Dragon Husband 960

Chapter 960 Open your eyes!

Why are there so many weird pictures on the scene?

The people in Guhuugu didn’t know.

But the people of unicorn power know.

When Tongmao was in Yuncheng, she saw Wiliam’s body violent, able to mobilize all the Qilin’s momentum for his use.

As for why Wiliam’s body looks like this now, Tong Grandma probably understood with his rich experience.

Young Master Kylin is different from ordinary people in two ways!

The first aspect is that Young Master Qilin’s talent is a bit too much!

His breakthrough was too fast!

If it’s an ordinary person, it’s normal to break through a realm in a few years, even more than ten or twenty years.

During this long period of stagnation in cultivation, they have enough time to stabilize their martial arts foundation, and can better communicate with the vigor in their bodies.

So this is considered a solid foundation, one step at a time.

However, Young Master is very different from ordinary people!

His breakthrough is too fast, let alone a year or two!

It’s no surprise to break through a realm in one or two months.

This brings a very serious hidden danger!

That is, he is completely unfamiliar with the energies in his body, and he has no time to become familiar with it.

The second difference is that the young master’s fortunes are extraordinary, far more comparable.

When Grandma Tong first saw the young master, she saw that the young master could control fire, use ice, and finally had the aura of power. At that time, she felt that these things in the young master were too mottled. Up.

And these things are extremely rare things, and ordinary people will become famous!

Wiliam had several kinds of energy that made others envy and hate at the same time.

Now, the problem arises.

If there is only one kind of ordinary people, they will definitely not fight.

But there are several kinds of things in Wiliam’s body, and these kinds of things are extraordinary things, how can they be inferior to the others?

Especially today, Grandma Tong saw that the young master had broken through again, and there was a kind of redness on her body, and her heart was even more disturbed.

Now, all hidden dangers have completely detonated.

It should be the several magical energies in the young master’s body that are unconsciously vying for control of his body.

If one kind of qi force suppresses other qi qi, that would be fine, now the key is that no one gives in.

Especially Wiliam’s body’s crimson red Lin Qi and Qing Bi Lin Qi, no one would give in!

If this continues, the young master’s body will be torn apart by these two auras.

Grandma Tong thought of this desperate approach at the first time!

Since the young master can mobilize the Qilin momentum!

Then think about it the other way around, the Qi of Qilin’s power should also be able to actively add to the young master to help him seize power with the Qi of the Qilin!

Judging from the situation just now, it is indeed useful.

Everyone’s energy can not only help the young master, but also take the initiative to form protection.

It’s just that when Qi Jin suddenly turned red, Tong Grandma felt something vaguely wrong.

This is, transformed into Crimson Qi?

However, Crimson Lin Qi returned to normal after killing more than a dozen people, which made Tong Grandma relieved.

Now she has to make a choice.

Everyone has done their best to help the young master.
But it’s worse.

So it’s a fate to help the young master seek a bit of life, or a strategic retreat, and then think of a way.

Tongmao chose the former.

Looking at the corpse of the brother who had fallen all around, Tongma’s eyes became red.

I can’t, give up halfway, let my brother die in vain!

Thinking of this, she yelled, “Burn my remains!”

A trace of bloodshot suddenly appeared from the body!

A stronger vigor appeared above her body again!

Everyone also understood Tongma’s choice.

There is almost no hesitation.

Everyone, at the cost of burning their lives, exploded their final strength!

“Burn my remains!”

A loud but sorrowful roar swept the audience!

How heroic!

How sad!

This more powerful aura of a hundred people instantly once again applied to Wiliam’s body!

Granny He’s eyes were red.

“Quick! Stop them!”

Mrs. He can see the current situation clearly!

This group of people is going to use their lives as the price to forcefully save Wiliam!

And the consequences are unimaginable!

If it succeeds in saving people, it will be fine.

If it fails to save people, the atmosphere of a hundred people is out of control, and the scene will definitely be blown to pieces!

Who can survive alone with such a strong spirit?

Anyway, Mrs. He doesn’t have this ability, and she doesn’t want the Nanjin Li family, which is about to be acquired, to be bombed to death!

Wiliam couldn’t move, so he could only start with those ants!

The man in black also understood Granny He’s intentions, and his eyes became red in an instant!

And the people of the unicorn power have also been killed!

How many years have it been!

The unicorn has never fought!

How many years have it been!

The unicorn has never been bleeding!

Unexpectedly, the First World War was so tragic!

Since you are going to die, you die more vigorously!

They explode the potential of their bodies desperately!

Some people with relatively weak internal strength are emptied of their bodies in an instant.

Their facial features are bleeding!

The men in black have no time to kill them!

They are dead!

Tongmao three people, the murky tears came out directly!

I don’t know whether today’s battle is worth it!


Young Master Kylin!

If you keep the remnant!

Just open your eyes and take a look!

Your men!

Your brother!

For the great cause of the unicorn, throw your head away! Sprinkle blood!

If you pity them!

Please, open your eyes and take a look!

Be later!

Really, you can’t see the decisive look in the brothers’ eyes!

At that time, I really regret it!

The corner of Tongmao’s mouth also overflowed with blood!

All the energy, as if crazy, hovered around Wiliam’s body quickly.

In an instant, with Wiliam’s body as the center, it seemed like a violent tornado had formed.

No one dared to approach Wiliam’s body for half a step!

Mrs. He was so anxious that she couldn’t help it anymore!

She sprang up and went into battle in person, ready to stop the madness of this group of people!

Her technique is extremely quick!

More than a dozen people died in her hands in an instant!

However, this is far from enough!

There are more than 300 ants!

And that violent tornado may burst at any time!

Granny He suddenly looked at Tongma!

The eyes are extremely sinister!

The source of energy lies in this person!

Although afraid of this person’s strange and mysterious identity, he can’t care about it now!

Only by killing this person can everything be silenced!

Thinking of this, Old Lady He sprang up and rushed towards Tongmao!

Tongma naturally knew what Granny He intended.

She looked at Wiliam, still silent until now, and suddenly closed her eyes slowly.

Little Lord……

Grandma Tong goes…

Granny He used her hand to make a knife, and without even thinking about it, she chopped off the head of the child who was waiting to die with her eyes closed!

But at this moment!

That bursting tornado!

Suddenly the red light burst!

And in the center of this crimson light!

There are eyes that are redder than red light!

Open slowly!


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