Dragon Husband 957

Chapter 957

“What did you say!” The face of the man in black suddenly looked ugly.

And Mrs. He showed a happy smile instantly.

The man in black stared at Wiliam, his anger already rising.

Wiliam said lightly: “Sorry, I don’t have any plans to succumb to others for the time being.”

Although Wiliam still had some doubts in his heart that he could not solve, he knew that Gu Huogu had an extremely delicate relationship with him.

Join Guhuo Valley, ho ho, ridiculous.

I’m afraid, this man in black is completely making his own way, trying to please the people above.

Unfortunately, he didn’t even know the complexity inside.

Hearing what Wiliam said, the man in black was furious, “I don’t know good and bad things! Do you want to be an enemy of my Gu Huogu?”

Mrs. He was immediately happy to watch the play.

She was also nervous for a while.

I forgot that although this kid was born with rebelliousness, he was also born with pride.

This kind of arrogance seemed to the usual old lady He, almost knowing nothing.

But now it seems that it is particularly pleasant.

“Do you know the fate of being an enemy of my Guhuu Valley? The people we can’t get from Guhuu Valley will be frustrated and will not perfect others!” The man in black continued to say domineeringly.

Mrs. He said directly: “Why tell him more, he is asking for hardship! Now kill him immediately!”

The man in black nodded, “Come here, get him up for me!”

But at this time, a lot of people suddenly appeared again!

There are hundreds of people.

These people seem to have been waiting here for a long time.

In an instant, the Li family of Nanban was surrounded.

Seeing these people, Mrs. He and the man in black frowned.

At present, the three of them were extremely fast, and in a blink of an eye, they flew to Wiliam’s body.

These three people are surprisingly Tongma, God of Wealth and Angry Horse!

“Master Lu! We are here to help you!” The three of them arched their hands towards Wiliam.

Wiliam looked half happy when he saw the three of them.

The people of the Quartet Qilin are here in ambush.

This was arranged long before Wiliam came here.

However, at that time, Wiliam was left behind in order to prevent the Li family from being ruthless in the south.

There are not many people from the Li family in the south forbidden with unicorns, and the ants kill the elephant. I believe that the Li family in the south does not dare to die.

But now the situation is completely different.

What Wiliam had to face was the people from Guhuugu!

Gu Huo Gu Ke is much stronger than the Li family in the south.

It is no longer possible to win by relying on the advantage of more people.

The reason why Wiliam did not send out a signal was that he did not want people with unicorn power to appear, which only increased casualties.

It’s a pity that Tongmao and the others, after all, do not have the wisdom and transparency of Wiliam.

But Wiliam couldn’t blame them either. After all, they were eager to protect the Lord and were loyal.

Wiliam sighed, now the situation is difficult.

Mrs. He and the others suddenly laughed in unison after a brief consternation.

They see it.

Although there are many people in this group, they are actually some ants.

The three people around Wiliam looked tough, but they were nowhere near a powerful fighter.

At best, it is a warrior in the late period of inner strength.

Others are even more unbearable.

Ho ho, this kid, really ridiculous.

I thought this world was the same as the world before him.

Pulling a bunch of wild cats and dogs, think you can come here to play wild?

Really do not know life and death.

“For a while, remember to save yourself, try to save your brother’s life.” Wiliam said lightly to the three people in front of him.

The three of them glanced at each other, their eyes full of determination that never returned.

“Then, let these craps from the country open their eyes.” The black man sneered and waved with one hand.

The other black-clothed people standing on the fence stretched their bodies and slew towards the unicorns behind them.

The situation broke out instantly.

The black-clothed man and Mrs. He just stood with their hands behind them, watching the killing on the field jokingly.

It’s like watching a game.

As for the people of unicorn power, it seems that they have been ordered long ago.

They are automatically divided into groups of five people.

Pounced at a man in black.

Obviously, all of this was arranged by Tongmao and the three earlier.

But is it useful?

Those people in black are all weird.

Their skills are almost all in the late stage of Inner Strength.

Violent and cruel.

There was a burst of wailing at the scene.

It is a person of unicorn power.

There is too much difference in realm directly, and there is no possibility of encirclement at all.

Wiliam looked at his brother in front of him, blood was flowing.

Hearing his brother’s angry shout, his heart was tightly grasped.

He didn’t want to see this.

Increased countless guilt out of thin air.

Wiliam moved.

He is extremely fast, his fingers spread out!

Suddenly, the scene was flourishing!

Long live the red lotus one by one, flying out like desperately!

Wherever he went, I was wailing constantly!

The man in black saw Wiliam actually using the weird red needle, and suddenly showed weird eyes.

It seems to think of something.

With the addition of Wiliam and the three sect masters, the pressure on Qilin Power was suddenly reduced a lot.

However, Mrs. He and the man in black rushed down immediately.

They restrained Wiliam as if deliberately.

Originally, according to their abilities, anyone who played against Wiliam would be 70% sure to win against Wiliam.

But they don’t.

The two stopped Wiliam as if trapped.

And in front of Wiliam, there was a stream of blood flowing!

Wiliam became anxious for a while seeing brothers falling down continuously.

Red light on him again!

However, Mrs. He and the man in black did not face Wiliam head-on, just trapped him!

Mrs. He seemed to see Wiliam’s anxiety as well as Wiliam’s helplessness.

She laughed and said, “Hahaha, how? Did you feel the gap between you and the strong? Wiliam, Wiliam, I always thought that you were a passionate man with a sense of responsibility, but I didn’t expect you to not only fail Your wisdom has let down your responsibility even more!”

“Do you think that calling so many people can help you escape? It’s ridiculous, but it’s just sending people away. Since you called so many people, then you can watch it well hahaha, watch these for you Brothers born to death, one by one in front of you in different places!”

“Have you seen there? Hahaha, that woman seems to be asking you for help, oh, it’s too late, her head was screwed off, hahaha. Look, the eyes on the head are dead. The stare is wide, as if not staring at him, and as if asking you, why don’t you go and help her?”

Mrs. He had free time and kept talking to Wiliam about the surrounding situation.

Wiliam’s eyes happened to see the subordinate who died because of him.

In the eyes of the living, it is compassion.

In the eyes of the dead, there is desolation.

Life and death are like being drawn by Mrs. He and the man in black.

Wiliam only felt his head bang, and he suddenly screamed up to the sky, and the breath on his body surged out like uncontrollable!


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