No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0113

It did not take long for his eyes to brighten up again. He cried out excitedly as a light bulb went off in his head. “Oh yeah… Why was I so stupid? There are so many people around, and her employees are here as well. How could she accept such a grandiose benefit? Had someone reported her to the management, she’d be doomed even if the benefit isn’t given to her directly!”

He smiled to himself after figuring out the situation. “It seems that I’ll have to ask her out alone for business discussion someday. I’ll then give her a bank card secretly, so everyone wouldn’t know. I’m sure she’ll accept it. Who in their right mind would turn money down!”

Selena and others soon arrived at a large private room. Jack casually dropped the bag at a corner before he sat down next to Selena.

Selena, who knew that Jack had two million with him, was obviously confident about paying for the meal. She stood up and smiled at everyone. “You can order whatever you want to eat,” she spoke aloud. “The minimum spending in this private room is 200,000 dollars. Don’t order less than that for the dishes and wine, or you’ll lose out!”

“Manager, rest assured. We won’t let it go to waste!”

A female employee, the most vigorous among them all, laughed out loud. “Well, let’s stick to the price planned. Although the manager’s salary is quite high at a million per month, she had to work hard for it. Surely it’s not easy, right?”

“Yes, the manager has only started working and she hasn’t got her salary yet, yet she invited us to dinner above all things. Where else can we find such a good manager!”

Another male employee chimed in with a smile.

Sonia and Felicia glanced at each other, both with an embarrassed expression. They wanted to taint the relationship between Selena and the employees, but they had made all the employees like the new manager even more.

‘I don’t believe she has money to treat us to dinner!’ Unconvinced, Sonia gritted her teeth. She believed Selena was just trying to save her face.

After everyone had placed their orders, she ordered some of the most expensive dishes, which made her feel more comfortable.

‘Pfft! I think these dishes and wines will add up to almost 400,000 dollars. I still don’t believe that she has that amount of money!’ she rambled internally.

With a grin on her face, she said, “Everyone, let’s drink up. Today is our manager’s first day at work. Let’s celebrate. This wine isn’t cheap, and it’s more than ten thousand dollars per bottle. I’ve ordered only ten bottles.”

“Supervisor, don’t you think this is too expensive? Let’s just follow the minimum spending mark. Otherwise, this meal may be too expensive!”

A female employee frowned and thought that the supervisor was selfish and did not seem to be bothered about Selena at all. Was she not afraid that Selena will make it hard on her in the future at work?

“Yes, Supervisor, you’re really wrong here. It’s not your own money, so you don’t feel the pinch, do you? Why don’t you order cheaper wines but more bottles to share?”

Another male employee, too, was unimpressed. Sonia was obviously not happy that Selena got to become a manager as soon as she joined the company, so she was obviously plotting for revenge. Selena had just started working and she had not been paid her salary, yet she invited them to have a luxurious meal in such a classy hotel. Everyone was very grateful except Sonia, who was showing her dissatisfaction. It was selfish of her to have ordered so many dishes and wine.

Sonia almost passed out. She had never expected the person named Ben Blake—the unimpressed employee—to talk to a supervisor like that. He never had the courage to voice out his opinion before.

She pulled a long face and defended herself, “It was the manager who asked us to order as we like. The manager said nothing. Why do you sound like you’ve lost a lot of money? You haven’t even started drinking, yet you’re behaving like you’re in a daze and don’t know any better on what to say?”

“It’s alright. She has ordered the dishes anyway, so eat up and drink up, everybody. Everyone should have fun!” Selena had cleverly resolved the awkwardness.

“That is, we should believe that there is money in the manager’s husband’s bag! Don’t you think that all these are so expensive?” Sonia looked at the woven bag in the corner strangely.

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