Dragon Husband 956

Chapter 956

People from Guhuo Valley, are you here?

Everyone was stunned, and they saw Granny He suddenly burst into laughter.

“You are too smart, you want to be so smart that you can’t help but pinch you to death!” He said with a smile.

At this time, there was a sound of breaking wind outside the door.

One by one, people dressed in black suddenly fell from the sky and landed on the wall of Li’s house in Nanjin.

There are more than one hundred people.

And these more than one hundred people are all weird.

Some are more than two meters high, and some have an exaggerated swelling arm.

Others were holding various weapons in their hands.

And on their bodies, Qi Qi exudes a cold and insidious breath.

When the people around saw this group of people, they couldn’t help but commotion.

In the scene, all those who came here today were juniors from the aristocracy, just to show some excitement.

Where is the opponent of this group of people.

Besides, these people are notorious evil factions in the arena, and everyone shuns them.

“So, people from Nanban Li’s family, what choice do you make now?” Mrs. He suddenly asked the people from Nanban Li’s family.

Except for Li Nanfeng standing proudly, the faces of others became extremely ugly.

They looked at the people on the fence, already panicked.

After years of weakness, how can it be tough for a while?

They didn’t expect that there was someone from above to support Mrs. He.

If this is the case, is the Li family in the South forbidden to be the opponent of these people?

For a while, everyone including Li Chengfeng bowed their heads.

In their hearts, they can only comfort themselves, endure the humiliation, and seek great cause!

Seeing this scene, Mrs. He laughed wildly again.

There is no way!

Mrs. He is indeed from Gu Huo Valley.

This is a long time ago.

However, Mrs. He was in Zhong Yimu Liuqi a few years ago, and she had no choice but to cut contact with Gu Huogu.

Now that she has recovered from a serious illness, she naturally wants to climb the Guhuo Valley again.

Her status in Guhu Valley is actually not very high. She was just the head of a hall a few years ago.

Now that she is back in Guhu Valley, the first thing she does is naturally to regain power.

And the first step to gain power is naturally to start with the South Ban Li Family.

Only by holding the Nanjin Li family in hand, and then offering sacrifices to Guhougu, can she regain control of Guhougu’s power.

These were all planned before she came to Li’s house in South Ban.

It was also a deal between her and Gu Huo Valley.

So, this also explains why the people from Gu Huo Gu will support her to do this thing today, and why she will design the prizes for the competition in advance.

As for the letter of introduction of the establishment of the clan, Mrs. He is not quite clear.

Originally, Mrs. He didn’t want to sacrifice Guhuugu’s assassin at last, after all, when Guhuugu’s people came out, the situation would be overwhelmed.

Now she had no idea, she was framed by Wiliam on the edge of the cliff, forced to do so.

Therefore, she wanted Wiliam and Nanban Li’s family to pay the price!

Now, the Li family in the south has bowed their heads, and only the kid is left.

As for the others at the scene, ho ho…

She looked at Wu Bili.

Wu Bili’s face became stiff, and she suddenly stepped forward and said to the group of people in black, “Hello brothers, I am Wu Bili of the Jackdaw family. We are here today to support your event. We have no intention of offending you, and let us go first. Take a step back.”
With that, Wu Bili cast a look down, and the Jackdaw family all walked towards the door.

When other families looked at it, they immediately drew a gourd in the same way, arching their hands towards the man in black, wanting to leave first.

Mrs. He didn’t stop, so she let them go first.

After all, this is quite a few of the wealthiest families, and can’t coax them too stiffly.

Suppress them, there will be opportunities in the future.

This group of people are like mourning dogs, wishing to leave this place of right and wrong quickly.

But when they walked to the door, they couldn’t help but turn around.

They all looked at Wiliam sympathetically.

This kid is smart, but so what?

Didn’t it end up catching a turtle in the urn?

God is jealous of talents.

After all these people had gone, Mrs. He looked at Wiliam again.

She suddenly smiled.

It was also at this moment that she felt that the helpless Wiliam in the field at this moment was a downright poor creature.

How can it be clever and unparalleled, without having a strong own strength, in this world, it is still difficult to move at an inch.

“Boy, now, it’s your time to die.” Old lady He roared towards Wiliam.

But at this time, a man in black suddenly appeared more and more, and said directly to Wiliam: “Boy, you are a talent, how about joining our Guhu Valley? As long as you are willing to join our Guhu Valley, not only will you not die, And the glory and wealth are all in your hands.”

Hearing this, Mrs. He frowned slightly, and said to the person: “No! This kid is born with a bad bone, so he can’t let him join our Guhou Valley!”

However, the man in black just glanced at Mrs. He and continued to say to Wiliam: “I will give you five minutes to consider. Even if you are willing to join Guhuo Valley, I can guarantee that you are in Guhuo Valley. His status is higher than that of the old woman.”

As soon as he said this, Mrs. He’s face changed drastically!

The eyes she looked at Wiliam were full of jealousy!

This kid, how can He De!

I have worked so hard and risked the world’s ills, so I can barely take charge!

And this kid, relying on his lip service, was actually taken by the people of Guhuogu!

And his status is only higher than himself!

If this kid agrees, how can I get along with him in Guhuo Valley in the future!

With this kid’s character, he will definitely remember today’s account!

Thinking of this, Mrs. He was unwilling!

It seems that after working hard all day, all the credit has fallen on this kid, and he will not die in the end!

She wanted to persuade the man in black again, but she was glared back!

Mrs. He didn’t dare to offend the man in black, so she could only give up angrily.

The man in black also stared at Wiliam with no surprise in his heart.

He threw it out, but it was a big temptation!

Gu Huo Gu’s strength in this world is well known.

Someone like Mrs. He can only be a hall master in it.

This kid is so young that he has never seen anything in the world.

This benefit is like a windfall on his head.

With this platform, it is not a problem at all for him to skyrocket in the future.

He is a wise man, how can he not know what choice to make?

Of course, in Gu Huogu’s eyes, Mrs. He was far behind Wiliam.

One is an old man who has no effect, the other is a rising star with great potential.

That’s why Gu Huo Valley will offer only high or low status.

However, the man in black was thinking about it, but he heard Wiliam laugh.

“It’s really a big temptation, but I don’t accept it.”


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