He and yelled like crazy: “You damn old lady! You really killed my mother! My mother was so good to you! I will kill you now and avenge my mother. !”

With that, he rushed over.

However, several people stopped him immediately.

They are all from the Li family in the south.

No matter how angry they are, they don’t want to fight in front of the whole city and show their shame again.

And Mrs. He, sitting on the chair all over, had only one thought in her head.

“Why is she not dead? Why is she dead! It shouldn’t be! Her heart has been clearly shattered by me, even if she died…”

At this point, her pupils suddenly shrank, and she covered her mouth tightly!

A shocking thought came to my mind!

She looked at Wiliam very resentfully!

And Wiliam happened to be watching her too!

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly and smiled: “Really? The heart veins have been shattered by you? That is to say, you admit that you killed Su Yuchun by your own hands?”


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