Dragon Husband 959

Chapter 959

Tongmao is the oldest among the unicorns present.

It is also the most experienced.

She saw Wiliam look like this, as if she understood the situation the young master was in.

How can we save the young master?

What’s the use of just rushing over?

Obviously, the crisis of the young master originated from the inside of his body.

And as an outsider, how can you help him get through the deadlock?

Probably, there is only one possibility left.

Grandma Tong thought of something she had done before in Yuncheng.

It can only be desperate.

If this trick was to save Young Master Qilin.

Then let the entire unicorn power be completely annihilated on the land of Lingcheng!

With this mortal determination, Tongmao looked at Numa and God of Wealth.

Their old friends who have been bickering for many years naturally know each other’s minds.

Therefore, they sat down for the first time, regardless of the killings everywhere.

All the unicorns also sat down with them.

Let the disciples of Gu Huogu who kill the red eye wanton massacre.

Life, in the eyes of Gu Huogu’s disciples at this moment, seemed to be desired.

The black man and Mrs. He stopped their attacks.

The eyes of the two of them stared closely at the three Qilin sect masters.

It seems incredible.

Just now, Tongma, Numa, and God of Wealth all showed very strange changes.

These changes are shocking.

The man in black almost spit out a few words through gritted teeth.

“These three people are from extraordinary backgrounds!”

He naturally saw the typical characteristics of these three people after their changes.

Extraordinary background!

After sitting down, the Qilin in the audience started with Tongma!

Her body suddenly burst into a strong momentum!

This momentum rose to the sky, as if to condense in midair!

Subsequently, the angry horse and the god of wealth followed suit.

All the unicorn powers burst out of a strange aura!

All these auras gathered above Tongmao’s body.

How powerful is the power gathered by hundreds of people!

Even Mrs. He and the man in black, the moment they saw this momentum, cold sweat broke out!

If the power of a hundred people is added to one person, even masters such as Mrs. He and the man in black will not escape death!

What are they going to do!

Mrs. He resisted the horror and shouted sharply: “Kill! Kill!”

The people in black woke up from their consternation, and slaughtered the Qilin-like disciples who were not defended on the ground even more crazily.

Those Qilinshi disciples, while being slaughtered, did not say a word.

There was no wailing and screaming at the scene.

Everyone’s face was determined to die.

This scene shocked even those who slaughtered.

Is it really so willing to give up resistance?

What are they going to do!

At this moment, Tong Grandma suddenly shouted!

“go with!”

Her body trembled suddenly.

In the sky, that vast and majestic power suddenly surged!

Then, Qi Qi rushed in the direction of the man in black and Granny He!

Mrs. He and the man in black yelled badly.

This momentum is here to kill them!

This group of people, really good calculations!

Do you want to catch the thief and the king first if you save your life?

Old lady He and the man in black almost didn’t even think about it, so they ducked to the side!

They thought that this force would definitely chase them down like a bone gangrene.

However, there is no such thing!

This momentum, rampage!

There was no way to hunt down Granny He and them.

Instead, he slammed straight forward!

Mrs. He was frightened, but she didn’t kill them!

That direction is!


In that direction, there is only one person left!

Wiliam who was bleeding all over!

No way!

This momentum is actually going to kill Wiliam!

Wasn’t this group of unicorns still loyal just now?

Why are you so excited to kill the masters now?

In the horror of Old Lady He, the aura of a hundred people had already smashed into Wiliam!

This collision, isn’t that crushing?

However, in the next second, the scene burst into incredible exclamation!

The aura of a hundred people didn’t even shred Wiliam’s body when it hit Wiliam!

On the contrary, it was like joining Wiliam’s body fight!

A part of the Qi is protected by Wiliam’s body, which is the strongest shield!

Most of the qi seems to have been integrated into Wiliam’s body, helping Wiliam’s body a certain breath, destroying the city and pulling out the strongest spear!

not good!

Although Mrs. He couldn’t see what they were going to do, she felt that something was wrong with her instinct!

“Kill! Quickly kill! Quickly kill! Also, split most of the power and kill Wiliam!” He shouted again with her arms raised.

She even stared at the three Qilin sect masters, killing intent in her eyes.

But after all, she was jealous and didn’t dare to attack the three of them.

She only thinks about one thing now!

Before this matter turns to be difficult to control, all the remaining ants will be smashed to pieces, and all the trouble will be eliminated forever!

When other people heard Mrs. He’s words, they rushed towards Wiliam!

Even the leader of the man in black killed him!

But when their fists and weapons hit Wiliam’s body!

A sudden change happened!

The aura of a hundred people who had been guarding Wiliam’s body suddenly turned red in an instant!

Light red turns into crimson!

In the end, the red light became more and more prosperous!

It turned out to be like a flame, soaring to the sky, spreading to the sky!

Finally, a red-blooded sunset illuminates all the sky over the entire Nanban Li family!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene!

what is happening!

And the offensive of those people was like being stopped by an impenetrable wall!

Even the walls are still flaring, as if there is life!

After a sharp contraction, it burst quickly!

The red light is like sparks flying around, but it is hotter and more coquettish than Mars!

In an instant, a dozen people in black who had no time to dodge were directly penetrated by red light, and their heads were in different places!

After the red light burst, it slowly fell silent.

The red clouds that had dyed half of the sky just now gradually returned to their previous appearance.

The scene was quiet instantly!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in disbelief, almost crazy.

The scene just now, like an illusion, is really incredible!

What is that red light?

Between suspicion and fear, the man in black dared not rush towards Wiliam anymore.

But Wiliam’s body was bleeding again, still in a coma.

Grandma Tong wasn’t surprised at the scene just now. She was just seeing the aura of a hundred people, Wei Jia Wiliam, who was in a state of contention for a while, and she did not bring any improvement to the young master.

Even the young master’s body is more dangerous than before, and it may burst at any time!

A trace of madness flashed in her eyes again!

not enough!

Not enough!

Then, use your life!


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