No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0259

Jack sent out two consecutive kicks, sending his opponents flying before they crashed hard onto the floor.

He reversed his hands for two more punches, blowing yet another two guys away.

However, they quickly climbed back onto their feet.

“This guy is weaker than Dennis!” someone exclaimed.

“That’s right. If he had Dennis’ strength, those five wouldn’t be able to stand back up. They might have even been coughing up blood by now!”

Britney chimed in, “Jack was just lucky earlier. He sure gave me a scare when I thought he had a King of War’s strength. Turns out he was just acting tough!”

“Yeah. With this test, his true strength will be exposed anytime soon!” Matt nodded along. “If not for Marshal Dennis spending so much time fighting O’Neal, Jack would’ve been killed immediately!”

“You guys, join in!” The general manager looked at the other bulky guy and said, “Go at him together. I refuse to believe that we’d lose to this guy!”

Right then, the other few guys that did not join the fray suddenly rushed at Jack simultaneously. Unfortunately, they were still no match for Jack and were sent flying one after another. After some time, they were all lying on the ground and some even coughed up blood.

“Useless! You can’t even defeat him with so many of you!” The general manager was clenching his fists angrily as he bellowed.

Jack looked at his behavior, then waved at him. “Since you said they’re useless, you should come at me!”

Having said that, Jack gave him the middle finger, further taunting him. “Come!”

The general manager almost had an aneurysm. He was just a backseat driver as he knew nothing about fighting. Right at that moment, a man with a huge bouncing belly walked in with a few men in black suits, holding a cigar in his hand.

“Why are you guys fighting?”

The man gave off the aura of a ruler. Although his looks were mediocre, he carried a strong presence.

“Boss, this kid was being disrespectful. He was claiming that you weren’t qualified to negotiate with him! This is just a blatant slander against our Roy family!”

“That’s why I told them to rough him up a bit. However, this kid is unexpectedly strong, hence…” the manager reported respectfully after he took a few steps forward and bowed.

The man with the cigar took a slow, long puff before stating, “As long as he’s strong. I was worried that he wouldn’t be strong enough!”

Having said that, he turned to Jack. “Kid, I can let all our past conflicts slide. This bill of 10 million dollars can be waived too. As for that three million dollars reward, that’s yours as well.”
At that point, he paused for a moment before breaking into a grin. “However, you killed the expert that I spent a fortune on to hire as the arena champion. That makes it difficult for me to run my business in the future.”

“So what? Didn’t your arena match have us sign a consent form? Could it be that only the arena champion is allowed to win while the other challengers are supposed to just lose?” Jack mocked with a cold smile.

“that’s not what I meant. I, Keaton Roy, am not someone that cannot afford to lose. Since you’re quite strong, I hope that we can work together and have you be the next arena champion!”

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