No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0321

”You want Jack to be with her because of this?” Selena was extremely angry and she could not believe her mother’s words.

“Hey, can you wait for me to finish!” Fiona smiled bitterly and continued, “Who is she? She’s the daughter of the George family. She made such a big scene today and brought all her friends along. Do you think it will work if Jack rejects her in front of everybody?”

Fiona paused, picked up a cup by the side, and drank some tea before continuing, “The ‘face’ is as important to man as the bark is to the tree. It’d be embarrassing for her if Jack rejects her outright. By then, we’ll offend. Besides, it takes a lot of courage for a girl to do this!”

Selena could not help but nodded after she heard what her mother said. “That’s true. I’ve heard that Sharon is a kind person and she did a lot of charity work. She craves for food now and cannot control her appetite, so it’ll be impossible for her to lose weight! And, this is the first time she initiated a confession and even I was taken back by what she did.”

As they speak, Selena looked at Jack, who was by her side. “It seems that she likes you very much. She didn’t have the appetite to eat because of you!”

“It doesn’t matter if she likes me or not. I only like my wife!” Jack shrugged his shoulders and his words cheered Selena up.

“It’s quite normal that you dislike her, she doesn’t even have one tenth of my daughter’s looks. The main issue here is, she’s from a first-class aristocratic family and we cannot offend her! Apart from that, she’s so rich, if she’s willing to be the second wife as what she said, I think that we can try it out. We’ll be a family with her and we’ll be rich!” Fiona could not help but was tempted by Sharon’s property.

“Afraid of offending her?” Jack was in an awkward state. He thought about it and said, “Don’t worry. Since she’s here for me, I’ll settle this matter! I’ll go out and ask her to leave. I won’t trouble the rest of you!”

“You can ask her to leave? I don’t think that she’ll listen to you. Didn’t you see that there are a lot of bodyguards with her today? It’s obvious that she’ll take you by force if you reject her,” Fiona continued, “In my opinion, it’s better if you accept her. That way, we’ll benefit from her wealth. However, you wouldn’t be marrying into her family, she’ll be marrying into our family as the second wife instead! After she inherits the George family’s properties the future, the estates will be yours and also ours too. That’s so much money. We’ll be well-off in the future!”

“I think you’re blinded by money!” Jack shook his head powerlessly and walked outside alone. “You don’t need to follow me out, I can settle the matter by myself. Don’t worry, I can make them leave in three minutes, okay?”

“Don’t get into a fight!” Fiona was frightened when she heard this. “Jack, don’t fight them. They’re a very powerful first-class aristocratic family. Their power is different from the Clark family and Hugo family. On top of that, there are several powerful guards, known as guardians, in such families!

“If we’re left with no choices, you can coax her to leave first. I think that she’s only acting impulsively. She might discover that she doesn’t like you that much after some time to calm down. Or she might have a new target and will give up!” Selena was also frightened. She knew that Jack was a guy who liked to solve matters with violence.

However, Sharon was from a first-class aristocratic family. On top of that, a girl needed to gather a lot of courage to confess proactively. She would be so sad if she was rejected by Jack!

“Don’t worry, I won’t fight with them!” Jack turned around and smiled at Selena before walking outside.

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