No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0399

“It’s a pleasure to meet the two young masters. Here, let me give you a toast!” Xena smiled and poured herself a glass of red wine.

Of course, she was ecstatic. These two were the young masters of a second-class aristocratic family. By following Ivan, she could get in touch with people of a higher status, certainly much better than with Ben. She, Xena Jackson, had finally entered the upper-class social circle.

“Xena Jackson, why do I find this name familiar?” Ken frowned as he sipped his red wine. Very quickly, his eyes lit up. “Now I remember. Aren’t you Ben Taylor’s girlfriend?”

“yeah, she used to be, but not anymore!” Ivan laughed. “She’s my woman now, but for the time being, she has to stay with that useless Ben to collect some information for us. Besides, for some of the things that Fiona can’t do for us, Xena can definitely do it!”

Xena rolled her eyes seductively at Ivan. “You’re so mean. What else do I have to do? I thought you asked me out to have fun, but it turns out that you want me to do something for you!”

“of course we’re here to enjoy ourselves!” Ivan laughed and pressed a kiss on Xena’s cheek, before taking out a small packet, “This is a type of drug, but don’t worry, the person won’t die immediately after taking it. It’s colorless and odorless. After consuming it, that person will take about a month to die. Before that, the person will become thinner and weaker, feeling weak in the limbs as if they were ill. Even the doctors won’t be able to trace it!”

“My goodness, there’s such a powerful drug?” Xena took a deep breath and frowned. “Let me guess, who are you going to give this drug to? Well, it should be Jack, right? After all, Young Master Clark and Young Master Hugo seem to like Selena, so it can’t be her. It must be Jack that you want to get rid of, right?”

“Babe, you’re so smart. I’ve not even said anything yet, and you’ve guessed it all! I must reward you properly tonight!” Ivan was very pleased. He hugged Xena around her waist and kissed her cheek again.

“It’s a promise!” Xena blushed and said bashfully.

“Of course. We’ll find a hotel later and have a good rest. Tomorrow morning, I’ll transfer one million for you to pamper yourself! After you’ve given this drug to Jack successfully, I’ll buy you a villa of your choice. How about that?” Ivan smiled.

“A villa? Really? I want a better one, not the ones out in the suburbs!” Xena’s eyes lit up immediately. A better villa would not be worth one or two million, but rather, seven or eight million. At least, it would be considered pretty good in a place like Eastfield, and ordinary people would not be able to afford a place like that in their lifetime.

“That goes without saying. For you, everything must be the best!” Ivan felt a bit excited as he saw Xena keeping the packet of drug.

If Jack could be dealt with by using such a small amount of money, it would definitely be worth it. After all, one hundred and fifty million did not achieve that result. Ken and Neil exchanged a gleeful look. They had to admit that Ivan’s idea was pretty good.

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