I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 913

Chapter 913

It was not the first time that the Norman Family in Hedong wanted to know Ethan so eagerly. Ever since the last bloodline of the Norman Family came out from Buckeye, the old man has been a little unable to sit down.

To be honest, the reason why they will always stick to Hedong is because of the mission assigned to them by the Norman Family.

Later, the Norman Family sect disappeared. For a period of time, even the Norman Family in Hedong fell into self-doubt, thinking that what he was doing right now was useless.

Fortunately, such suspicions have only been there, but they have not shaken their beliefs, and Hedong, who does not come later, will definitely not be like now.

Although they failed to completely change Hedong, they managed to change two parts.

Part of it is the east of the city and the south of the city. These two areas seem to be places where ordinary people live.

However, the west and north of the city gradually became unable to change because of the Qinghe meeting. This was also related to their self-doubt at the time, because at that time, MR. Norman almost gave up everything.

I just wanted Long to know if there was any point in doing this. Although he wanted to understand later, he was gradually occupied by Qinghe Society.

Later, MR. Norman , who was unable to change, was forced to admit the existence of Yu Qinghe, and then divided the entire Hedong into two parts.

In the west and north of the city, Yu Qinghe’s Qinghe will have absolute control, and anyone who disobeys them will have only one end.

It is precisely because of this that every time after a period of time, Yu Qinghe will launch a purge to pull out all the nails that have entered the east and south of the city.

By the way, I also use this method to warn those who want to be an enemy of him, let them know their bloody methods, so as to deter them.

It was not until later that these behaviors of Yu Qinghe were learned by Yu Shaobai, but Yu Shaobai became more and more exaggerated, and at first it was only a small number of people.

Gradually it evolved into a cleansing of the entire place, which made people in the west and north of the city often think about fleeing, but because they didn’t have money, and if they were caught back, they would definitely be more uncomfortable than death.

So they can only clenched their teeth in such a place and persisted until now.

And this time, Yu Qinghe’s clarity seemed to have changed a little bit. Originally, the Norman Family did not intend to intervene in these things, but this time the scope of the incident was too wide.

Even many people on the east side of Chengdong were affected to varying degrees. Because of this, Norman Feng had to be forced to put a lot of pressure on him at this time.

Some of them came from his own father, and part of the pressure came from Chengdong’s big boss who hoped they could stop Yu Shaobai.

More importantly, MR. Norman also stared at Norman Feng closely, wanting to see if he could handle such things well.

To be honest, if possible, Norman Feng definitely does not want to disappoint him in front of his father.

On this point, Norman Qingzhi also has the same view.

Seeing his father’s face frowning at this time, Norman Qingzhi stepped forward and looked at Norman Feng and said, “Dad, if it really doesn’t work, I’ll go and negotiate with that Qinghe Association on your behalf.”

Norman Sihai squatted at the door, giving a gloomy look between his eyebrows. Norman Qingzhi shook his head and said, “Qingzhi, this matter has nothing to do with you. You should go in and study hard.”

Norman Zhiqiu didn’t know when there was an extra dagger in his hand, he quietly wiped the dagger in his hand, and chuckled from time to time.

“Qingzhi, there are some things that you can’t afford now, be good, hurry in and study hard.”

Although Norman Feng is very pleased that his son can think about helping himself to share the pressure, as his two younger brothers said, this matter is definitely not something children should be involved in. “

Although Beifu men should basically take over the family affairs as long as they are fifteen years old, but Norman Feng doesn’t want to be like this when he comes up.

After watching his son go away, Norman Feng pondered for a moment and said, “Sihai, has the message from your staff come up, what’s the situation in the west and north of the city?”

While smoking a cigarette, Norman Sihai spoke with disdain: “The losses in various departments are still acceptable, but there are many people from other families who have been tied up by Yu Shaobai, and some people even died. Know who it is.”

Hearing these words, Norman Feng was a little bit distressed: “Zhiqiu, do you have any suitable way to let us talk to that lunatic?”

After a moment of silence, Norman Zhiqiu shook his head and said, “This matter is not as simple as it seems. If I didn’t guess wrong, the opponent must have prepared a lot of backhands.”

Sometimes fighting is as simple as that. The opponent first plays a card, and then guesses which card you will play next to respond, and then prepare the same corresponding means.

Those who can see three steps are ordinary people, those with five steps are talents, and those with seven steps are ghosts.

As for Yu Shaobai, he has always had the title of ghost talent since he was a child.

Norman Feng didn’t want to think about how the other party would restrain him, but he didn’t want to wait any longer.

When Yu Shaobai has done such a thing, don’t think about whether Ethan will endure it. Such a thing is not within the scope of his patience!

Soon, because of his arrogant behavior, some people from all over the place deliberately antagonized him.

Coupled with the secret communication between Thirteen Divisions and others, gradually, Yu Shaobai’s clarity this time became somewhat logical.

At this time, Norman Feng looked at the map and the message that came, and he meditated for a while and then said: “Four seas, you take people to the junction first to prepare manpower, and rush in to save people anytime, anywhere.”

Norman Sihai waited for so long, and finally something was ordered, so after hearing this, they nodded quickly and prepared to rush out.

And Norman Feng saw that Norman Zhiqiu was about to run away, so he was silent for a moment and said, “I will give you a task. From now on, you will give me the statistics of the person in charge. You can’t misplace one or wrong one, okay?”

From the words of Shefeng, Norman Zhiqiu had already smelled a hint of unusual meaning, why would Norman Feng worship those people and come out from downstairs.

Thinking of this, Norman Zhiqiu’s eyes flashed to his elder brother, but Norman Feng deliberately pretended to ignore it and said: “This is the most dangerous place, because they are desperate and will become frantic anytime and anywhere.”

Norman Zhiqiu faintly looked at the map in Norman Feng’s hand and nodded in silence for a moment: “Don’t worry, it’s left to me. If something goes wrong here, you have to fight or punish Big Brother.


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