Life at The Top – Chapter 1223

“Are you really going to go so far to get rid of me, Jasper?!”

Prince stared at Jasper and shrieked pitifully. Prince was completely humiliated.

There was nothing wrong with the son of a wealthy family like him losing once. It was only slightly embarrassing.

However, to be completely beaten up by Henry just now was truly humiliating.

Even so, according to the unspoken rules of trust-fund children, you could utterly humiliate them but you could not touch what made up their power.

He did not expect Jasper to ignore this unspoken rule. Who was he kidding? Jasper had spent over 1.3 billion funds on this and even promised ownership of two of these listed companies to others.

Jasper would suffer a huge loss if he did not take his share from Prince’s foundational powers.

There was no way Jasper, a man who considered breaking even as a loss, would make such an unprofitable trade.

“And you’re not afraid that my dad will make you pay for this?!”

Jasper replied calmly to Prince’s frantic threat, “If I choose to back off now, would the crown prince give up on your revenge?”

Prince was completely stunned.

His threat was just a formality, for he already felt hopeless.

However, upon hearing Jasper’s words now, it seemed like the threat worked on the man.

A huge gush of hope surged in his chest and Prince frantically answered, “Definitely! There’s never been any deep resentment or hatred between us anyway, right?”

“If you’re willing to let me go, then we’ll put this matter to bed. I promise I’ll never cause you trouble again.”

‘Motherf*cker. Once I catch my breath and my dad comes home, you’ll be the first one I’ll get rid of!’

‘Not only will I kill you, but I’ll kill your whole family too!’

‘I’ll kill everyone that’s got connections with you!’

Despite what Prince thought internally, his expression was still extremely sincere.

Jasper nodded and smiled after he heard Prince.

This caused Prince’s hope to grow, and the man could not help but smile in relief as well. Yet, before Prince could continue making promises, Jasper wiped the elated expression clean off of Prince’s face.

“You made it sound very sincere. But I don’t believe you.”

Prince would not be this disappointed if Jasper had rejected his plea for mercy in the beginning.

Utter hopelessness was when someone lit an ember of hope within you during your time of desperation, only to smother it right in front of you. This was how Prince felt now.

The abundance of hope Prince once felt now turned into despair and fury.

“Hahaha. Look at this f*cker’s face. Did he actually believe you?” Henry pointed at Prince and laughed out loud.

Grinding his molars, Prince stared at Jasper and roared, “How dare you play me like a fool, Jasper! F*ck you! Kill me if you think you’re so powerful, then! But if you don’t kill me now, I’ll make you regret it in the future!”

“Kill you?”

Jasper said calmly, “Murder is illegal and people like you aren’t worth committing a crime over. I’m a law abiding citizen, you see.”

“Not only do I obey the law, I even have the duty to report any illegal behavior I see.”

Jasper then clapped his hands. The clap seemed to be a signal, as a group of people walked over from behind right after this.

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