No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0236

“Impossible… How could it cost 12.9 million? We’ve checked every order and it only totaled to 1.3 million. Even after adding a few bottles, it shouldn’t go past 1.5 million. How could it be this expensive?” Selena was flabbergasted, but the shock slowly sizzled into anger. “I think you’re scamming us; maybe you mixed it up yourselves,” she fumed. “Check it again and see if something went wrong!”

“Yes, something must’ve gone wrong. It shouldn’t be over 10 million, since we didn’t order that much!” Rosa was shaken as well. Based on her current salary, she would not be able to pay this off even if she worked here for the rest of her life.

“You did. Did you forget?” The supervisor frowned and added, “You’re not trying to get out of this, are you?”

She then looked around and pointed at the two empty wine bottles on the glass table before adding, “You ordered these signature bottles and you’ve finished those. Are you trying to get out of paying for it?”

Three more waitresses followed behind the supervisor. They were the ones who guarded the wine bottles. They were holding a few complimentary bottles they had prepared to give to the person paying the bill.

Laughing, one of them walked up and said, “You need to realize where you are right now. Listen to what people have to say about what happens if you don’t pay for your meal!”

“A signature bottle? What…what alcohol is this?” Selena frowned; something was off.

Indeed, she did sense that the wine from the two bottles tasted much different compared to the regular red wine when she drank them. She was just talking to Jack about this. Could that be the signature bottle?

“Our signature bottles have been here for years, and they’ve never been sold. There are two bottles, and one bottle costs 6.66 million…”

The supervisor smiled and began introducing the bottles. After that, she said, “You’ve ordered it, you’ve finished it, so you have to pay for it now.”

“W—We didn’t order it!” Selena was left speechless. “When did we order it? How could I have ordered such an expensive bottle of wine?”

Seeing Selena’s worried look, Rachel, Britney, and Matt could not help but smile coyly aside.

“What’s wrong? What signature bottles? I didn’t order them!” A tipsy Dylan was shocked as well. He grabbed the bottle and took a good look at it. “F*ck, this bottle is that expensive? I wasn’t really drinking wine; I was basically drinking money!”

“Get the manager here and get a few more people; these people drank the signature bottles. I thought I bumped into real billionaires who were willing to splurge with their money, but it looks like they’re playing dumb here, trying to get out of paying for it!” the supervisor said to one of the waitresses.

The beautiful waitress who was serving Jack and the others stood aside with a dark expression. Did Jack not say it would be fine? Why was he not saying a thing?

Seeing Jack was standing silently and pulled out a cigarette to light it, Britney sneered, “Jack, why aren’t you saying anything? You told us to order anything we wanted. Rachel and I ordered these bottles. What’s wrong? Can’t afford them?”

“What? Aren’t you two going a little overboard? How could you order such expensive bottles? Aren’t you obviously trying to set us up?!” Selena was angry beyond relief. She oh-so badly wanted to beat those two women.

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