I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter (The End)

Hedong was filled with gunpowder smoke, and many people made heavy bets in this scene.

Ethan also knew that this victory or not was related to his future.

The same is true for the three masters of the Norman Family. They know that if they fail this time, the entire Hedong will become the same in the future.

All the efforts they have made before will be burned away, and perhaps it will become even more chaotic.

Time slowly passed. After the war, Ethan sat quietly in a magnificent mansion.

From sitting here, he knew that they still won the bet.

The Qinghe Club was destroyed, and Ethan’s identity was immediately revealed. Fortunately, the Norman Family in Hedong was willing to be loyal after knowing Ethan’s true identity.

With the power of the Norman Family in Hedong, plus the testimony of Ning Kun from the 13th branch and Sally and others, Norman Tianyang could only say helpless in the face of this result.

Even the people who were standing next to Norman Tianyang before did not dare to help him anymore, because everyone in Norman’s 36 houses knew about it.

Norman Tianyang united with the formerly destroyed Norman Family in Beifu. In order to obtain the Shangdian of the Norman Family, he committed the following stupid things.

Just when Ethan led the Norman Family’s three masters and Ning Kun and others back to Buckeye, Sally also led the 13th division into the lineup that swept Norman Tianyang.

In less than a month, Norman Tianyang’s power was wiped out to the point of Buckeye.

Even his overseas strength was gradually swallowed under the leadership of Hedong Norman’s.

I remember that when Ethan returned to Buckeye that day, looking at the familiar street, his mood suddenly became a little complicated.

The three-year period has come, and he finally returned.

After Ethan and Sally had reconciled, looking at the somewhat familiar but somewhat strange counterpart in front of them, the two looked at each other and smiled and finally shook their heads and turned into a sigh.

Both knew that the next thing was to wait for the final dust to settle.

Sally looked at the door in the distance, Norman Tianyang had lost her threat, and the following things had nothing to do with her.

“I will continue to lead the thirteen subjects in the future, and hope that in the future, we will not become enemies.”

After saying this, Sally left happily. Although all the previous feelings cannot be erased, they can only be cherished in the bottom of my heart.

Ning Kun watched Ethan smile and shook his head and followed Sally, only to know that a long time later, a demon Ning who was discolored by the wind came out from Sally’s hands.

The three masters of the Norman Family followed Ethan and looked at the direction of Sally’s disappearance, and then smiled at Ethan and said, “If the lord has any needs in the future, please feel free to contact.

As soon as the voice fell, they also left with someone.

In the end, when Ethan was about to walk into the building, Linda suddenly appeared in front of him.

Looking at the woman he once loved the most, Ethan smiled and looked at her and said, “Perhaps you should accompany me to end this matter.”

I don’t know when Linda recovered his memory, thinking that he would still be found by Ethan even when he went to Beifu.

After smiling, she walked forward and took Ethan’s hand, then nodded and said, “Well, no matter what, we still have to face it together.”

After the two opened the door, Norman Tianyang sat in the chair and looked at Ethan coldly.

“Do you think this is the end? Do you think you have won?”

Looking at the hand held by Ethan and Linda, he smiled bleakly and couldn’t help but shook his head and continued: “I admit, you won, but Norman Tianyang didn’t lose either!”

When Ethan saw the man in front of him, all the hatred that had been in the past suddenly vanished.

Maybe it was because he was no longer at the same level with the other party, Ethan took Linda and sat beside Norman Tianyang.

“You know, I have always hated you before, but the moment I walked in here, I realized that you are just a poor creature.”

After saying this, Ethan showed Shang Dian to his hand, and then looked at Norman Tianyang sympathetically.

“Everything you do is just for it, right? It’s a pity that Shangdian cannot be opened without the bloodline of the Norman Family. You may never know this.”

Just because of Norman Tianyang’s greed for Shang Dian, he paid so much, Ethan thought about it and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

After Linda looked at Norman Tianyang quietly, he didn’t say anything after all, but shook his head and leaned on Ethan.

“Your life and death, in fact, shouldn’t be decided by me anymore. Next, let you go on your own path.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ethan got up and dropped a small ball, and then he walked out of the office building in Norman Tianyang.

In the distance, an old man was standing quietly next to a car, not paying attention to the explosion behind them.

Seeing that Ethan brought Linda over, he bowed slightly and then opened the door.

“Sovereign, a new family is waiting for you to establish, please get in the car.”

Ethan looked at the old man and smiled, then took Linda into the car and left slowly.

Sally stood on the top of the building not far away, watching the direction they were leaving. Ning Kun stood beside her and said, “Is it appropriate to let him go like this?”

Sally chuckled and then turned and shook her head: “What if you don’t let him go, can you still keep him?”

Ethan’s identity has been revealed. Although two of Norman’s 36 families have been destroyed, there are still thirty-four families.

Although the thirteen subjects under her leadership were powerful, they couldn’t compete with them, so Ethan could only stand and leave.

It seemed that he had noticed his gaze, Ethan took Linda in his arms and smiled, then put down the car window and extended his hand out of the window and waved.

Ning Kun and Sally couldn’t help but lower their heads and smile after seeing such a scene.

In a blink of an eye, Norman Tianyang has died since meeting Ethan. No one knows how he died, and there are no rumors.

Such a dazzling person died so suddenly, but under the deliberate suppression of some people, no message came out.

Ethan took over and rebuilt the Norman Family’s sect. The thirty-four families still followed their beliefs and promoted Ethan, who was holding the Shangdian, as the head of the family.

After many years have passed, no one can repeat the glory of the Norman Family, and no one remembers that there was a Norman Tianyang.

Ethan sat on the chair and looked at a photo with a smile, which was a photo of himself, Linda, Sally, Lao Hei, Sally, Xue Chongli and others.

Everyone seems to be okay, but fades with time, except for him, they are all old and look away.

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