Life at The Top – Chapter 1249

This sentence had emphasized j ust how shameless Jeff was.

Normal people did not take the initiative to ask someone to pay back a favor in cash.

Let alone in such an arrogant and matter of factly way. Ms. Tiana was the first person to object. She could not accept her son’s shamelessness.

“Unfilial! What an unfilial son I have!”

Ms. Tiana pointed at Jeff, her complexion pale with anger.

“How did I give birth to such a b*stard like you? You’ve brought disgrace to our whole family!”

If not for Jasper, Ms. Tiana might have lost her life when she had to deal with the demolition team before. Not to mention that Jasper was the reason she now laid in the best hospital room in Mid Mount Hospital with the most elite team of professionals treating her.

Ms. Tiana had long felt extremely grateful to Jasper for all of this.

However, Jeff’s behavior now made Ms. Tiana want to bang her head against the wall and kill herself.

Jeff harrumphed and ignored Ms. Tiana, who was about to die from infuriation, and instead stared at Jasper in disdain. “You don’t even have that money, do you?”

“Stop acting like you’re some sli*t in front of my mom. Who the f*ck are you? You can’t even take 1000 bucks “out and you’re shouting at me?

“I’m telling you, you better get lost if you knew what’s good for you. Otherwise, forget this 1000 bucks, I’ll make you pay for the food you ate in my house too!”

These two sentences made Ms. Tiana explode. She raised her hand to throw the apply Jasper peeled for her at Jeff.

“Get out! Get out right now!”

Taken aback, the apple hit Jeff square in the face as juice spurted all over his head. He shouted at Ms. Tiana angrily, “How dare you throw things at me, old woman?!”

“How dare you throw an apple at me because of an outsider?”

“I call you mom because you gave birth to me and took care of me. But if you’re treating me like this, then I won’t even call you ‘Mom’!”

“Why do I have to acknowledge you as my mom when you’re throwing things at me because of an outsider? Give me 500 thousand and I’ll sever all familial ties with you!”

Ms. Tiana panted and pointed at Jeff from where she sat on the bed and said, “Get out! Forget 500 thousand, I won’t even spare you 5 cents! You rascal!”

“Yes, don’t acknowledge me as your mom at all! I don’t need a rascal like you for a son anyway! Get out right now!”

Jeff scoffed and raised his hand to wipe the juice off his face. “Fine, then! You want me to leave, right? Then I’ll go back and tell the world about how horrible you treat me, old hag!”

“Don’t you cherish your reputation the most? I’d like to see how you plan to live with your head held high once I ruin your reputation!”

“You keep saying that you can’t use the foundation’s money, so where did you get the money for such an expensive hospital room, then? You must’ve used that money!”

“You’re already a dead woman walking at this point, so what’s the point in holding on to that money? You’d rather hold on to money you won’t have the time to enjoy instead of giving it to your son, me.”

“How’re you going to face my dad once you die, huh?”

“Are you done? ”

Jasper interrupted Jeff’s maddening shouts coldly.

Jeff immediately glared at Jasper and chuckled wretchedly, “Who are you to talk here, stupid f*cker?”

“You’re right, I am an outsider.”

Jasper did not seem to care about what Jeff said as he continued on his own.

Indeed, people like Jeff were nothing more than an ant in comparison to Jasper’s current self.

No matter how sensitive or petty a person was, they would not care about an ant boasting in front of them. Thus, Jasper was completely unfazed and calm in the face with Jeff’s venomous words.

However, what truly chilled Jasper to the core was Jeff’s attitude toward his mother, Ms. Tiana.

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