Dragon Husband 958

Chapter 958

Seeing Wiliam’s violent body, the old lady He and the black-clothed man had a sharp heart, and backed together.

However, the aura on Wiliam’s body didn’t strike towards Old Lady He and the man in black.

His breath was extremely raging, but it kept hovering over Wiliam’s body.

Cut his body dripping with blood!

Old lady He and the man in black were stunned when they saw this scene.

Mrs. He even laughed jokingly, “Oh, I feel guilty when seeing my subordinates die one by one, are you starting to self-mutilate now hahaha!”

And Wiliam’s blood was constantly flowing.

The expression in his eyes became extremely complicated and extremely suffering!

Wiliam, the heart demon is born!

When Wiliam broke through to the late stage of his inner strength, there was more scarlet Lin Qi in his body.

This Lin Qi was extremely violent, as if it were a villain falling to the sky, and came to Wiliam’s body.

As a result, Wiliam’s internal forces, Qilin bloodline, Chiyan bloodline, Frost bloodline, Qingbilin Qi, etc., which were originally in peace, all agitated.

And half an hour ago, when Wiliam radiated a blue bilin aura, he had a hunch that these incompatible elements in his own body would sooner or later make him taste bitter.

Unexpectedly, it came so fast!

The energy on Wiliam’s body was indeed out of control.

Originally, Wiliam was barely suppressing these restless breaths and maintaining the internal balance of the body.

However, the unintentional remarks made by Old Lady He just now touched Wiliam’s heart.

Wiliam felt a little guilty about the appearance of these brothers.

Now I see my brothers die in front of my own eyes one by one, even stunned.

He felt more guilty.

And this kind of guilt was deliberately exaggerated by Mrs. He, and it suddenly became infinitely magnified, completely becoming Wiliam’s demon.

Wiliam couldn’t restrain the breath of his body, they all rioted.

Tongmao and the others were shocked when they saw that Wiliam had been cut by their own strength.

But in the next second, Grandma Tong shouted: “Help your lord!”

She burst into force, and this sound spread throughout the audience!

All the unicorns, like crazy, rushed towards Wiliam.

For a time, the scene became extremely shocking!

There were hundreds of unicorns on the scene, rushing in the direction of Wiliam desperately!

Give birth!

Forget to die!

I just hope to blaze a trail and save their Qilin Lord!

However, they were immediately stopped by the men in black in Guhuo Valley!

Moreover, because of their madman’s rush, they even killed the previous constitution.

People with unicorn status die faster.

Old lady He saw that Wiliam seemed to have fallen into a coma, so she ignored Wiliam for the time being.

She just stared at these unicorns closely.

I was shocked!

Are these people crazy!

Wiliam alone, is it worth the hundreds of people on the scene to dedicate everything including their lives for him!

One by one, like moths fighting a fire, they knew they were dead, but they didn’t hesitate to turn back!

A kind of vitality of life was fierce, and immediately rushed to Granny He’s head.

She just wanted to laugh when she saw this scene.

Laugh at the ignorance and ignorance of these people.
Even laughed at their foolishness.

However, she found herself unable to laugh.

Even the eyes were red unconsciously.

She covered her eyes like a guilty conscience, pretending to be leaning forward and backward with a smile!

“Hahaha, these idiots are just looking for death! This is just right, die, Wiliam die, you guys die, everyone die, it’s so clean in a white world! Hahaha!”

No one noticed that through the cracks of Granny He’s fingers, turbid tears were streaming unscrupulously.

Why do you cry?

Maybe it’s because of envy.

I envy these hard bones, which are unique to the Li family in Nanban.

I am even more envious of the scene where the master is mad and the slave is dead!

I’m jealous!

There is no trustworthy person around him, no one to rely on.

I’m jealous!

Why is this kid, with thousands of people’s hearts, seems to be immortal!

Tongma, God of Wealth, and Numa saw their subordinates fall down in front of them, and their eyes were completely red!


Roar three times in a row, shouting from their mouths!

God of Wealth, ripped his inseparable golden abacus!

The golden beads fell to the ground.

He didn’t even look at it!

But it dismantled the golden abacus into two sharp golden thorns!

Take this as a weapon, don’t hesitate to money!

Tongmao, after a long roar from the sky, her body seemed to grow up against the wind, and she could hear bones popping in the wind!

In a short while, she turned into an old woman with white hair about 1.8 meters tall.

She wailed to the sky, and a strange tattoo pattern slowly appeared on her old face!

This tattoo pattern is like a vine, and it has been spreading along her face down her neck!

And every time it spreads, Tongmao’s momentum becomes stronger!

Finally, angry horse!

The angry horse tore up his upper body clothes!

Then he grabbed back with both hands fiercely!

It was a violent tugging at his shoulder bone!

Pull out two pieces of wood bones!

A drop of golden blood was flowing on each of the wooden bones.

The blood’s radiance will never fade away!

The trio of people walked away in an instant, and immediately attracted the eyes of the man in black who trapped Wiliam.

That person actually took a breath of air!

Never seen such a weird person!

Moreover, there are three at first sight!

The three of them, like three sharp knives, rushed towards Wiliam!

Mrs. He also woke up in an instant, and quickly stood beside the man in black. The two formed a solid line of defense!

Because they had already noticed that Wiliam’s blood flowed more and more.

His face was already very pale.

Although everyone didn’t know why Wiliam would be like this suddenly.

But the fact is that if this goes on in less than ten minutes, this kid will shed his blood and die!

Therefore, no one can save Wiliam!

The people in the unicorn power seemed to perceive the aura of Wiliam’s life passing by.

They are more manic.

The three sect masters headed by Tong Grandma, like bloodthirsty lone wolves, slammed into the old lady He and the man in black!

In normal times, the three of them would not be the opponent of Granny He and the man in black alone.

But now, the three of them work together, and they are even fighting with Granny He and the man in black!

But this is not enough!

Angry Ma looked at Wiliam’s body, slowly falling backwards, his eyes cracked!

He has wooden bones in his hands, golden blood is flourishing!

Is there a way?

Is there a way!

Today, Young Master Qilin, are you really going to die here!

Grandma Tong suddenly laughed miserably and shouted sharply: “There is a way, there is a way! All the disciples follow the order!”

Her words, as if they were magical, instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Tongma looked like an angry horse and God of Wealth, and suddenly ignored the tough opponents in front of them.

Sit directly on the ground.

All the unicorns at the scene sat down and slowly closed their eyes.

This scene is very strange!


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