No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0139

Ben asked after he realized something was wrong.

Xena smiled bitterly before speaking with a frown, “I gave your brother-in-law a lecture yesterday. I was concerned for your family at that moment. I spoke those words because I was afraid that he had provoked the Drake family. I’m afraid that he would hold this grudge in his heart and direct it at me in the future!”

“Would he? He doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. Besides, how would he dare to direct it at you when he owes our family so much?”

“On top of that, what happened yesterday was a misunderstanding and it was understandable that we were afraid of him causing trouble to the Taylor family. This isn’t your fault!” Ben said confidently.

“I’m afraid that he would be upset and his promise to give you a car would be gone with the wind!” Xena gave him a piece of her mind.

“Hey, it’s nothing!” Fiona immediately said, “Don’t worry about it. If he doesn’t buy a car for you, mum will buy it with the money he gives me. He promised to pay a betrothal gift of 20 million. A million for a car for each of you would be a piece of cake!”

“Wow, that’s great! Thanks mum!” Xena immediately put a smile on her face and jumped in excitement.

“As long as my son is happy.” Fiona looked at Xena’s pretty face and said with satisfaction, “Xena, it’s been quite long since the both of you are in a relationship. When I get my hands on the 20 million in two months’ time, I’ll bring Ben to your family and ask for your hand in marriage. How does that sound? We should try to choose a day and get the wedding done within this year!”

“Yes, I… I’ll obey to your words!” Xena lowered her head shyly and was secretly happy. It seemed that she was not far from the rich man’s life.

“The call still can’t go through?” Mr. Howard was in a villa. He was frowning and had a dark expression on his face.

He ordered Scar to bring some people with Ned to take care of a veteran last night. They went out without a single news return. He had already made several calls but nobody answered and this made him uncomfortable.

“Mr. Howard, we got news. Something happened, something really bad happened!” a man ran in and yelled out of nowhere.

Some people stood around Mr. Howard. They were the capable ones that he remembered by names.

“What happened? Don’t rush and speak slowly!” Mr. Howard immediately stood up and asked.

That person was huffing and puffing. He ran over to the table, picked up a cup of tea and drank big mouthfuls of it before speaking. “Dead…they are all dead! Last night, more than one hundred people were killed in an abandoned building. Now, that place has been locked down and the bodies are being transported for cremation!”

“All…all of them are dead?” The corners of Mr. Howard’s mouth twitched. His ears were ringing and he wondered if he had heard it wrongly. This really was a huge loss for the Dragon God clan.

“They were sent to attack one person, and ALL of them are dead?”

Mr. Howard sat on the chair and he held his fists so tightly that the sound of his knuckles cracking could be heard. “Years ago, Scar took two knife attacks for me… I had no idea… I swear that I will avenge you, Scar!”

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