No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0127

At this moment, Selena looked as though she finally thought of something. She patted Jack on the shoulder from the back. “Wait. Stop!”

Jack immediately pulled the electric scooter to the side. “What’s wrong?”

“Dan Jameson is an excellent fighter, yet he didn’t even raise a fist against you. He apologized to you right away. And he actually told Mr. Meyer that you were someone that even Young Master Clark couldn’t provoke. Why? Who are you, exactly?” Selena asked, her features twisted into a suspicious frown.

Jack gave a wry smile after he heard that. “I’m a vet; that’s why. Dan fought me once before, though it wasn’t so much of a fight. We got into an arm-wrestling competition. He lost and cut off his own finger because he knew his strength was nothing compared to mine. I have to admit that the fellow is a real man, though. Anyway, that’s why Young Master Clark is afraid of me…”

Here, Jack paused for a bit before he continued, “Think about it. Even the best fighter of the Clarks is no match for me. Isn’t it natural for Young Master Clark to fear me? Won’t he be afraid that I’ll just eliminate him? I do have the power to do so!”

“Arm-wrestling?” Selena wore a peculiar expression. She never thought that her husband would use such a method to prove his strength to another.

“Mm-hm! I simply left after he lost, too. I never expected that fellow to really cut his finger off. So the fact that I didn’t kill that Meyer tonight is considered a merciful act to preserve his dignity!” Jack bobbed his head as he spoke.

“You’re amazing, Jack!” Selena took in her husband’s dashing face. She then commented, “That man is a genuine man though, and it’s too bad he followed the wrong master. Ken is definitely one of the worst people I know. He wasn’t so terrible before, but I learned how that man is truly a monster after the time he tried to demolish our house with his goons!”

Jack chuckled. “Now do you feel that you’ve found yourself an excellent husband?” The grin on his face never left.

Slowly, Selena’s lusciously red lips caught his gaze.

“Dear, why don’t we have another kid?” he said. “I was so drunk that night from five years ago. I hardly remember what happened. All I remember was that you initiated it!”

Selena’s cheeks immediately flamed. “Don’t talk about it anymore. It’s so embarrassing. I was mad at my grandpa at the time because he married me off to some nobody. Sure, it’s a fake marriage, but that act was proof of the marriage. How could I, Selena Taylor, just pretend to be married?”

“I’m sorry… I wanted to save my mother then, too. I had no choice but to do that.” Jack slowly exhaled. “Don’t worry, Selena. The wedding from five years ago was regrettable. You don’t have to say anything; I understand. And don’t worry—I’ll hold another grand wedding for you!”

She pressed her lips. “All right. I’ll hold you to that.”

Here, she thought of something else. “But Grandpa’s 70th birthday is approaching,” she said, frowning. “My mom’s insistent on the present, too. We’ll be in trouble if we can’t fork out that amount of money. Besides, you’ve just started your job, and the soonest you’ll get your salary is probably in a few days. Looks like we won’t make it in time for Grandpa’s birthday.”

“Don’t worry, dear. It’s not a problem if money can solve the issue!”

“What? All of you were beaten up?” An old man stood up in a villa, a tuft of white hair crowning his head. He stared at the tattooed man before him. “Who is it? Who is it who dares to beat my men? Does he have a death wish?”

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