Life at The Top – Chapter 1281

Tefa City was considered Jasper’ s hometown. Faith County, where he currently stood, was one of Tefa City’s counties.

However, due to multiple reasons, be it now or in the year 2020 more than a decade into the future, Tefa City’s economy had always been rather bleak and they had not met too many business opportunities.

That was why Jasper decided to start the most important pillar of his business in the provincial capital, Nauritus City.

As a result, he did not pay Tefa City too much attention.

This day, Julian drove Jasper and Baz over to Tefa City. The trio first checked in to a hotel. Since the main goal of the trip was so that Jasper could train Baz, the man immediately had the latter go and gather all information he could on Downstream Investment Company once they arrived at the hotel.

Baz had already come here before for preliminary market research, so he knew his way around.

However, two hours later at the pre-arranged time, instead of the man’s return, Jasper received a call from Baz

“I got beaten up, Mr. Laine.”

Jasper immediately rushed to the entrance of Downstream Investment Company with Julian and saw Baz sitting on the staircase with a tissue over his forehead from afar.

There was blood on his hands and face, as well as droplets of it all over the floor in front of him.

Jasper’s expression immediately turned cold when he saw Baz’s situation.

According to what Baz told him during his past life, Jasper knew that it was not an easy process for the former to acquire Downstream Investment Company. However, Jasper did not expect Baz to get beaten up on the first day.

No matter what, Jasper had to stand up for Baz.

“I’m sorry for being so useless, Mr. Laine.”

Baz got up to tell Jasper remorsefully when he saw the other.

Jasper waved his hand and said grimly, “Don’t talk about that now. How are your wounds?”

“I have an open wound on my forehead. It looks a little scary but it’s not too big of a deal,” Baz grinned.

However, due to the huge amount of blood loss, Baz’s complexion did not look very good.

Jasper had Julian inspect Baz’s physical condition.

During this time, a group of people led by a young man walked over.

“Yo, you really did come.”

Scott snickered and pointed at Baz as he asked Jasper, “So this f*cker Baz Willis is your dog?”

“Look, brat. Before you let your dogs out next time, make sure to teach them some manners. Don’t just start shouting when you see people, or you’ll only get killed before you even know it.”

“And you, the trouble your dog caused is still your problem to solve. Don’t be so high profile, or it’ll only get you killed. You get me?”

Jasper narrowed his eyes and looked at the young man in front of him before asking calmly, “Were you the one that hit Baz?”

At that moment, Julian walked over to Jasper and whispered, “There’s nothing major, Jasper. Just a flesh wound. A few stitches from the hospital later should solve it.”

Baz walked over as well.

“Mr. Laine, that man is Scott Covington, the son of Tefa City’s Covington family. He’s also got his eyes on Downstream Investment Company.”

“He warned me before not to interfere with his purchase of this company when I came to do preliminary market research. I’ve only been here for a while today when I met him again, then he immediately called his lackeys to beat me up.”

Jasper nodded and told Baz, “Go sit by the side and take a break. I’ll deal with this.”

Scott laughed out loud when he heard that and said, “You’ll deal with this? What kind of nonsense are you spouting here? Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can deal with this?”

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