Dragon Husband 948


Chapter 948

The people in the audience suddenly uttered a cry!

“Damn! Absolutely! Absolutely!”

“Did you hear it just now! The old woman confessed in her own mouth that she shattered Su Yuchun’s heart!”

“I heard it, but, didn’t Su Yuchun come back to life? Didn’t he testify against the old woman? It’s not much different from her own admission.”

Only Li Chengfeng, from great joy to great compassion, looked at Wiliam, “You, what do you mean! My mother, she!”

Wiliam raised his hand at this time, and the silver needles densely flew out of Su Yuchun’s body.

Su Yuchun’s body suddenly fell backward.

Wiliam took it casually and gently flattened her.

Everyone looked at Su Yuchun’s face again, where was the ruddy just now.

He is clearly a dead man.

Wiliam sighed and said to Li Chengfeng: “Your mother was indeed killed by Mrs. He, and it was really dead.”

“Then you just said that she was dead!” Li Chengfeng’s eyes turned red all of a sudden, and he was about to hit Wiliam.

However, Wiliam slowly said: “I have no intention of offending your mother, but you don’t want your mother to die injustice. Now, your mother will lead the murderer herself. This is not an option for your mother. Scornful things.”

Li Chengfeng’s body fell to the ground instantly.

He knew that he had no position at all to blame Wiliam.

Now that it has been proved that Wiliam was not the murderer of his mother.

Even because of Wiliam, his mother’s injustice was made clear.

He also turned around to thank Wiliam!

But, after all, from great joy to great compassion, he was completely messed up.

He only murmured: “Didn’t you say that you and my mother have joined hands? Then how could my mother die! Tell me why this is!”

Wiliam watched the audience staring at him, and said casually, “I did meet your mother and said something. Since you want to know, I will tell you.”

Wiliam slowly told the story of that night.

That night, after Wiliam rescued Su Yuchun, Su Yuchun was also considered a man of faith.

She immediately personally delivered an invitation letter to Wiliam.

Wiliam took advantage of that opportunity to talk to Su Yuchun about Granny He.

However, Lu Yezheng said that he just made Su Yuchun beware of Granny He.

After all, Mrs. He was too obsessed.

And this obsession is enough to make her do crazy things.

Since she wanted to be the new head of the Li family in South Ban, Su Yuchun was the worst enemy in front of her.

It is also the object that Mrs. He takes first to eradicate.

After listening to Wiliam’s analysis, Su Yuchun just sneered, and didn’t take it seriously.

Because in Su Yuchun’s eyes, Wiliam’s remarks were just soliciting discord.

Seeing that Su Yuchun didn’t believe it, Wiliam said, “Since you don’t believe it, then we might as well be a test. For you, it will be profitable and harmless.”

Su Yuchun restrained her temper and listened to Wiliam’s words.

Hearing Wiliam’s proposal to ban the Li family from south to slander him as a quack doctor in the city, Su Yuchun first felt that this kid was crazy!
He took the initiative to ask the people from the Li family in the south to get him!

This is looking for sin and suffering!

But Wiliam did not.

He proposed this strategy because of his consideration.

He knew that in the heart of Mrs. He, he could no longer be detached from the world at all.

Mrs. He must be thinking about getting rid of herself.

So this strategy is the closest he can think of according to Mrs. He’s thinking.

Su Yuchun also didn’t take Wiliam’s remarks in his heart, and immediately issued the eviction order.

Before leaving, Wiliam left Su Yuchun with a pill.

This pill is a pill that allows people to temporarily enter the breath of suspended animation, and it is not uncommon on the market.

Wiliam told her that if she was going to try, she had better put the pill in the root of the tooth. Once Mrs. He got overexcited, crushing the pill in advance could save her life.

Su Yuchun put it away at that time, and did not express anything.

After Wiliam left, Su Yuchun hadn’t wanted to find Granny He.

Only later, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that what Wiliam said made sense.

So she comforted herself, and it didn’t hurt to test it.

However, she still didn’t take Wiliam’s last explanation in her heart, thinking that even if he was vicious, Mrs. He would not kill her brothers and sisters.

So she didn’t even bite the pill at the root of her teeth.

When she first started probing, she still didn’t feel right.

Even when Mrs. He deliberately showed weakness, she began to laugh at the kid for nonsense, and was almost instigated by him.

It’s just that when she gets to the back, the more she listens, the more wrong she gets.

By the time she reacted, it was too late.

After listening to Wiliam’s words, Li Chengfeng’s whole body was shaking.

Too cruel!

My mother believes in Mrs. He so much!

But in exchange, it was grace and revenge!

Isn’t this the story of the farmer and the snake!

Li Chengfeng suddenly shook his head, tumbling on her mother’s clothes like crazy.

Everyone was dumbfounded, what is Li Chengfeng doing?

It wasn’t until Li Chengfeng took out a beige pill from her mother’s pocket that his big tears fell off.

He thought that Wiliam was borrowing from the topic.

But this pill proved that what Wiliam said was true!

The culprit of the incident is Mrs. He, who has gone away!

He cried bitterly, and asked again: “Wiliam, then why did my mother come back to life just now?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “Is there anything going back to life?”

Just now, it was entirely an illusion created by Wiliam.

He used Long Live Red Lotus to penetrate Su Yuchun’s body.

Then, using his grandma Lu Lingyun’s best trick, the dead marched!

Wiliam didn’t learn this trick deeply, so he could barely command the dead.

But the magic lies on Long live Honglian!

He concentrated the long live red lotus under the skin of Su Yuchun’s face, and made the illusion of Su Yuchun’s ruddy complexion by taking advantage of the red hair of the long live red lotus needle.

Then he concentrated the other long live red lotus in one hand of Su Yuchun, and with a little effort, he could direct the whole finger to recognize Su Yuchun.

It was Su Yuchun’s false resurrection that caused the complete collapse of Old Lady He’s defense, and she admitted to murder.

When Li Chengfeng heard this, tears came out again.

Everything is fake…

Only the murderer who killed his mother is true!

He seemed to be out of anger, and roared at Wiliam: “Since you already knew that the old woman killed my mother, why didn’t you say it earlier! When you were wronged by us, why didn’t you stand up and say it the first time!” “


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