No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0182

Selena did not believe Jack. He had no choice but to only sigh. However, he believed that Selena would find out sooner or later that he was not lying.

“Hurry up and leave. You’ll get us into trouble if the people from the Hugo family come looking for you!” Andrew sighed. He felt pity as Jack did not look like someone who would boast. However, his words were not convincing enough.

“Alright!” Jack heaved another sigh and looked at Andrew again, “Father, your legs should be feeling better now? Don’t worry, whether they accept me or not, I will come here every morning to treat you. Your legs should be fully recovered in two to three days!”

Andrew was excited when he heard what Jack said, “Really? I hope it will recover. My legs are really getting better! I can feel it!”

“Jack, don’t expect us to appreciate you just because you treated father’s leg. You’re also part of the reason why my father’s leg is hurt. Treating him is your obligation. You should make up for what you did, is that clear?” Ben said angrily.

“Don’t worry, I’m aware of that!” Jack smiled and looked at Kylie. Then, he said, “Don’t worry, Kylie. Mummy needs some time to calm down. She’s still angry right now so daddy will move out for the time being. I’ll come back once mummy is no longer angry!”

“Alright, Daddy…” Kylie looked at Jack with her big dewy eyes as she spoke in her tender voice.

“Kylie is such a good girl.” Joan smiled and said, “Selena, don’t act out of impulse. Jack wouldn’t boast, neither would he lie to you. There must be some misunderstanding between both of you!”
Joan was very worried that Selena would get a divorce with Jack. Although Fiona and the rest are very mean, Selena was a good woman. She knew that clearly after living with Selena for the past five years.

“He must be able to do what he said. Otherwise, how can we believe him if he’s just bragging?”
Selena looked at Joan. She was still in a fit of pique.

“Yes, Selena, you cannot be soft-hearted this time. You’re one in your twenties and you’re very young. Moreover, you are very pretty. You can marry a better man even if you get a divorce! If you relent this time, it will be too late to get a divorce when you get older!” Fiona, who was standing aside, spoke. At that moment, a few luxurious cars came toward their direction and stopped in front of the yard. There were dozens of them.

“Why are there so many luxurious cars? Did the Hugo family arrive already?” Ben looked at the cars and immediately, his face darkened, “Shit, Jack is still here and the sky is still bright but the Hugo family has already arrived. Jack is in deep trouble right now!”

“These people must be very good. Look at those bodyguards, all fierce and vigorous, they are not ordinary people! I bet all the masters of the Hugo family came! Don’t put us into trouble!” Xena immediately said.

“Let’s go, Selena, hurry up. Let’s get inside. Whatever happens here has nothing to do with us. Quick. Whether Jack dies or not is none of our business!” Fiona was terrified. She immediately stepped forward and pulled Selena away.

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