Dragon Husband 949

Chapter 949

Everyone was taken aback.

Yes, since this kid already knew the secret of Granny He’s murder, why didn’t he tell it right away!

I have to postpone it until today!

You know, there are many ways in it!

As a result, he washed himself off for the first time, and he would not be infamous this week!

Secondly, it was a week apart!

If Su Yuchun’s corpse was cremated by someone from the Li family in the south, it would be deadly inconsistent!

A lot of doubts are in it.

Wiliam shook his head and said to Li Chengfeng, “First of all, would you believe what you said in the first place? You were in anger at the time, and everything I said didn’t work.”

“Secondly, I know that you will not burn the corpse, because you are too intent to kill in your heart. You will not bury your mother before you kill me.”

“Finally, sorry, I have my selfishness.”

Wiliam’s three reasons were more shocking than the other.

Hearing the second reason, everyone just felt their heads buzzing.

What kind of head is this kid!

It can be counted as such!

Even Li Chengfeng’s character has been calculated!

However, after everyone thought about it carefully, there was nothing left.

After all, Wiliam said just now that he used Granny He’s thinking to set up a frame of framing.

Facts also proved that he was successful in imitating Mrs. He’s thinking.

Mrs. He really wanted to ruin Wiliam’s reputation so much.

Time and time again, the facts have proved that this kid is simply not a human being.

Be good at calculating people’s hearts, and be accurate!

Medicine is unique in the world!

The martial arts are sharp!

Ingenious and unparalleled!

What kind of evil is this kid!

Before, never heard of it!

It wasn’t until everyone heard Wiliam’s last reason that they felt a little bit that he was still a person and had his own selfishness.

As for Wiliam’s selfishness, nobody knew it anymore.

Wiliam’s so-called selfishness does exist, and there is more than one.

Then, Lu Yezhen said that she knew that the current old lady He would come up with other evidence to frame him in order to convict Wiliam.

And the most likely thing is the remaining handed down pearls of the Southern Forbidden Li Family.

Wiliam needs these handed down beads to make up a set of thirty-six soul dream beads.

Although he still doesn’t know what effect this set of thirty-six soul dream quibs will exert.

And another selfishness is that he vaguely feels that Mrs. He will have a bigger layout next.

Before Lu Yezhen could see through Granny He’s game, how could he startle him?

And the old lady on the side, after listening to what Wiliam said, she smiled bitterly, “Oh, you kid! I haven’t done anything against you, I really don’t know how desperate it is to be against you…”

She is aggrieved.

In the beginning, she was proud of her and set out one game after another.

It can even be said that the end of today is just the beginning of her entire game.

But so what?

Her confidence was eaten away by this kid, until now, the tiles are not there!

She didn’t even know that she had fallen into the game set by this kid from the beginning.

She doesn’t even know if the next round is still under the control of this kid.

Really terrible!

This kid actually cut directly from Su Yuchun, a figure she had never imagined to kill, and set the game!

The biggest loophole that night was the wisdom shown by Su Yuchun.

However, Wiliam rounded this point well.

It was to catch Mrs He who was eager to let this strategy fall, and there was no time to think deeply.

Ho ho, what a high-sounding voice!

In fact, Wiliam is a villain at all!

No matter how much he quibbleed, he couldn’t quibble, so letting Su Yuchun come to test himself on this point was also a trick to provoke two birds with one stone!

If he didn’t have his instructions, why would Su Yuchun come to try?

It is estimated that this plan will not be realized so quickly.

It’s just that this bit of despicable personality is insignificant in the current situation.

Because, this kid has now pushed her to the point where everyone is shouting and beating, who cares if Wiliam pushed the whole thing at first.

Mrs. He carefully recalled the scenes that happened just now, and she felt weak again.

Although I have made up my mind since just now, this kid has no evidence, I want to bite on this hard and not let go!

However, he still wrote his way!

He first threw the smoke bomb with evidence, which made himself feel uneasy.

Then he brought out the key figure Su Yuchun, making himself more guilty.

At that time, the guard had already loosened.

Before making Su Yuchun’s so-called resurrection from the dead, he deliberately said something was wrong with Su Yuchun that night!

It was this point that made Mrs. He completely confused!

Because this is too deadly, I just settled down and confirmed that there was collusion between Wiliam and Su Yuchun!

Then, taking advantage of his panic, he quickly brought Su Yu back to life during spring break, completely disintegrated himself, and even said the murder himself!

So far, I can’t argue with my own words!

In retrospect, does Wiliam really have any evidence!

There is no such thing!

No one knows his conversation with Su Yuchun!

No one knows Su Yuchun’s temptation to kill himself!

Resurrecting the dead, the testimony of the dead, is even more false!

All personal and physical evidence are unfounded!

Only the pill that Li Chengfeng was holding was real.

However, it doesn’t explain much at all.

In other words, this kid has a certificate with no certificate!

Through the step-by-step psychological guidance, let yourself completely collapse!

The old lady He felt frustrated and helpless at this thought.

Obviously stopped, but was disintegrated again and again by this kid’s words!

As early as in Q City ( Qena City ), Mrs. He had heard of the miracles of this kid’s resourcefulness.

However, she hadn’t seen her personally, and she hadn’t even stood on the opposite side of Wiliam.

I don’t know the price of fighting against Wiliam or even fighting against Wiliam!

Today, she finally tasted it!

Fear of being dominated by resourcefulness!


At this time, the members of the Li family in the south began to attack Granny He.

“Lady Ho! You are so vicious! What did you say about this matter!”

“We banned the Li family in the south, there is no scum like you who cannibalize the family! You have to apologize for Su Yuchun’s death!”

“Apologize?” Mrs. He suddenly laughed, as if she was completely crazy.

When she slid, she jumped directly into the air and rushed towards the high platform where the baby was placed beside the martial arts platform!

Everyone shouted bad!

I already know what Granny He is going to do!

However, everyone was careless again!

Mrs. He is still showing weakness today!

With her current skill, obviously her body has completely healed, and her actions are extremely healthy!

However, she is still pretending to be old and weak these days!


Unprepared, Mrs. He was already standing on that high platform!

She stretched out her hand and directly held the bead of blood that represents the identity of the head of the Li family in Nanjin, and laughed wildly: “I killed Su Yuchun, so what! You will remember it for me! Only I is the destiny Go! I am the new head of the Li family in Nanban!”

“Now, I am holding Biluo’s heart and soul! I will ask the people of Li family!”

“You, who dare not recognize my identity as Patriarch!”


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