Life at The Top – Chapter 1195

Baz looked at a beaming Jasper dumbly.

His mind had yet to register what had just happened. He could not understand how Jasper, who was still silent a moment ago, had suddenly become a formidable person.

Meanwhile, Ulric, who was flaunting his power arrogantly, had suddenly become a pitiful mess and was brought away.

Taking in the situation before him, Baz recognized that Jasper was someone none of the people just now could afford to offend.

Baz had also acutely caught on to something Truman said.

The owner of Easy Media!

For Baz to meet someone of this caliber was like a civilian meeting the richest man alive.

It felt unreal.

“Why, why… do I feel like I’m watching Records of the King’s Travel Incognito?”

Jasper laughed out loud at Baz’s statement.

Baz made this point as that television series was what had kickstarted the country’s trend of acting weak to lower your opponent’s defenses before finally revealing how formidable you were in order to win.

Despite being a king, the man loved traveling incognito and only revealed his identity after meeting various oppressive or corrupted officials.

Jasper felt the analogy rather apt.

After calming down, Baz immediately realized


In comparison to a formidable man like Jasper, he was nothing more than a pond loach in the mud.

‘Why is he looking for me?’

With this question in mind, Baz wiped both his hands on his clothes embarrassedly before he shook Jasper’s hand. Then, he asked, “We don’t know each other. Why did you look for me?”

Even though Baz did not believe that someone as formidable as Jasper could seek him out for anything, he did not know what else to say.

Jasper smiled and was about to reply when the back door of the video product shop opened.

A stealthy middle aged man walked in.

“Did they leave already Baz?”

Baz frowned when he saw the middle aged man.

He replied indifferently, “They’re gone. You can come out relax.”

“Mr. Laine, this is my uncle Ross.”

Under Baz’s introduction, Jasper came to know that Ross was the shop’s true owner.

Still, this uncle and boss had hidden when Ulric and the rest came to ask for money, leaving Baz to bear the humiliation and the attacks.

From this, one could tell that Ross was not a good man.

“Mr. Laine?”

Ross was shocked by the way Baz referred to Jasper. Due to his fear that Ulric would be adamant about looking for him, Ross had hidden next door. Therefore, he had no idea what happened within the shop.

As a result, he did not know who Jasper was either.

Ross looked Jasper up and down a few times before he grinned. “You’re so young, what’s with the ‘Mister’ title.”

From Ross’ casual and arrogant tone, the man did not seem to believe that Jasper was a powerful figure. Naturally, Jasper did not care about how Ross viewed him either.

However, Jasper recalled the huge problem Baz had faced at home in his past life, and how it was directly related to this Uncle Ross here. Thus, he promptly told Baz, “I came to look for you. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about in private.”

Logically or emotionally speaking, Baz had no reason to reject Jasper after the man had just saved him.

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