No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0406

The Bane family had quite a few skilled fighters. Two of them, especially, were a bit stronger than the Clarks’ strongest fighter, Dan. However, Flynn had not brought them along because he had not expected to be bullied like this in Eastfield. Still, he believed that the men his cousin would bring were enough to completely wipe out that bloody bodyguard.

They shopped for about another half an hour. Tanya and Yvonne had amassed items that were worth around 20 million dollars. It made Flynn’s heart ache uncontrollably. He had thought that the two women could not spend that much money while shopping. After all, they could not carry that many items.

Who knew that they would buy luxury watches, earrings, perfumes, and various other knick-knacks. Nevermind that they were expensive, they were small and easy to carry as well. His pallor had taken on a deathly shade by the time they were finished.

“Wow, it feels good to spend money!” Tanya stretched her arms above her head. Her figure nearly made Flynn’s nose, bleed.

“Right? It’s been so long since I bought this many things. What a great feeling!” Yvonne then stretched her arms too. Her figure was even more womanly, and it nearly made Flynn faint in excitement.

No matter how good-looking they were though, they had already spent 20 million dollars. Although Flynn was not short on money, his cash did not grow on trees. That amount made his heart and wallet ache. The 20 million dollars would be nothing if these two beauties were his girlfriends. Not only were they not his women though, but there was also a possibility that the bodyguard had slept with them before. He felt discontent at this, after spending 20 million dollars.

“My cousin is probably coming soon. It’s almost been an hour already!” Flynn frowned as he thought about this. He could not help but glance toward the entrance of the shopping mall.

“What’s wrong, Young Master Bane? What are you looking at?” Jack gave a mysterious smile. “Are you looking for someone?”

Flynn jumped in his seat and quickly waved a dismissal hand. “No way. I noticed a coffee shop on the first floor. Why don’t we go for a few cups of coffee there?”

“Young Master Bane, don’t tell me that you’re pained about losing your money, and so you’re dragging us to drink coffee?” Yvonne chuckled. “After all, you can’t spend that much money while drinking coffee,” she added. “And who knows? One, two hours might just pass by if we stir up a conversation. No? Your train of thought is quite slick!”

The corners of Flynn’s mouth immediately twitched. This Yvonne was too cunning, being able to guess his motives in a flash. Furthermore, he truly had a thought like that. If he did not drag out the time and allowed these two beauties to continue walking around the mall, there was a good chance that he would have to spend even more money.

“No way. I’m just worried that the two of you are tired, so I was looking out for a spot to take a break!” Flynn explained hurriedly, “This amount of money is nothing to me. Everything’s good as long as you two ladies are happy!”

“Forget it! It’s getting late. Let’s go back first. I don’t want to shop anymore!” Tanya spoke after she thought about it.

“Yeah. I’m tired after walking around so much. And we bought so many things already. Let’s go back!” Yvonne echoed.

“You-you’re leaving so soon?” Flynn felt a little worried. He had not seen his cousin and his men until now. What if his cousin reaches moments after they left? He would miss out on a golden opportunity then. Besides, he would have spent all that money for nothing.

“What’s wrong? You want us to continue shopping? Do you really have that much money?” Tanya stared at Flynn with surprise.


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