The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2815 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2815)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2815 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2815


 really annoy the other party, the hook may destroy the Elms family’s hundreds of years of foundation.

Therefore, Lord Elms (Wilfred) also felt that, no matter what, 

Bank’s Butler came on behalf of Mr. Banks, he could not directly refute his face, at least he must do a good job on the surface.

Along with Lord Elms (Wilfred) is Yoel, the eldest son of the Elms family.

 He is the eldest brother of Kairi Elms – Xion’s Mom and the mainstay of the next generation of the Elms family.

Seeing the helicopter landing slowly, Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s expression was more or less solemn,

 thinking that he would be polite and polite to the Banks family who murdered his granddaughter, 

he felt more or less responsive.

On the other hand, Yoel, before the plane landed, reminded him: “Dad, when you meet Bank’s Butler,

 you must control your emotions and don’t get angry with him!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) felt uncomfortable after hearing this.

In fact, he also knew that he could not get angry with Bank’s Butler.

But what the eldest son said made him feel a little bit angry.

But he also knew very well that even if he held back the fire, he couldn’t turn his face with Bank’s Butler, so it made him feel even more uncomfortable.

Yoel had already guessed the purpose of Bank’s Butler’s trip.

Banks’s family is looking for Elms’s family, and it is so hurried to find Elms’s,

 nothing more than one thing: He needs his family for something.

In fact, the Elms family has no other skills.

If Ho’s is a store, then this store actually only has one item.

Speaking of it, it’s very similar to the street seller of candied haws. 

You come to him all the way to find him. What else can you do besides buying candied haws?

Therefore, he knew with certainty that this time Bank’s Butler came over,

 and he definitely wanted to recruit the Elms family back to the Banks family.

This is quite in line with his expectations.

Since the Elms family withdrew from the Banks  family and completely terminated the cooperation with the Banks family,

 the life of his eldest son has also been very tight.

The Elms family used to provide cultivation for younger generations on weekdays, which would have consumed a lot of money, 

not to mention that they have now cut off their income.

It’s not enough to cut off the income.

 What’s more nonsense is that in order to find Xion, he spent hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even though a few hundred million is a big sum of money, 

but if you really want to use the money to find someone in the sea, it’s not enough to feed the sea.

Where is the sea? It accounts for 70% of the earth’s surface area! 

An aircraft carrier formation in the United States was thrown in,

 and 99% of the countries in the world were unable to find out, let alone a mere Xion?

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2815 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2815

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