No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0257

“Sigh, I can’t believe that Master Roy’s brother would be so stingy. It’s only 10 million dollars and yet he’s unwilling to part with it! He won’t go far in life!” Jack let out a long breath, appearing relaxed.

Hearing his statement, more people felt speechless. ‘This person is just too relaxed. That’s over 10 million dollars, it’s not a small figure. A lot of people can’t even make that much money in their entire life.’

Even if the Roy family were rich, it would not hurt them to save as much as they could. Moreover, that kid could not pay his own bill and yet, he was looking down on the 10 million dollars. They had no idea what was the source of his confidence.

Jack took a look at the time and frowned. “Time flies. It’s already almost 11.30pm. I’ll give your boss another 10 minutes. If he doesn’t arrive in 10 minutes, I’m going to leave. I still need to go to bed!” Having said that, Jack stretched his back before continuing, “Otherwise I might be late for work tomorrow. Can you bear that responsibility?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. ‘This kid is too good at acting tough, he’s truly talented. How can he spin his dine and dash into something so inconsequential?’

Most importantly, he even claimed that someone from a first-class aristocratic family might not be able to bear the responsibility of him being late to work.

“how much is your salary? What kind of job is it? Do share with us. I’d like to find out if we can bear this responsibility! I’m a general manager with lowly wages. My monthly income is only 550 thousand dollars! How much do you make a day? I’ll pay you, alright?”

The general manager burst into a fit of laughter as though he was watching a comedy.

“550 thousand dollars a month is quite good!”

“Yeah, this general manager’s life is quite lavish!”

Some people started talking among themselves. Meanwhile, the general manager’s face was filled with bliss, enjoying the moment.

“I’m just a bodyguard!” Jack made a faint smile, then continued, “However, my monthly wage is 20 million dollars. If we break it down, then it should be 666 thousand dollars a day. Since you plan to pay my salary for a day, I’ll round it down for you. You can just pay me 600 thousand dollars!”

Standing beside him, Selena was dumbfounded. Jack was just too daring. That was just intentionally antagonizing the other party. If they were really pissed off, then things would get troublesome. As expected, the general manager’s expression turned uglier by the second.

He gritted his teeth. “Kid, you’re a bodyguard with a monthly pay of 20 million dollars? I think you’re insulting our intelligence! Just who do you think you are? If you say that you’re a marshal or a King of War, I might believe you. However, you’re nothing. You’re just a normal bodyguard. Do you think I’ll believe you?”

Having said that, he then pointed at the few big guys in black suits and said, “This kid is too arrogant. Go teach him a lesson while the boss is on his way. Take it as an assessment of his strength!”

“I’ve killed O’Neal, yet you’re asking these trash to kill me? What are you, stupid?” Jack looked at the few big guys, feeling helpless. These ordinary bouncers were even less of a match for him.

“Kid, don’t look down on us. We’re all retired mercenaries. Do you think we’re just average Joes?”

“That’s right. This kid is too insolent. We’ll have to teach him a lesson or he’ll remain deluded about his strength!”

The big guys in black suits were long annoyed by Jack. They quickly surrounded him.

“Everyone, please don’t fight. We can talk it out!” The sight of so many big guys scared Selena.

“Honey, please move back. Since they’re itching for it, I’ll have a little stretch!” Jack stated with a relaxed smile.

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