Dragon Husband 955

Chapter 955: Evil!

Wiliam began to feel uneasy when he inferred that Mrs. He was the person above.

Because some small clues had already been faintly formed in his mind.

Now when the old lady He asked, she strengthened the guess in Wiliam’s heart.

But everyone was still confused.

What they don’t know, does this kid know?

You know, this kid has just come from the mundane world.

How would he know these things?

Seeing Wiliam frowned, Mrs. He couldn’t help laughing, “I really want to know.”

Wiliam coldly spit out three words from his mouth.

“Gu Huo Gu.”

These three words are like a bolt from the blue!

The people present were dumbfounded!

“What did you say! You said, the person behind her is Gu Huo Gu! What’s so special!” Everyone exploded in an instant!

Wiliam saw that the crowd’s reaction was extremely violent, so he asked, “It seems that you also know Gu Huogu.”

Everyone looked sad and indignant, and you just said a word.

“Of course I know! This is a very vicious sect! We are in the rivers and lakes, and everyone is punishable!”

“Their faction is completely unreasonable in doing things! Relying on poisoning, this kind of indiscriminate means, has long been notorious!”

“Unexpectedly, the person behind this event turned out to be Gu Huo Valley! If you know it is them, I will not let them push anything!”

Wiliam frowned further as he listened to everyone’s words.

Information is beginning to be asymmetrical.

Moreover, the two places completely violated.

From the mouths of these people, they knew Gu Huo Gu.

Wiliam even heard someone say that Gu Huo Valley had only gained fame in this world in recent years.

Cooperating with the youth martial arts test competition has also emerged from the past few years. This information can be mutually confirmed and there should be no lies.

However, this time is different from the information Wiliam received from Cui Shangyun.

Wiliam first knew Guhuo Valley from Cui Shangyun.

Cui Shangyun said that Guhuo Valley was established about a year ago, and it is everywhere against Qilin.

Here, time is asymmetric.

A few years ago, a year ago.

Also, the strength is asymmetry.

Qilin power is a power in the earthly world, Gu Huogu is an enemy, and the strength should be half a catty.

However, this worldly Gu Huo Valley was able to steadily control several major families, and became a fearful evil faction in their mouths.

The two asymmetry began to plague the landing leaves.

He has a faint understanding, but he can’t grasp the key point.

In the end, he could only sigh, and he knew too little information.

Seeing the panic of everyone below, Mrs. He suddenly laughed, “Good boy! Really so wise and close to the demon! I want to know how you guessed it!”

Lu Yezheng was in the mood to play tricks with Granny He, and said directly: “Two places.”

“Originally, I was just guessing. Your question just now confirmed my guess.”

Granny He looked stiff!

She has a feeling!

Why shouldn’t you speak in front of this kid!

As if every time she said something, she would get some handle!
This feeling is too bad.

“The first place is the prize of this competition, but what I’m talking about is not a fake Biluo heartbeat, but something else, Lizong’s letter of introduction.” Wiliam said.

Everyone’s heads are about to burst.

I found another piece of information!

Another piece of information is so small that it can be ignored!

Can you analyze a flower!

“From the very beginning, I was suspicious of this prize. According to the rules of previous years, the prize will not be too rich. After all, this is a youth martial arts test competition, which is equivalent to a small fight, but this time something like this has appeared. , Ho ho, everyone is jealous. At the time I was thinking why this letter of introduction appeared. And, to be honest, I really need this letter of introduction.”

“Then there is a doubt in this. This letter appeared too coincidental. I have always felt that this year, I was pushed away. Ho ho, it seems that it is true. What I need, the bait will appear What.” Wiliam gave a wry smile.

“The person who throws this bait must be someone or force I know. But this is only my suspicion, and there is no further evidence. Then in the second place, you gave me evidence.”

“You just asked me if I could guess it. In fact, you have already acquiesced in your heart that I know this force. Ho ho, and I can think of these days, I have been pushing me forward, but being an enemy of me. Yes, very few.”

“Among them, the possibility of not getting the valley is the greatest!” Wiliam sighed after finishing this sentence.

Although helpless, Wiliam had to admit it!

He has made rapid progress during this period, and a lot of pressure comes from Guhuo Valley!

In the Lingyue Villa battle, it was the Green Snake Spring League.

The Green Snake Spring League is an organization supported by Guhou Valley.

Wiliam officially entered the realm of inner strength after the war.

The Beilin Lu family fought, although it was his aunt, Lu Lingyun, who fought.

However, during the war, people from Guhuu Valley also appeared, and even Guhuo Valley’s owner came personally!

After the war, Wiliam broke through from the early stage of internal strength to the middle of internal strength!

In order to cope with this competition, Wiliam struggled to refine the blood of his conscience and break through again.

Not surprisingly, Gu Huogu should also appear this time.

This is Wiliam’s biggest inference, but Wiliam hasn’t said it.

It is now proved that Gu Huo Gu is indeed an organization standing behind Mrs. He!

Mrs. He herself is also a member of Guhuo Valley.

Now, there are three questions that Wiliam doesn’t understand. First, what is the reason for the asymmetry of Guhugu’s information?

Second, Gu Huo Gu appeared in front of him every time, killing him every time and making him reborn from the ashes. Is it an enemy or a friend?

Third, how could Mrs. He get involved with Gu Huogu?

At this time, his head buzzed!

The hands and feet became extremely cold!

No way!

If, if it is said that He Lao Tai was a person from Gu Huo Valley.

Then he saw Mrs. He in Q City ( Qena City ), would it be arranged?

At that time, he had just entered the realm of foreign power!

In other words, as soon as Wiliam stepped onto the road of martial arts, he was already targeted by the Guhuugu people!

Lead from Q City ( Qena City ) to Lingyue Villa, and then from Lingyue Villa to Lujia in Beilin.

Until now, he stood in Lingcheng, step by step, set by others!

Wiliam, the moment is like an ice cellar!

Really someone, so powerful!

Wiliam asked himself how wise, but felt that he was overshadowed by this mysterious organization!

Someone is farther and farther than he calculated!

This is terrible!

Just as Wiliam was horrified, Mrs. He suddenly laughed, “Boy, then you know, why should I listen to you so much?”

Wiliam, holding down the horror in his heart, slowly said, “It couldn’t be easier, you are delaying time. And if you say this, it means…”

“Guhuogu people, here comes!”


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