Dragon Husband 951

Chapter 951

Li Nanfeng, are you qualified to say such a thing?


He is the direct blood of the Li family in Nanban!

Even earlier, he was known as the “God of War” and was known as the son of Li Banshan, the backbone of the Li family in the South.

He is not qualified, who is qualified?

Many people at the scene didn’t even know who this blind man was?

But the people who banned the Li family in the south had extremely complex expressions.

There is a little problem with Li Nanfeng’s bloodline.

However, Li Nanfeng is the grandson of this old lady!

What’s going on now?

When everyone was afraid to make a decision, Mrs. He’s grandson stood up!

Enemy with grandma!

What kind of drama is this?

However, despite thinking so, the people who banned the Li family in the south could not help being impressed by Li Nanfeng’s words.

Vaguely, everyone saw Li Nanfeng’s body, quite proud of his father!

What does he ask for?

He asks for nothing!

Don’t be greedy, dare to take responsibility.

This alone has already impressed the people at the scene.

Much better than Li Chengfeng.

What’s more, is Li Nanfeng less embarrassed than Li Chengfeng?

He is awe-inspiring, against his grandmother.

And Mrs. He shivered with anger when she saw her grandson actually appear at this time, and she was still an enemy of herself.

“Li Nanfeng! Shut up! Do you want to die!” He said to Li Nanfeng.

However, under the leadership of Cheng Suyi, Li Nanfeng slowly walked towards the scene.

Obviously the intention has been decided.

He didn’t even care about what Granny He said, but said to the Nanjin Li family around him: “If this is the case, don’t you dare?”

The people who banned the Li family in the south bowed their heads in shame.

At this moment, no one cares about whether the person above will anger the entire Nanban Li family.

It was compared by Li Nanfeng, and everyone’s weakness was infinitely magnified.

Isn’t it more justice than a blind man!

So weak, the Li family talked about He Guangfu!

Being in the hands of an adulterer, the Li family in the south is banned in name only!

Li Chengfeng suddenly felt cruel, and said loudly: “Yen! I am the head of the Li family forbidden in the south, and not everyone can be!”

Being dominated by these two, the others also became hardened.

In this scene, the old lady He watched furiously, “Oh, you white-eyed wolf! Losing grandma so loved you when you were a child! You actually avenged revenge!”

However, Li Nanfeng said categorically: “Grandma, when you were a child, you taught me to be honest and upright, and I keep it in my heart. I have a clear conscience for what I have done today. If you think of me, I have a bad conscience. If you think about me, I will pay you back! “

In a word, the people on the scene could not speak!

What a tough young man!

Wiliam was there before, and the light covered all directions.

Now, faintly, there is another tough young man, and Haohao rises!

“Okay! Okay! You guys! I want you, I should not regret it!” Old lady He was betrayed by her own grandson, and she was already furious.

At this time, Li Chengfeng asked in a low voice: “But, how do you test this blue heart and blood? It’s ashamed to say that although we know this thing is magical, because of the ancestral training, no one dares to enter the ancestral shrine to find out what belongs to The mystery of my ban on the Li Family…”

Others also nodded.

Wiliam shook his head as he watched from the sidelines, a group of people who could not change their lives.

Mrs. He smiled again: “Okay, let’s test it! Let’s test it! So that you can give up! So that you can never recover!”

“Is it to check the shape of the beads or the color of the beads? Whatever you say.”

Mrs. He was very proud of this.

She had completely imitated this bead according to her own memory.

There is no real contrast between the true blue sky and the blood. No one at the scene can tell the truth from the false.

However, Li Nanfeng suddenly said: “We are banning the Li family’s blue heart and blood, naturally, we have to test its function.”

“Function? Hoho, ridiculous, do you know the function! That is the secret scroll that exists in the ancestral shrine of the Li family in Nanban, not the head of the Li family in Nanban. You are not qualified to read the secret scroll at all. Tell me about the function?”

However, Li Nanfeng flipped through it at this time, and a yellowed pamphlet suddenly appeared in his hands.

When everyone was surprised, Li Nanfeng had already said faintly: “While you are all here, I went to the ancestral shrine and took out the secret paper.”

There was an uproar at the scene!

Everyone looked at Li Nanfeng dumbfounded!

This kid is too courageous!

Not to mention breaking into the ancestral hall without permission, he also brought out the secret scrolls that could only be read by the Patriarch!

He is simply the sinner of the Li family in Nanban!

Everyone wanted to blame Li Nanfeng, but when the words came to their lips, they all swallowed!

If Li Nanfeng didn’t bring out this secret scroll, what would be the outcome?

Who will testify against Mrs. He?

Who will end this round of lies?

I’m afraid there is no one!

I am afraid that the entire Nanban Li family will fall into the hands of this old lady.

At this time, everyone couldn’t help but smile, they all understood.

Understand what Li Nanfeng’s dead word just now means.

He was ready to apologize long ago.

Whether it is betraying her grandma, or breaking the ancestral motto.

Either charge made this hard-tempered young man unable to deal with himself.

Therefore, he is the real man who died in his life!

Old lady He was so angry that Li Nanfeng would vomit out blood.

This kid is getting too much!

Dare to even take out the secret volume!

The situation froze all at once.

And Mrs. He suddenly reacted and looked at Wiliam.

“It was you who instigated Li Nanfeng to do this, right?”

She is very smart.

He still knows Li Nanfeng’s character.

Integrity is integrity, but there is only a passion and no brain.

Otherwise, he would not have made the act of staying on the demolition site without saying a word.

The people behind Li Nanfeng are obvious!

But Wiliam didn’t speak, but Li Nanfeng recognized it.

“It was Wiliam who told me to do this, but I also agreed to it.”

“The Li family in the south is forbidden, how pedantic, pedantic until the end of the day, do you still have no idea to repent?”

“So, sinner, let me do it.”

Li Nanfeng said lightly, with a wave of expression on his face.

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng like this and couldn’t help nodding.

Wiliam did ask him to do this.

But Li Nanfeng’s decision-making power lies.

In the end, Li Nanfeng took this step.

Let Wiliam feel relieved.

After more than ten years of silence, the stupid Nanban Li family finally had its first pride.

But Mrs. He furiously said: “Li Nanfeng! Do you know that you were taken advantage of by this kid! He is not at all bad and kind, you know!”

But Li Nanfeng said with a clear conscience: “I know that Wiliam has his own thinking. However, I put my words here.”

Li Nanfeng said, suddenly leaned slightly, but his voice was sonorous and powerful!

“Go through fire and water for Wiliam! I, Li Nanfeng…”



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