No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0292

“Wedding?” Jack was stunned before saying with a smile, “I also owe Selena a wedding but don’t worry, after the old master’s birthday, I will give her a wedding of a lifetime!”

“You?” Fiona scanned Jack before speaking in a very disdainful tone, “You? You alone want to throw a wedding of a lifetime? Who would believe that? I think it’s more like holding a very embarrassing wedding rather than that!”

“don’t boast so blindly. How can such little money be enough for a wedding of a lifetime? You’d be impressive enough if you can actually give the old master a gift that costs more than 10 million and make our family proud!” Andrew chuckled. Even though the wedding back then was held in a very lackluster manner; it was done similarly to a gathering meal for the Taylor family which embarrassed Selena into oblivion.

However, that was five years ago and since Jack’s and Selena’s child had already grown up, Andrew never took it personally. Now that both Jack’s and Selena’s monthly wages were not low and as long as they worked well, their life would naturally be much better than how they were back then.

“Don’t you worry, Father-in-law, I owe this to Selena so naturally, I will give her a wonderful wedding!” Jack smiled calmly then said, “That’s right, let’s talk about this when the time comes. I’m not in a hurry to let her know yet, so I’ll surprise her in the future then!”

“if you can keep to your words and hold a wedding of a lifetime to make it up to our Selena, I will not blame you for the five years of our suffering!” Fiona chuckled while crossing her arms in front of her chest. She was obviously not buying what Jack said.

Not to mention, Jack even proclaimed he would prepare a gift that would cost over 10 million dollars for the old master. A gift like that was extremely rare. It was uncertain just what kind of a gift Jack would prepare then.

“Oh right, what should we do about Xena? It was her conspiring with the motor robbers to snatch away that 3.8 million of yours! When I went over, I saw her with the gang of motor robbers too!” Jack said after some thought.

After Fiona heard it, she furiously clenched her fists and said, “I’d rather you not bring up Xena. Bringing her up infuriates me. Our Ben loves her so much and yet she conspired with the motor robbers to snatch money that belongs to our family? Truly infuriating. I’ll have Ben break up with her when they come back. I refuse to believe that my handsome son couldn’t get a girlfriend!”

After Jack heard her, he cracked a bitter smile and said, “Xena noticed me spotting her, and I’m afraid she might not have the courage to come back home now. Sigh, it’s getting late now, I haven’t gone to the Drake family home yet, I should get going now!” After Jack was done speaking, he turned around and left swiftly.

After Jack left, Andrew told Fiona, “Honey, look, my leg has fully recovered. It’s quite flexible too!”

As Andrew spoke, he hopped around a couple of times and said, “I feel like Jack isn’t too bad. His monthly wage is 20 million and that means, he will have 200 million a year. Moreover, he’s nice to Selena and Kylie. In a year or two of them working there, we will have enough money and not to mention, he’s quite medically skilled too!”


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