The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3416-3417 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3416-3417 )

Unlike Abbas, Lord Banks at this time was already full of shame.

He has never kneeled and licked anyone since he was young, and he has been admired even more since his middle age.

But who could have imagined that he, who had been arrogant all his life, would bow down to a young man in his 20s in his later years.

This feeling hurts his self-esteem, but he has to continue to maintain this flattering face because he desperately needs Abbas to help him solve the series of troubles before him.

Therefore, after the three rounds of drinking, he took the initiative to hold up the wine glass again, and said with a smile: “Come on, break the army, I will toast you again, this glass of wine I wish you a victory in Yeling Mountain on the day of Ching Ming Festival Completely revenge for your parents!”

Abbas played with the wine glass in his hand and said earnestly: “Grandpa banks, it is not Yeling Mountain, but Wanling Mountain! After the Qingming Festival, the entire Wanling Mountain is the cemetery where my parents and two of us will sleep. I will transfer one million people. The Dragon Palace elites sealed up the entire mountain, not allowing any idlers to wait, disturbing their peace in the future!”

Lord Banks immediately blurted out: “Yes, Wanling Mountain! When your parents’ tombs are moved to Wanling Mountain, I must go to Wanling Mountain to worship!”

Abbas nodded in satisfaction and said: “If you can go, it would be best.”

As he said, he said with emotion: “In fact, my father told my mother more than once that year, saying that every time he sees you, he feels a lot of pressure.”

“Really?” Lord Banks asked in surprise, “Why is Liancheng stressed when he sees me?”

Abbas glanced at Lord Banks, and said in a somewhat displeased tone: “Because he thinks you have always looked down on him! In your eyes, he is Uncle’s friend and friend, and he is still the kind that can’t match Uncle  at all. The Hupengou friends who can only pull down Uncle’s rank, every time he sees you, he has the feeling of being rejected and disgusted by the other’s parents when the poor students go to the top students to play.”

Lord Banks chuckled awkwardly, and hurriedly explained: “I think Liancheng might have misunderstood me. I used to be unsmiling and serious about everyone. Even if I was defensive, I still held my face all day long. , Seldom give him a good face, so I definitely don’t mean to look down on Liancheng!”

Abbas looked at him with a little surprise, and said seriously: “But when I came into contact with you today, I don’t think you are unsmiling, and I don’t think you are serious to anyone. Is this because I am now With the strength that my father didn’t have?”

“This…cough cough…this…” Lord Banks hesitated for a long time, but didn’t say why.

Abbas’s words made him fall into a more embarrassing state.

He knew that Abbas was laughing at himself.

After all, after learning that he was the lord of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace and that the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace was extremely powerful, his attitude was indeed very flattering.

To be honest, his face is a bit disgusting even for himself.

But what’s the solution?

For Lord Banks in the current situation, he can only do everything possible to get closer to Abbas.

Because Abbas was about to attack the Wade Family, the Wade Family was afraid that it would be over soon. When the Wade Family was over, his only hidden danger was Zara’s powerful benefactor.

In this matter, only Abbas can help him.

Once Abbas can fix that guy, he will have 10,000 ways to let Zara return the ocean shipping group back!

At that time, the Banks family will have an excellent opportunity to take off again!

At this time, Abbas saw Lord Banks’s face flushed, he smiled playfully, waved his hand and said, “Forget it, these are things from 20 to 30 years ago, not to mention it, in short, if you can worship me Father, believing that he is in the spirit of heaven, he will also be more relieved.”


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