Life at The Top – Chapter 1262

Among them was another deputy manager, the one from the human resources department in charge of employee appraisal and performance evaluation.

Just as everyone was busy wondering about how the situation would develop, Jasper appeared at the elevator doors with Chad following behind him.

“Mr. Laine!”

“Hello, Mr. Laine!”

The employees stood up and greeted him instinctively. Jasper nodded slightly and said, “Thank you for all your hard work. It’s break time, so those who haven’t eaten or need to test should go ahead.”

Jasper then pushed open the door to the meeting room.

Chad glared at his subordinates and said unkindly, “What are you all looking at? Get back to work!”

Then, he rushed to follow Jasper into the meeting room. With a click, the meeting room doors closed.

The employees exchanged a look They did not know if they should have listened to Mr. Laine telling them to eat and rest, or if they should have listened to their immediately superior and get back to work.

Only a few braver employees decided to slink over and eavesdrop by the meeting room doors.

Jasper stood at the front of the meeting room with a calm look on his face.

He did not say anything. The man already oozed absolute strength just by standing in place.

As the founder and owner of JW Capital and its subsidiaries, Jasper’s prestige was undeniable.

The deputy managers sat quietly in the meeting room, with three on each side of the table. There were six of them in total, both men and women. Most of them were familiar faces that Jasper recognized.

This meant that these six were old staff that had been in the company since the early stages of JW Capital.

For some unknown reason, these six angry employees began to feel guilty when Jasper entered the room. Some of them did not even dare to look Jasper in the eye.

“What’s this? Too afraid to look at me?” Jasper chuckled and broke the silence before sitting down.

The conference room was pin drop silent as everyone stared at the tabletop before them as if it were some valuable treasure.

“Didn’t you guys want to resign?” Jasper continued indifferently.

“Just because the company didn’t allocate cars to you? That’s why you want to resign?”

Still, no one dared to meet Jasper’s gaze.

Jasper took the folder from Chad’s hand next to him, which contained the six resignation letters.

With a loud ‘bang’, Jasper slammed the folder on the meeting room table.

The few deputy managers shuddered at this loud bang.

“Chad, immediately approve these six’s resignations. If anyone continues to hand in their resignation, then approve every single application that they hand in. Everyone that resigns today will be given special treatment!”

“Applications handed in today will be approved and their salary calculated and adjusted, so that they can leave today!”

“My JW Company will never beg anyone to stay. When it comes to those who don’t know better… well, the earlier they leave, the better!”

Jasper’s angry voice resonated throughout the meeting room.

Four of the six deputy managers instantly paled. These four then looked at the remaining two at the same time.

Evidently, the incident had progressed very differently from what they had imagined.

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