Dragon Husband 953

Chapter 953

Wiliam frowned when he said this.

Can’t see the slightest joy.

It seemed that there was something that made him a little anxious instantly.

After everyone heard what Wiliam said, the collective petrified!

What’s all this?


In the calculation?

Is there still a doorway inside?

Especially Wiliam’s last words, it made everyone’s hair terrifying!

The people above know this too!

And this old woman is actually the one above!

It’s crazy!

Everyone had thought about this before, but I don’t know why this kid suddenly said such words!

How did he infer this idea!

Everyone turned their puzzled eyes at Wiliam.

When Mrs. He heard Wiliam’s words, her face instantly paled!

She changed her previous madness and became extremely silent.

Li Chengfeng couldn’t take his stand anymore, rushed forward, grabbed Wiliam’s shoulder, and roared: “You kid! What are you talking about! Do you know what you are talking about! Tell me clearly!”

Wiliam pushed Li Chengfeng away and rubbed his temples with his fingers, as if today’s scene had consumed his immense brain power.

After a short silence, Wiliam slowly said: “It’s very simple, two concepts.”

“First of all, in what I said to Mrs. He just now, there was a logical loophole, that is, Mrs. He used Biluo’s painstaking efforts to build the overall situation of today.”

“In what I just said, she deliberately said that she thought of this plan before Su Yuchun died. And she just acquiesced to my proposal.”

Li Chengfeng shouted directly: “What’s wrong with this!”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “No, it’s seriously wrong! The reality is that it is impossible for Mrs. He to think of the possibility of using Biluo’s heart and blood before Su Yuchun’s death.”

“Because Mrs. He had just returned from our world at that time, and she has never been in contact with your world in these years, so she has no way of knowing what kind of people are behind the youth martial arts competition that has only emerged in recent years Do you agree on this point?”

Li Chengfeng was shocked and nodded blankly.

Others also nodded.

The youth martial arts test competition has only emerged in the past few years. Based on the time when Granny He left, it is impossible for her to know this immediately when she comes back.

And Li Chengfeng knew better, that it was also when Wiliam took the initiative to mention this competition, and Old Lady He knew about it.

At that time, the Li family had already sent out the Pearl of Handed Down.

This is a time paradox!

“So, Mrs. He shouldn’t know about this youth martial arts test contest, and she couldn’t even think of using Biluo’s painstaking efforts at that time. However, she admitted, in other words, she knew.”

“In our opinion, this logical loophole can actually be seen at a glance. But ah, a fan of the authorities, Mrs. He was shocked just now, so she jumped over this loophole, and she didn’t even think about it at all. In her impression, she knew it in advance, and what I said was wrong to her. Now, do you understand?”
Wiliam said in one breath.

After listening to everyone, they all took a breath!



This kid said something casually just now, and he laid a net in his words, waiting for Old Lady He to drill!

Indeed, as Wiliam said, if Old Lady He had known it a long time ago, she would really feel that what Wiliam said was wrong.

And when she finishes speaking, this loophole will be completely formed.

what is this?


In the world, there are people who think about problems in this way, and go to give a speech grammar array?

It’s terrible!

And Li Chengfeng’s head was completely stunned.

Wiliam’s remarks were too profound for him.

He just relied on his instincts to feel that what Wiliam said made sense, but he still needed Wiliam to explain further.

“Say it! Say it!” Li Chengfeng couldn’t help but roar.

Wiliam nodded and continued: “I said just now that according to normal logic, it is impossible for Mrs. He to complete the layout before seven days, but she acquiesced, so she thought of this layout seven days ago.”

“Then the question is, how did she know it? How did she know it, from whom? I think she shouldn’t know it from people in your family?”

Everyone at the scene, including those from the South Ban Li’s family, shook their heads.

No one has told Granny He about this.

And Wiliam got the confirmation and said again: “So, there is only one possibility, that is, the greatest possibility. She knows it from the people above.”

At the scene, Qi Qi was silent.

“Why do I say it is the greatest possibility, because only from the people above, she will know more than all of you, including the prizes of the competition.” Wiliam said.

No one was talking at the scene.

Everyone was trying to digest Wiliam’s words, trying to keep up with Wiliam’s thinking.

And Wiliam stopped at the right time, waiting for them to digest.

Mrs. He stood on the high platform, but stared at Wiliam closely.

Her heart, as if being hit by a heavy punch!

There is absolutely no evidence!

There is absolutely no sign!

What is this kid talking about, what is he doing!

Relying on his own default, he thought of so many things!

Is he still a human!

Although Wiliam’s thoughts were like Rootless Ping, they still had no basis.

However, these ideas are convincing.

Because of these ideas, it is the greatest possible!

After these people had digested it, Wiliam continued: “What I just said was the first concept. The people above know what Mrs. He did today, so we now enter the second concept.”

Everyone was overwhelmed, and after finally digesting this kid’s knowledge, suddenly heard Wiliam’s second concept coming out again, his head would explode in an instant!

They glanced at each other with different expressions.

As if thinking of the fear of being dominated by math teachers when I was in math class when I was young.

One knowledge point is still unclear, the teacher is already about to enter the next knowledge point.

“You, speak slowly.” A woman who had voluntarily abstained from Wiliam before, now looked like an eggplant beaten by Shuang, and said dejectedly.

The tone is unspeakable.

This is a kind of powerlessness of IQ being rubbed on the ground.

Obviously, they all abstained, but they were still beaten by this unreasonable person.

What a mess.

Wiliam nodded, and said, “I will try my best to consider your IQ and be straightforward.”

In a word, everyone at the scene bowed their heads.


Wiliam continued: “The second concept, why I infer that Mrs. He is the person above, there are three reasons.”


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