I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 912

Chapter 912 Bullying Is Over (Second)

Ning Kun watched Ethan take a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “This time the past is likely to be very dangerous. Yu Shaobai’s Qinghe Party is not a joke.”

Ethan shrugged and took off his clothes, and then changed into a slightly looser outfit suitable for shots and said, “I’m going to be a sportsman. How can I say I am also a physical education teacher, right?”

After a group of people hurried to the cafe, Li Miao stood at the door of the cafe to greet the crowd. When they saw Ning Kun, Ethan and Han San came over.

The expression on her face relaxed a little, and then hurriedly pulled Ning Kun into the secret room of the cafe.

As soon as he entered, he spoke directly: “At around 6 o’clock this evening, Yu Shaobai suddenly launched a purge. At present, the number of casualties in the west of the city has reached more than 30. The situation in the north of the city has not been transmitted. The details are estimated to have to wait another ten minutes.”

Seeing the chaos in the video and the unscrupulous rampage of people in Qinghehui’s unique costumes on the street, Ethan frowned and said, “Although I know these two places are chaotic, I didn’t expect Yu Shaobai to run rampant. To this extent!”

Ning Kun took a deep breath and looked at the video and slowly said, “How are the people in the Chengxi Branch? Are our people currently losing?”

“Not for the time being, but it seems that the Chengbei branch is likely to be exposed, otherwise Yu Shaobai would not be so eager to initiate a purge. I don’t know how many people will be lost this time.

After saying this, a trace of sadness flashed across Li Miao’s face. These people were all people who worked with her, and she would feel uncomfortable without any of them.

Ning Kun had experienced such things before. Seeing Li Miao’s dimmed expression, he reached out and patted her on the shoulder and said, “The most important thing now is not to be sad, but to find a way to save them all.”

Han San pulled out the gun with a cold expression on his face, then turned around and walked to the wall and pressed a button. The whole secretary’s wall suddenly turned into a transparent glass cabinet.

Inside the cabinet are various hot and cold weapons, as well as some lethal throwing weapons.

It was the first time Ethan saw such a scene outside of Beifu, so he couldn’t help but feel a little dazed for a while: “I’m going, your equipment is too luxurious.”

Li Miao and Ning Kun gave Ethan a cold look, then looked at each other and said, “How many people can be mobilized now?”

Before Li Miao had time to answer, Han San, who was taking out the weapon to reload, said in a deep voice, “Twenty members of the action team are on standby at any time. They should be on their way here by now. The intelligence team should have hidden by this time. Got up.”

After saying this, he inserted two pistols into his body and smiled: “If there is no accident and we don’t die, they won’t come out.”

Faced with such a situation, he could still laugh. For a moment, Ethan suddenly understood why Li Miao wanted him by his side.

Seeing Han San checking his weapon calmly, Ethan stepped forward and patted Han San’s shoulder and said, “You are a man, you are not suitable for being a bodyguard at all, you are more suitable for being a warrior who charges.”

Han San had the same perception of this, so he turned his head to look at Ethan and smiled and replied: “Actually, I have always been the leader of the action team before. It’s not that Li Miao insisted that I be your bodyguard. It makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Li Miao rolled his eyes when he heard this, and was about to speak in reply to Han San. The door to the secret room outside was suddenly opened. More than 20 people walked in mightily and stood in front of Han San. .

They all wore black camouflage costumes, the skull masks on their faces, and various equipment.

Ning Kun looked at them and couldn’t help but whispered to Li Miao: “I don’t remember when the special operations team was formed here. How did you get these people?”

Li Miao looked at Ning Kun mysteriously and smiled and said, “These people are all bought from the headquarters every year at a big price. Do you think it’s cheap? 200,000 per person!”

Ethan was also a little shocked at this time, when twenty men with an average height of 1.8 meters and uniform black camouflage clothing stood in front of him.

As a fourth-level martial artist, Ethan could actually feel a sense of oppression from them!

Ning Kun also obviously noticed this at this time, so he frowned and looked at everyone and said, “You, are you all second-level martial artists?”

Ya Que was silent in the crowd. On the contrary, Han San looked like a different person. He turned his head to look at Ning Kun and said with a grin: “Yes, they are all second-level martial artists. If you want to play, we will play with them slowly.”

Ning Kun took a deep breath and then went silent for a while and said, “If this is the case, then you don’t care about anything. Go and save people. Ethan and I are responsible for stopping Yu Shaobai’s people and not letting them continue. before!”

Li Miao glanced at Ethan with some worry, but he said with suspicion, “Just connect you, can you do it?”

After Ethan and Ning Kun looked at each other, they both smiled and did not answer, but followed Han San in the car and ran to the north of the city.

On the other hand, Norman Feng, the third master of the Norman Family, also received some messages from Chengbei. It is not only the 13th branch that has established a branch in Chengbei, and the Norman Family is the same!

When learning that Yu Shaobai was doing a major cleaning in two places in the north and west of the city, Norman Sihai rushed into Norman Feng’s office with a long knife in his hand.

“Big brother, what do you say about this, then Yu Shaobai is so quick to bully us!”

In less than two hours from the beginning, Norman Sihai had lost nearly fifty manpower, which made him feel more angry while heartache!

Norman Feng glanced at his brother with a gloomy expression and took a deep breath: “Don’t act rashly for now, I want to see and see what they can do!”

“Don’t move? Brother, are you kidding me? Now we have brothers in the north of the city. If they suffer losses, how can you tell them?!”

Listening to Norman Feng’s words, Norman Sihai became anxious at once!

Unexpectedly, Norman Feng looked at him furiously and said, “Do you think I don’t know, but I also want to use this opportunity to force the people we want to see to show up!”

If it is as Norman Zhiqiu inferred, then Yu Shaobai’s purge is likely to force out those who are hiding in the dark, including Ethan who they have always wanted to know.

After thinking of this matter, Norman Sihai was furious and compared the importance. After all, he put down the long knife in his hand, and then squatted at Norman Feng’s door to light a cigarette and smoke himself quietly.


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