The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3412-3413 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3412-3413 )

This unilateral massacre only lasted less than five minutes before it came to an end.

Afterwards, Hunter (Hamid)’s soldiers came out of the bunker and began to clean the battlefield.

According to statistics after the war, the Wanlong Palace, including Gorka, had a total of 1,001 mercenaries, and none of them survived, all of them were killed in battle.

On Hunter (Hamid)’s side, there were 16 casualties, of which six died, and the remaining ten were injured, but none of them were in danger.

This is definitely a complete victory.

At this time, the commander who pretended to attack from the front had waited for a long time before he saw the Gorka enter the battlefield from the side. However, his soldiers lost nearly a thousand soldiers in this feign attack. He was angrily questioned by radio. Why didn’t Gorka attack yet, but no one responded on the radio side.

He immediately sent people to contact the other soldiers in the Wanlong Palace, but the result was nothing but the sea, without any response.

This made him panic to the extreme.

On the battlefield, it is impossible for a thousand-man army to lose all contact, and the opponent is not a shrimp soldier. All these thousand people are the elites of the Wanlong Temple. Whether it is training level, combat ability or combat literacy, they are better than their own army. Too much better.

Such a troop completely lost contact, the only possibility is that they have encountered an accident…

The other party was shocked, and quickly evacuated all the soldiers he had sent to feign attack.

At the same time, they hurriedly sent out scouts to find out with the fastest speed.

An hour later, after the opposing scout approached the west wing hillside, they immediately used a high-power camera to observe the west wing position.

It didn’t matter if he looked at it, his face paled in shock.

On the west wing at this time, Hunter (Hamid)’s soldiers were cleaning the battlefield.

As for the thousand Ten Thousand Dragon Palace elites, and their commander Gorka, they all became bodies covered with bullet holes.

Hunter (Hamid)’s soldiers are now collecting their weapons and equipment and other strategic materials.

Soldiers are more interested in the weapons and ammunition carried by the Wanlongdian elite, because the overall level of these weapons is better than that of Hunter (Hamid)’s army.

The Wanlong Temple uses all NATO-style weapons, most of which are equipped by the US active-duty forces, while Hunter (Hamid)’s forces use almost all of the War Pact before the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s and 1970s and 1980s. Regardless of the level and age of standard weapons, there is a lot of difference between the two.

In addition to being interested in the weapons of the Wanlong Temple elite, the soldiers also liked their desert camouflage uniforms very much.

Unfortunately, their desert camouflage uniforms have long been punched out of countless holes and have no use value.

However, the Hunter (Hamid) soldiers who are good at treasure hunting discovered that although the tops of these elites of the Wanlong Palace were sieved, the pants were mostly intact and could be stripped off and worn.

This American desert camouflage uniform is made of very good fabrics and expensive. It is a thousand miles stronger than the torn pants worn by Hunter (Hamid) soldiers.

In addition, what made the soldiers coveted more was the boots of the elites of the Panlong Palace.

This group of people use all very expensive professional tactical boots, with reasonable design, superior performance and anti-smashing and anti-puncture. When marching in the desert and mountains, they are simply artifacts.

This kind of boots has always been very in demand in the Middle East. On the black market, at least a pair of hundreds of dollars is required, and there are still no markets.

Therefore, the scouts witnessed the cruel scene of the Hunter (Hamid) soldiers stripping off the pants of the soldiers in the Wanlong Temple, then taking off their boots, and finally throwing the corpse into the valley.

What frightened him even more was that his lens happened to capture the body of Gorka. At this time, he had only a pair of pants left on his lower body, and at least a dozen bullet holes had been punched on his body. It’s terrible.

The scout was extremely frightened, and while fleeing in a panic, he reported to his superiors by radio: “Wan…the people in the Wanlong Palace, all are dead… Gorka… is also dead…”


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