The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2837 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2837)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2837 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2837


The father and daughter walked through the corridors of the front and rear courtyards, and went to Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s 

study one after another.

Lord Elms (Wilfred) walked into the house first, Kairi Elms followed in, Lord Elms (Wilfred) turned around and closed the door, 

and then said to Kairi Elms with a helpless and guilty expression: “Kairi, you have to forgive dad for this matter.

 Dad is also involuntarily… …”

Kairi Elms nodded and said, “Dad, I know you are thinking about the Elms family…”

“Yes!” Lord Elms (Wilfred) sighed, “Hey, if it wasn’t for the Elms family, 

how would I be willing to make such a decision? 

It seems to be a relaxed sentence, but in fact it hit me Lord Elms (Wilfred) in the face…”

After that, he said again: “Kairi, don’t blame Dad.

 Dad, like you, also wants to get Xion back, 

so you don’t need to meet with Banks Family in the future,

 just go all out to find Xion! “

Kairi Elms smiled bitterly, and thought to herself: “If it’s too good to be better than now, what else can I find, 

but your old man is indeed a bit one-sided about the problem. The Elms family now has a golden opportunity,

 but this opportunity It’s not attached to the Banks Family, but attached to Charlie Wade Master.”

But naturally she couldn’t say this directly, so she planned to make a little bit of 

gradual progress.

At this time, Lord Elms (Wilfred) looked at her and asked seriously:

 “By the way, Kairi, I see your strength, breath and overall feelings, compared with yesterday,

 it seems that you have made a lot of progress? What is going on? ?”

Kairi Elms didn’t expect her father to really see it, so she asked him,

 “Dad, how much improvement do you think I have made now?”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) smacked his lips and said, “Actually, I didn’t see any significant progress.

 In my opinion, you should still only open up two meridians, but I also have a very strange feeling…”

Kairi Elms smiled slightly and looked at her father and asked,

 “Dad, what kind of feeling are you talking about?”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) thought for a while and said, “How do you say it?

 For example, you are like a pool of water. Compared with you yesterday, your surface area has not changed much,

 so when you look at it, it seems that there is no change. 

I always feel that the water in this pool seems to be much deeper overnight, 

and it seems to be bottomless. This really makes me a little puzzled.”

In fact, Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s metaphor just illustrates the true 

changes of Kairi Elms.

Kairi Elms’s strength has indeed been greatly improved, but this is mainly divided into two aspects.

The first aspect of improvement is that her physical strengths have developed rapidly, and her strength, speed, perception, 

and toughness have greatly improved, but this kind of strength is simply invisible to outsiders by the naked eye,

 no matter how good the eyesight is. It’s impossible for a person to judge from a person’s appearance how 

many pounds of power the person has,

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2837 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2837

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