The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2820 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2820)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2820 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2820


presumably the Wade Family also wanted to cooperate with the Elms family, 

but he believed that the Wade Family would definitely not be able to offer such

 a high price to the Elms family.

This is two billion a year!

Only at this moment did he understand that, in fact, many times,

 a person’s bottom line will change.

Sometimes, I think my bottom line is very clear and my attitude is very determined.

 That is because I haven’t encountered a strong enough temptation at all.

Once this temptation surpassed one’s own psychological expectations, 

and even directly gave himself a super deterrent, no bottom line would 

exist at this moment.

It is true that the Banks Family’s abandonment of Xion, and even the behavior of betraying Xion,

 really made Lord Elms (Wilfred) angry.

That kind of anger is like an endless forest fire, raging, and it is impossible to 

extinguish it with ordinary force.

However, when he heard the price of 2 billion, the anger in his heart seemed to be greatly calmed down in an instant.

It was like a sudden tsunami that swept across the burning forest just now with extremely fast 

speed and great energy.

What if the forest fire is fierce?

A tsunami is enough to submerge the entire forest, let alone a forest fire?

This is the defeat of the bottom line.

Bank’s Butler didn’t speak for a long time.

His eyes, like eagles, have been very keenly observing the father and son in front of him, keeping all their facial changes, 

eye changes, and even movement changes in mind.

Observing words and colors is Bank’s Butler’s greatest ability.

After so many years with Mr. Banks, his eyes are almost more accurate than a polygraph.

He can clearly and firmly judge that the father and son in front of him have been tempted.

This made him finally relieved.

Secretly: “The master is still worried that two billion won’t be able to impress the Elms family. 

It seems that the psychological price of this family is not as high as the master expected.

 Two billion seems to be a little too much. 

If I start with 1 billion Let’s talk, several tug-of-wars have been repeated back and forth, and Elms family will surely be settled within

 1.5 billion! It’s a pity, at least 500 million was lost in vain,

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2820 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2820

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