Life at The Top – Chapter 1199

Jasper hailed a taxi and was about to return to the hotel when he received a call from Henry.

“You should be partying at this time, Young Master Law. Why’d you think to call me? I’ll make it clear first that I’m not interested in the kind of venues you go to.”

Jasper said with a smile when he picked up the call.

However, instead of Henry’s teasing or refuting remarks, Jasper heard a furious shout instead.

“I’ve been f*cking set up! Come to the Heavenly Palace and save me!”

Jasper’s expression instantly turned serious. He was well aware of Henry’s temper.

The man was nothing if not two things. Aggressively domineering and arrogant.

There was no need to explain his dominance, while the man’s arrogance was also thanks to his familial background.

Henry refused to surrender lightly, nor would he ask for help unless absolutely necessary.

Let alone use the word ‘save’ as he did this time.

It spoke volumes about the severity of the situation.

Without wasting much time, Jasper asked grimly, “I’ll be right there. Is Julian by your side?”

“He is,” Henry replied.

Jasper felt slightly reassured by that.

As long as Henry was fine, then everything could be easily solved.

“Alright. Wait for me at the Heavily Palace. Remember, no matter what happens, do not get into any conflict or fight with anyone. Do not leave Julian’s side either. As long as you’re safe, everything else can be solved.”

Jasper immediately hung up the phone afterward.

“To the Heavenly Palace, please.”

The taxi driver proceeded to activate his career’s foundational skill speaking long windedly.

“The Heavenly Palace? That’s one of Waterhoof City’s best clubhouses but it’s a little too far from where we’re at. There’s also heavy traffic so I don’t think we’d be able to get there in time if you’re in a rush.”

He had just finished speaking when a stack of hundred Somer Dollar bills was tossed at him.

“Arrive in 15 minutes, I don’t care what method you use. This money should be enough for you to pay the traffic fines.”

The taxi driver’s eyes widened. He had an internal dialogue about how this man perfectly fit the description of a wealthy businessman who could afford to spend money in the Heavenly Palace. Forget paying fines, the money Jasper gave him was as much as he earned in a month.

Without another word, the taxi driver stepped on the pedal and sped over.

At the same time, the atmosphere was tense in Sky High Court private room of Waterhoof City’s Heavenly Court, a club that celebrities and trust-fund children frequented.

Henry sat on the sofa in the middle of the room, his expression murderous and sinister.

Julian stood diagonally in front of Henry, staring at the group of people in front of him.

Surrounded by that group of people was… Prince!

The man sat on the coffee table while his shiny leather shoe continued to shake in front of Henry. Prince could not hide the arrogance on his face.

He leaned toward Henry slightly and raised his hand to wave the stack of pictures in it with a wretched smile. “There really isn’t anyone more powerful than you, Young Master Law. Was it fun beating up the f*cker that knocked into you this afternoon?

“That man’s currently lying in the morgue now. You killed someone, you’re in big trouble now! Hahahaha!”

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