No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0293

Fiona’s expression turned bitter as she said, “Young Master Michael had mentioned that 50 million is no problem to him and will hold a grand wedding for Selena. He has real money. Jack, on the other hand, he’s poor and yet he likes to boast. You can’t believe anything he says though!”

“However, his wages happen to be real. It was personally promised by Miss Tanya herself. That can’t be fake, right? Look at my leg, it’s actually recovered now, right? I feel like this is a miracle! Even the specialists couldn’t do a thing about it and yet he’s able to heal it!” Andrew was still speaking up for Jack.

“before he received his wages, that money is still not his. Besides, Jack is too used to being on the battlefield and he’s a magnet for trouble so he’s nothing more than a mindless brute. It’s unsure when he’ll cross someone he shouldn’t again and we’ll have to suffer on his behalf. As for your leg, since Jack had spent so much time on the battlefield, obviously he would know how to heal blunt force-related injuries, isn’t that normal? Perhaps he might not even know how to treat a simple common cold!”

Fiona rolled her eyes at Andrew, grabbed those two leather boxes, and walked inside. She said, “We can’t lose these boxes of money. It’s not easy to get them back. Let’s save this money in a different bank tomorrow morning, don’t get spotted by anyone else again!”

The corner of Andrew’s mouth twitched as he watched Fiona leaving. Was his leg’s injury only a minor sprain?

At this moment within the hideout of the Dragon God Clan. It was housed within a luxurious mansion. A middle-aged man was sitting there with a few members of the Howard family around him.

“What’s the matter, Father? I heard you’ve dispatched all five of the Five Tigers of our clan. Did something major happen?” A young lady was staring at her father, the legendary Mr. Howard as she asked that question.

“Your brother had an incident. He’s fine, it’s just that he enjoys snatching stuff from people with his motor robbers. He didn’t expect to run into someone exceptionally powerful this time which murdered everyone that was with him. He even called us to have us return the 3.8 million dollars he previously snatched!”

“So, I dispatched all Five Tigers!” The middle-aged man’s expression seemed cold. He looked at the time and said, “The only thing is, based on their skills and how they usually operate, they should be back by now, right?”

“Boss, are all Five Tigers really necessary just to take care of one man? Just randomly pick someone who is quite skilled from our Dragon God Clan. Wouldn’t that do it?” An old man casually said, “It seems someone actually has a deathwish to be bold enough to cross our Dragon God Clan!”

“Finn, a few days ago, we’ve lost more than two hundred men and you were investigating it, so have you found out anything? Now, we can’t be too careless regardless of anything. If someone can kill Scar, they might actually be able to murder the remaining Five Tigers, do you understand?”

Mr. Howard had a serious look on his face. After some thought, he spoke again, “Back then, Eastfield was still quite peaceful. However, the current Eastfield is different. Plenty of veterans have returned and amongst these veterans, there were King of Wars and marshals. Although they act alone, each of them are extremely powerful people. Just previously, there’s a King of War named Xerxes, didn’t he level the entire Xavier family, a second-class aristocratic family even, on a whim?”

As he spoke, Mr. Howard continued, “So, everyone should be a little more careful in doing things next time. Those King of Wars were quite low profile so even if we run into them, we wouldn’t know. Especially when they are all retired from battle, their attacks would be extremely ruthless, not to mention, they’re quite keen on being the hero. Hence, we should act more carefully!”

After Finn heard that, he nodded and said, “Well said, just like the last time when we lost more than two hundred men, plenty of people in Eastfield were all calling the murderers of our men a hero!”

“Don’t you worry, Father, he that dares to assault brother will never have the chance to live to see tomorrow. All Five Tigers had been dispatched over and it’s not like he can fly away, right?” The young lady laughed and spoke confidently.

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