Dragon Husband 950

Chapter 950

Mrs. He is standing on the high platform with Biluo’s heart and blood in her hand!

Hunting in the gale, she was full of frenzied eyes, as if holding Biluo’s heart and blood, she was holding the life vein of the world!

And the people who banned the Li family in the south, seeing Old Lady He completely mad, they were all out of anger!

They stood in the audience and shouted angrily: “You old lady! Do you dare to do such a thing to our Nanban Li family! You are simply not worthy of being a member of the Nanban Li family!”

“Hurry up and hand over Biluo’s efforts! Otherwise, we will be rude to you!”

Let the people in the audience clamor, Mrs. He is still smiling wildly.

She had completely torn her face with the people from Nanban Li’s family.

Now, she has nothing but desperate.

She looked at the audience coldly, and smiled: “I am naturally not from the Li family in South Korea, but I still said what I said earlier. I hold the bead of blood, you recognize it or not!”

The people below were all dumb.

They are angry, but what’s the use!

The ancestors of the Nanjin Li Family are those who hold the blue heart, and whoever is the head of the Nanjin Li Family.

Who dares not follow the ancestral precepts?

Even if it was Mrs. He, she obtained the Biluo’s heart and blood by cleverly taking Hao.

As long as the beads are in her hands for a moment, she is qualified to be the Patriarch of the Nanjin Li Family.

Seeing the silence of the people below, Mrs. He laughed again.

She knew too much about the personalities of people like Nanjin Li’s family.

A group of wimps will only follow the rules.

If such a Li family survives, who will die?

But this is not bad, it just gives Granny He such a good opportunity!

Mrs. He suddenly looked at Wiliam fiercely.

It was this kid who pushed her into this desperate situation step by step!

Originally, Mrs. He wanted to be the head of the Patriarch in a fair way.

Now I can only forcefully take the lead.

The consequence of this is that it will lead to dissatisfaction with the body and mind, and there may be hidden dangers that will be planted in the future.

So, this kid must die!

Thinking about it, Mrs. He shouted: “So, as the head of the family, I will release the first order! Li Family is forbidden to the south, everyone will follow the order!”

With an order, that blue heart and blood seemed to bloom too.

The members of the Li family in the South had an ugly face, but they could only kneel down towards Granny He angrily.

Mrs. He knelt down and laughed again, “You guys, get on with me and kill that kid!”

The people who banned the Li family in the south were helpless and could only look at Wiliam who was silent on the stage.

Some people sighed, ready to do it.

But at this time, the corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly again.

When everyone was about to start their hands, Wiliam said with a smile; “What a majestic Nanjin Li Family Patriarch, what you have said a lot, whoever holds the blue heart and blood, then who is the Nanban Li Family Patriarch. Then I’m going to ask the people of Nanjin Li’s family a question.”

“What’s the problem?” Li Chengfeng asked for the first time.

The expression he looked at Wiliam became extremely complicated.

Obviously this kid was Li Chengfeng’s number one enemy before.

But now the Li family in Nanban suddenly became a precarious family.

Li Chengfeng didn’t know why, but he had a feeling in his heart.

I want to pin the hope of breaking the game on this kid again.

See if he can help Nanban Li’s family to get out of this shameful experience.

Wiliam also looked at Li Chengfeng, and slowly said, “What if this Biluo heart bead is fake?”


The audience suddenly fell silent for an instant!

Everyone suddenly remembered that at the beginning, this kid seemed to have said something like this.

It’s just that, after experiencing the shock of the dead man’s eye-opening just now, everyone has forgotten what happened before.

Now back to the starting point, everyone just feels creepy.

“If everything was an illusion made by Mrs. He at the beginning, then this blue heart and blood is naturally fake. Am I wrong?” Wiliam said lightly.

The eyes of everyone suddenly became eager, and they wanted to wait for this kid to continue.

However, Mrs. He sternly said: “Boy, do you know what are you talking about? Your words have completely offended the person above! You can bear such charges?”

The atmosphere stagnated.

And Wiliam, without fear, said lightly: “Is it true? You will know if you check it.”

The people who banned the Li family in the south were already ready to move.

From the bottom of their hearts, they didn’t want to accept such a cruel old woman.

However, Mrs. He sneered and said, “Boy, where do you have the confidence to question me?”

Wiliam’s mouth hooked.

Where is the confidence?

The real Biluo’s heart and blood was always on Wiliam’s body.

It’s just that now is not the time to show the spirit of Bi Luo.

Moreover, even if there is no bright blue heart, it is enough to make this old woman irresistible.

“If the inspection fails, I said it won’t count. Naturally, the people from the Li family in the south will have the final say.” Wiliam said casually.

And the people who banned the Li family in the south, hesitated at this moment.

After all, this matters.

If Mrs. He is holding the real Biluo’s heart and blood, then this test does not show that the people of the Li family in the south do not trust the people above.

If the people above blame it, Nanjin Li’s family can’t finish eating.

But if it fails, everyone will feel as uncomfortable as eating shit.

Li Chengfeng’s face flushed.

At this time, everyone turned their eyes to Li Chengfeng, the meaning was obvious.

Let Li Chengfeng decide whether to check?

And Li Chengfeng was always hesitating, “This, this…”

The people who banned the Li family in the south have fallen into the valley.

They have always regarded Li Chengfeng as the next Patriarch of the Li family in Nanban.

However, this potential Patriarch hesitated when the Li family was banned in the South.

To put it nicely, he is thinking carefully about the future of the Li family in Nanban.

But when it’s ugly, Li Chengfeng has no sense of responsibility and courage.

When Mrs. He saw this scene, the corner of her mouth twitched, showing a slight smile.

She has seen through all of this a long time ago, how can a group of boneless people dare to risk the world’s unrest?

That Wiliam, a thousand counts, how could he miss the soft character of the Li family in the south?

But at this moment, a grim voice suddenly came from the door.

“Inspect, why don’t you dare to do it?”

“If you dare not, then in my name.”

“Success, the work of South Ban Li Family.”

“If you lose, I shoulder the responsibility.”

This indifferent voice broke the silence on the scene.

Everyone looked at the door one after another, wanting to see who it was, and the tone was so mad.

Who is it, and what qualifications do you have to say such a thing.

However, seeing that person, the person from the Li family in the south, don’t mention how complicated his expression is.

Especially Mrs. He shivered with anger.

Standing proudly at the door.

It’s not Li Nanfeng, who will it be!


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