No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0082

That person brought more than a dozen people with him. The watermelon knives in their hands looked dazzling. Selena was terrified when she saw so many people approaching with weapons. She looked to her side, Kylie was there. She lunged forward, pulled Kylie to her, and hugged her tightly.

“Jack, what should we do? There are so many people. It seems that they are here for no good!” Selena was so frightened as she hugged Kylie tighter.

“Mummy, don’t be afraid, daddy will beat the bad guys. Daddy is amazing!” Kylie spoke in a childish voice. At the age of four, she was sensible enough to take the initiative to comfort Selena.

“Yes, your father can definitely solve it!” Selena comforted Kylie but her frown deepened.

“Don’t worry. I’m here, no one can touch you!” Jack smiled indifferently and said, “How did I survive on the battlefields throughout the past five years otherwise?”

“Miss Taylor, we meet again.” Young Master Hugo led his people toward Jack and stopped five meters away from him. He laughed and then said as he looked at Selena playfully, “You really are a beautiful woman. You look even more attractive after a shower!”

He paused for a while before continuing, “It’s great. You have already freshened up and are waiting for me. It would save me some trouble for later.”

“A trivial character from a second-class aristocratic family actually has the guts to cause trouble here under bright day light, and even carried weapons? You really have no respect for the law.” Jack smiled coldly and looked at the other party.

“Law?” Young Master Hugo laughed and then said, “I’m rich and powerful. That’s the law! Young man, you look down on second-class aristocratic families, do you know how powerful we are?”

Jack looked at the person contemptuously. “Are you really that powerful? If you are really powerful, why didn’t you bring some decent bodyguards? Do you need to spend money to hire these gangsters? Don’t tell me these sloppy bodyguards are specially trained by your family!”

The corners of Neil Hugo’s mouth twitched and his face darkened. These people were indeed not from the Hugo family. The Hugo family’s practice strict upbringing. They worried that Neil would cause trouble outside posing harm to the Hugo family’s reputation. Therefore, he could not simply take the family’s bodyguards with him. Without his father’s orders, the bodyguards would not obey him.

Normally, the family did not care about how he drove sports cars and toyed women. They thought he would definitely mature in the future. As long as they did not arrange bodyguards for him, and he did not cause trouble outside of home. However, this was nothing to Neil, because Neil had money. As long as he gave some money to these gangsters, they would naturally help him. With less than 100 thousand dollars, he had successfully gathered a dozen people who were prepared to take revenge on Jack.

“young man, you’re really mad. We don’t need the Hugo family’s bodyguards just to deal with you.” Neil’s mouth twitched a few times then stared at Jack with hatred. “Is a dozen of them not enough to deal with you?”

“Yes, young man, you’re outta your mind! If that is the case, we would not hold back!”

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