No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0256

Selena rolled her eyes at Jack before speaking to the general manager. “We can forgo the three million dollars, but this bill must be waived!”

“That’s right. Boss, how can you go back on your words?” One of the rich kids spoke up after seeing the charming smile on Selena’s face, unable to resist white-knighting her.

“That’s right. Even if her husband was lucky, he was still the one that killed O’Neal. This is just like kill-stealing in a game. If he’s the one that did the last hit, that kill goes to him. Therefore, the glory should go to him as well.” Another man joined in as well, “You make quite the profit here everyday. How can you be so stingy?!”

“That’s right. If your bar lacks integrity, how would we dare spend our money here in the future?”
“Moreover, regardless of the fairness of the second match, it was something that you agreed to. Since you’ve agreed to it, that means that the rules apply!” stated a beautiful woman with her arms folded in front of her chest.

The general manager’s expression turned gloomy. With a sum over 10 million dollars, it was not really up to him to make the decision.

“I don’t care. If it wasn’t for this kid getting on stage, my idol Dennis would’ve been killed by O’Neal. Although Jack had only gone up and got the last hit, that hit was crucial!”

After Manager Wayne gave it some thoughts, she walked up to the general manager and whispered, “General manager, I think we should just waive the bill. We need to think about the long game!”

The general manager almost had an aneurysm. This manager was just too dumb. Why would she be helping the outsiders?

He gave it some thoughts, then finally stated, “This bill is over 10 million dollars. It’s not my decision to make. How about this, I’ll give my boss a call and tell him about the situation. We’ll make a decision then!”

With that said, the general manager went off to make the phone call.

After a moment, he came back once again. “The boss said that you can have the reward since you won the match. Going by the rules, the bill will also be waived!”

Hearing that, Selena was delighted. She held onto Jack’s hand, exclaiming, “Honey, this is great! We don’t have to pay and even gained three million dollars!”

Right at that moment, the general manager continued unexpectedly, “However, our boss has a condition!”

Jack’s expression darkened. “What other condition? Your boss should think carefully if he’s even qualified to negotiate with me!”

At that moment, Jack was pissed at how the other party was going back on their words.
Moreover, they even hired an American to be the arena champion that led to the death of so many Daxian men. It was already very generous of Jack to not destroy their entire establishment.

“Kid, you’re quite the feisty one. Our boss is the younger brother of the Roy family’s master! for him to speak to you is already favorable treatment from him. How dare you make such insolent statements?!”

The general manager then sneered, “Kid, you’re lucky that our boss is still on his way over. If he was here and heard those words from you, you’d be dead!”

“This guy is too arrogant! He’ll eventually learn what regret is!” Britney growled through gritted teeth.

Originally, they should have all been leaving after the arena match. However, out of curiosity, those that watched the arena match did not leave the venue. They were all curious to find out what condition the boss of the Lotus Bar and Lounge would request for. It appeared that their boss did not wish to let Jack waive his meal and give him the three million dollars reward that easily as well.

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