No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0402

Tanya, who stood by the side, did not know whether to laugh or cry. Seriously, what was Jack thinking? He was just a bodyguard, yet he walked side by side with them. He even walked between them. No wonder everyone misunderstood. She now seriously suspected that Jack did not do it intentionally.

After Yvonne finished her yelling, she whipped her head around and rolled her eyes at Jack. “Why are you walking between us, you brat? You walk behind us—don’t you know that?”

Jack flashed an awkward smile. “I’m just scared of being accused of looking at your asses if I walk behind you. Besides, your skirt is a little short today. It wouldn’t do for me to walk behind!”

Yvonne’s face suddenly flushed red. She was so angry that she grinded her teeth. She had the inexplicable urge to lunge forward and strangle that b*stard to death.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you the one who told me to call him and get him to accompany us as we shop, Yvonne? Are you regretting it now?” Tanya snickered from the side. “What are you afraid of? You don’t have to be afraid if you’re not doing anything wrong.”

After she said that, she slipped one of her arms through Jack’s. “We’re not afraid of being misunderstood,” she said. “If someone’s wife catches sight of this, however, how on earth would he explain all of this to her?”

Yvonne’s eyes brightened when she heard that. She felt embarrassed, but she took Jack’s other arm anyway. “That’s right. Let’s go and shop. Jack, what will you do if we run into someone you know, and that person tells your wife about this?”

“D–don’t. I was wrong, okay? Please, young misses, forgive me. I’ll walk behind you, or by your side. How about that?” Jack quickly admitted defeat.

He could never imagine the day that two beauties would be sidling toward him on both his left and right. Besides, Fiona enjoyed shopping. If he did run into her, he would never be able to cleanse himself of his sins even if he bathed in holy water. Yet Tanya and Yvonne grew even more excited when they saw that Jack was afraid. Not only did they refuse to let go of Jack, but they also tightened their grip on him and continued walking forward.

“Now you’re scared? Too late!” Although Yvonne felt a little shy, she spoke with her usual terseness in order to put Jack in his place.

Yet she never expected that a male voice would soon ring out from behind. “Oh dear. I never expected you to be involved with a bodyguard!”

The three stopped in their tracks when they heard this mysterious voice. Tanya and Yvonne immediately let go of Jack’s hand.

Jack threw a look over his shoulder; a bitter smile crossed his lips. “I was wondering who it was. Turns out to be the fellow who took off at the speed of lightning after being frightened by me the other day!”

The man before him was not a stranger. It was the man in a floral shirt from a few days back—Young Master Flynn from the Bane family.

“What a coincidence. Never expected to run into you here!” Flynn flashed a cold smile. He looked at Tanya, and his smile turned wolfish. “My dear, it seems that you’ve only grown more beautiful even though only a few days have passed since I last saw you,” he said. “The dress suits you. It makes you seem younger—and more alluring!”

After he said that, he turned his attention to Yvonne. “You’re such a lucky b*stard,” he said to Jack. “You’re only a bodyguard, but you’re able to find two such beautiful women to accompany you. Tsk tsk, I’m envious!”

“Who’s this, Tanya? He has a lot of bodyguards, but I’ve never seen him before!” Yvonne noticed that there were over twenty bodyguards behind the man. Her pulse began to rise in fear. They only brought Jack out, after all. They did not know if Jack was able to overcome all those men if they fought.

“I’ve never seen him before either. I think he’s an aristocrat from Lone City. Don’t mind him. He looks down on everyone just because he has some money. He’d probably be scared out of his wits once he knows who we are!” Tanya chuckled, evidently not giving two hoots about Flynn.


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