I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 917

Chapter 917

Yu Qinghe stood in front of Yu Shaobai with a cane, looking at him angrily.

“Look at what good things you have done. How long have I just handed Qinghe to you? You have made so many mess with me. Afterwards, how do you plan to let me end it!”

Seeing that things have become more and more unpredictable, and in front of him, his son is still looking good.

Yu Qinghe was even more frightened, reaching out and wanted to hit him with the crutch in his hand!

But I didn’t expect Yu Shaobai to chuckle twice, and said with a smug expression: “Don’t worry, if nothing happens, I will give you a decent end to this matter.”

After saying this, Yu Shaobai sneered and glanced at his father.

Perhaps he was indeed a hero in Hedong before, but now he is just a bad old man.

From the time he handed over the Qinghe Club to himself, he was no longer the same Yu Qinghe that made many people in Hedong fearful.

Seeing the other person’s angry expression, Yu Shaobai chuckled twice before continuing to speak: “Master, in fact, the best thing you should do now is find a place to stay.”

The black-robed man obviously also knew what kind of thoughts Yu Shaobai had in his heart.

And Yu Qinghe smiled coldly after watching this scene, and didn’t feel any surprise in his eyes. For him, this happened for granted.

It was the son he raised, and how could he not understand the character of his father.

Seeing that Yu Shaobai didn’t put himself in his eyes, Yu Qinghe tidied up his clothes and said, “Do you think you have a lot of knowledge? Or think you are invincible now?”

After saying this, Yu Qinghe turned his back to his son somewhat desolately.

“Believe me, if you can’t stop this matter, don’t say it’s me, even in Hedong, it will be hard for you to stay in the sky!”

After saying this, Yu Qinghe turned around and left freely. He had already done what he had to do. The rest was up to his son or not.

If he doesn’t listen to his advice, then no matter how big things happen, it has nothing to do with him. He has done everything he can do.

It is a good thing if the next thing is different from what he expected. On the one hand, it proves the ability of his son, and on the other hand, if Qinghe will not fail this time.

In the future, Hedong will be the only family with them, which is also something he is happy to see.

But if it is the same as he expected, more and more people will be involved in this matter.

At the moment, members of the Thirteen Branches and the Norman Family are already involved, and the small forces in the east of the city are still watching with cold eyes, if they wait until they all react and then participate in this matter.

The consequences are no longer something that he can consider, but something that Yu Shaobai should consider.

The black-robed man and Yu Shaobai watched Yu Qinghe leave quietly. After a while, the black-robed man said in a deep voice, “President, will this be really troublesome as the old man said?”

Yu Shaobai took a sip of the tea cup and smiled. There must be trouble, but the greater the risk, the greater the benefit. Even children understand the truth.

Back then, his father failed to unify the entire Hedong, so he should do this now, and Qinghe Club should also do this.

Think about why he specifically went to inspect the place of entry into Hedong, in order to put all his elite personnel there, and completely cut off the support of some people.

What about 13 subjects? Right now, this amount of manpower is just a drop in the bucket for things to happen.

By the time their real support came, things had already settled safely, and they could only clean the battlefield and clean up their companions who were like dead dogs.

Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai spoke with some pride: “Don’t worry, the 13 departments in Hedong can’t beat a big wave at all. The next thing that really troubles is the Norman Family.”

In his eyes, there is only one person in the entire Hedong who can really stand up to World War I, and that is Norman Feng, who is now the head of the Norman Family.

Many people would compare him with Norman Feng. This seems to be a topic that people in Hedong talk about every day. Everyone is eager to know who is stronger compared to Norman Family Sanjie.

Before this incident has always been a conjecture of people, but now, everything will gradually evolve into facts.

He Yu Shaobai is also looking forward to the outcome of this incident at this moment. In the end, will the Norman Family Sanjie be stronger, or he will be stronger!

After a moment of contemplation, Yu Shaobai looked at the black-robed man and frowned, “How many people are there in the reserve team now?”

After taking out the computer and taking a look, the black-robed man turned to Yu Shaobai and said solemnly: “There are about 5,000 people who can use it right now, and another 5,000 people are meeting us.”

The total number of 10,000 people has turned this time into a war!

No, perhaps for Yu Shaobai, this time is a war, a war he fought against the entire Norman Family in Hedong!

He doesn’t believe that he can’t suppress the Norman Family. If he can’t do this, he can imagine that he will be like his father in the future.

Looking at the Norman Family still standing like a rock, their Qinghehui gradually weakened, and then they were replaced by another rising star.

Yu Shaobai was already a little tired of Hedong, who was shrouded in the shadow of the Norman Family. He desperately wanted to breathe his own air!

After checking the time, Yu Shaobai got up and walked upstairs, fluttering a word.

“Let the reserve team prepare, they may soon join in this matter, and don’t stretch the front too long, maybe what we will do next will be much simpler.”

If the Norman Family and some of the 13th subjects can be forced to one place, and then taken in one fell swoop, this matter will be settled.

Whom does Hedong’s future belong to? Everything is in this matter.

He knew this very well, and he also believed that Norman Feng, who was rushing here at this moment, also knew this very well!

No matter who will become the overlord of Hedong in the future, at least the people in Hedong will know that he Yu Shaobai initiated all this independently, and everyone will remember the fear he brought!

Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai who walked upstairs couldn’t help laughing wildly.

In the night, laughter sounds like a whisper.


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